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    April 17 - April 23

    We do go insane!
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    April 17 - April 23

    is tennis really profitable? it seems these players are so 'fragile' and unpredictable its almost impossible to call it. the other day someone whos name escapes me won 6-0 1set, and went on to lose both 2nd and 3rd? guessing this is why glory hunters stay away as much as possible? 1/20 dropping to evens seems a current trend happening over and over. then you look at tempers etc lol. and emotions. these are professional sports stars. i would hate to see what they are like without the psy coaching. so many are like big kids its unreal. i salute you czech and the others for putting up with it. and not going insane.
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    Europa League > Apr 20th

    @betcatalog Thanks for the tips as always. I went a little harder on the Man U v Anderlecht game. These latter stages are proving delicious.
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    Weekend > Apr 22nd & 23rd

    Hull's big gun is her home where she has seven wins, just one away. It has three consecutive wins in its field and is undefeated for seven games with five wins and two draws. I do not have much to say about this showdown, I will go with Hull's enormous motivation and headline dynamics HULL CITY vs WATFORD FC @@ HULL CITY, odds 1.90
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    Europa League > Apr 20th

    As long as your failures are slightly less than your winners
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    Europa League > Apr 20th

    Be that good always, I'm very happy with that I hope you are with me and the failures that will definitely come a few moments
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    Baseball Tips 21/4

    Hi lets try these Money Line Yankees vs. Pirates : Yankees Win 1.83 Lost Cubs vs. Reds : Cubs Win 1.54 Won Tigers vs. Twins : Tigers Win 1.68 Lost Indians vs. White Sox : Indians Win 1.60 Won Odds from Bet365
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    Sir Puntalot

    Weekend > Apr 22nd & 23rd

    Hull v Watford How is everyone not on Hull here? Won 4 of their last 5 at home and they HAVE to win this match. Watford have lost their last 3 away from home and their best form has been on their own patch all season. You have to be all over Hull in this match. Hull Win @ 1.91 Bet365 West Ham v Everton Sure Everton are in good form, but nearly evens (2.00) away to West Ham? Has the world gone mad? I just can't have them at that price at all and being offered West Ham at odds of 3.30 and higher at home to Everton is just ridiculous. West Ham fans don't allow their players to just turn up whether they're safe or not. West Ham Double Chance (Win or Draw) @ 1.70 Bet365
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    April 17 - April 23

    I'll have a go at responding in a bit more detail to your post. In my opinion betting on tennis is no different to betting on other sports like football. What I mean by that is whether you bet on tennis or something else you are always dealing with risk. There is no escaping that. It's just that the risks are different. In tennis if you bet on a player and for whatever reason they play badly or get injured then your bet is very likely to go down, whereas in football if one player has a bad day it might not matter because there are other players that can make up for it. Looking at it another way though, in a football match there are far more variables than in a tennis match and so logically it should be easier to weigh up whether you think a bet is worth taking or not. As far as the unpredictability of players is concerned, if you follow tennis for long enough eventually you can get a read on individual players and players in general. This can help to identify traits and trends that will make it seem at least a little less unpredictable, for example the discussion recently about particular players and their temperaments and approach to minor tournaments. Personally, as obvious as it is I always try to remember that tennis players are human and also that playing tennis is their job. To that end, no matter how good they are they make mistakes and sometimes, just like in any job, they don't want to be at work. Motivation is a big thing in tennis and it's one of the things I try to think about the most, particularly when I'm considering backing any of the top players. As an example, Wawrinka is a player that I will not even consider backing unless he's playing in a Grand Slam as I don't think he is very motivated in other tournaments and I would argue his results back up that opinion. Finally, whilst there have been some strange tennis results in the last few weeks - I'm thinking of Marrakech and even this week in Monte Carlo where Djokovic has twice been pegged back from a set and a break advantage by inferior players - these strange results are highly likely to be balanced out with lots of normal results. That variance is a big part of risk, and like I said earlier there is no way to avoid risk if you are betting on tennis or football or anything else.
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    UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    one of thems just banged in 2 own goals. ..hat trick?
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    April 17 - April 23

    Yeah, we do. It's unreal at times, but it does even out over the long run.
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    UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    been checking their social media, looks like they been hitting it hard(brighton) . boozed up early hours in morning. looks multiple nights too. then all the commotion of travelling, brighton to norwich? wouldnt wanna be in their shoes(boots) after all that. wondering whos got the most to play for? the brighton players are already celebrating promotion thinking about the premier league
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    UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    CANARIES V SEAGULLS Yes @StevieDay1983 My trusty gut feeling tells me they will win the title tonight. It's either that or the Smoked Salmon I had at lunchtime! I have just spoken to a Brighton Youth team coach who is full time at the training grouvd. He said, don't put any money on them tonight as the players have been on the piss all week. They have only trained once, and that was on Weds, then they travelled up yesterday, so may have done a bit more in the afternoon. However, I feel that professionalism will kick in once they cross the white line, and they will be raring to go. If they don't clinch the title tonight, then they will definitely win it at home next week against Bristol City. So any money lost tonight can be made back next week. BRIGHTON X2 1.53 BRIGHTON WIN 2.7 NORWICH MOST CORNERS 1.7
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    Weekend > Apr 20th - 22nd

    Hungford and Pool are appealing the decision and the problem for Hungfors are 100 seats, and i think they will grant them the right for play-offs
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    Over 0.5 goals mainly

    Genk 1-1, Manchester United 1-1, WON £14.66 Bank now £747.28
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    UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    Premier League: Brighton have won their last 5 games in Championship. Interesting 35 Football Betting Facts for 21.04.2017 ... http://eurofootballrumours.com/football-facts-21-04-2017
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    Quick System

    Friday 21/04/2017 Fontwell 03:30 ACALA f/c 15/8 stake = 10 pts. WIN Fontwell 04:30 LAKE CHAPALA f/c 11/10 stake = 10 pts. WIN
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    Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    Cologne has a total of 18 in 29 goal goal in the league, Hoffenheim has a total of 19 in 29 goal goal and 11 in 14 goal goal away games. On the one hand, Cologne is out of form, on the other hand Hoffenheim has difficulty away, so I will go with my favorite goal goal FC COLOGNE vs TSG 1899 HOFFENHEIM @@ Both team to score , odds 1,61
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    SIG's AW Sprint Ratings

    I've been using speed ratings for a few years now and I only back a horse based on my ratings. I haven't posted here for a long time as I've been otherwise engaged and have been working on my speed ratings. Apart from the likes of the Grand National I just don't back a horse now unless my speed ratings are good. I agree with Trotter that the a/w is ideal for speed ratings but I think this winter just finished was very poor for the quality of races. Although I still did OK there were far too many poor quality races for my taste. Over the years i have improved my method of working out my ratings ( I think ) and use a spreadsheet to compute them now. I find I can do a meeting of say 4 races of interest with 12 - 16 runners in around half an hour to 40 minutes - I ignore any race of over one mile. I concentrate on races up to a mile but I am thinking of Knocking this back and concentrating on the sprints - although I haven't kept a record of which races have done best for me - has anyone ? I've found that in most races there are too many horses that have similar ratings. The hard part is to not back anything in these races unless one of them has a compelling advantage - which is not very often - I've lost count of the number of times I've looked back on a race and thought - there's no way I should have backed anything in this race because there were too many horses with similar ratings. The old method of looking through past form just does not work for me. I rely on my numbers - if the rating says bet - I bet - regardless of ( almost ) anything else. I'll be putting up any of my selections in the naps competition but they will certainly not be every day - might be only once a week. I think the hard part is to be disciplined, and NOT to bet unless your speed ratings give a definite advantage to a particular horse. I still bet most days even though I know I shouldn't, but I keep my stakes small unless it's a good bet on my ratings. Remember - the bookies want you to bet on every race but you only have to bet on the races that you want to. Cheers
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    Week > Apr 18th - 23rd

    With Lyon playing 120mins in Turkey + it looks as injury of Lacazette, I think that there is pure value on Monaco AH 0. I took @2,15. p.s. The LFP disciplinary Commission will give its verdict on the sanction of the SC Bastia on May 4. For now it's clear only that, that they will play next home match on neutral ground on empty stadium!
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    Rated this Dawson city 99.01 Blakemount 98.98 Open race as you'd expect but these two are available at 33/1 and 50/1!!.....look fantastic value so easy ew bets for me Dawson city 10pts ew 33/1 lads Blakemount 10pts ew 50/1 bet365
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    Djokovic an unconvincing winner. I'm calling that slice of luck number 3. Next stake will be £525.91
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    Monthly Naps Leaderboard - April

    Apr 20 Lots of good winners today and a reshuffle in the top 6
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    Weekend > Apr 20th - 22nd

    Forest Green v Maidstone I’m struggling to see why Maidstone are such a big price here. Granted the home side have only lost twice at home all season, but one of those was to North Ferriby the other week. They lost to the other already relegated side Southport on Monday and with their play-off place assured they might just be taking their foot of the gas a little with that in mind. Maidstone continued their superb run of form on Monday and although they are now safe I reckon they will be really keen to finish in the top half of the table, something they could barely dream off at the turn of the year. They have only lost 1 of their last 7 away games and have won 4 of their last 5 on the road. Obviously FGR should be favourites, but no way should Maidstone be 6/1 (Bet365) and that looks a sporting play. Woking v York York could have been as good as safe if they had beaten Wrexham on Monday, but they had a surprising defeat and again they are only out of the relegation zone on goal difference. There away form has actually picked up since they won their first away game in an age on Boxing Day and they have only lost once, but this is a tough fixture with Woking also looking for the 3 points which will see them safe. Woking are in decent form at home having only lost once in their last 7. They had a confidence boosting win over Chester on Monday and they have only lost once in their last 6. Indeed they have picked up 1 more point than York in that period. The prices on offer are the sort of prices I would be expecting if York were at home and I just don’t get why Woking are as big as 5/2 (Bet365). Like the above game Woking are very much a sporting play. Wealdstone v Hungerford The prices on this game are staggering and it is no surprise the home side are being backed as what the bookies have missed, other punters certainly won’t have. A look at the table would make you think Hungerford need to win this game to try and over take Poole (2pts above them) in the race for the final play-off spot. So naturally with Wealdstone having nothing to play for the bookies have stuck Hungerford in as short price favourites. The problem is Poole and Hungerford have been barred from taking part in the play-offs because their grounds aren’t good enough. That means the team finishing in 7th place will take part and Wealdstone are 1pt behind Hampton who currently occupy that position. That of course means Wealdstone have something to play for whereas Hungerford have nothing. Indeed Hungerford lost 2-0 to Hemel on Monday which was their first defeat in 8 matches. Surely the fact they can’t play in the play-offs had a part in that and with Wealdstone only having lost one of their last 15 league games it is easy to see that the bookies have made a pretty big mistake in pricing this one up. It is no gimmie, but Marathon’s 11/5 is huge and I would have the teams prices switched around.
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    Sheff Wed have a good run (4W), solid home record, but H2H look terrible for The Owls. In my opinion 1.78 isn't big value but they just need to win because Fulham and Leeds are too close. I'll try them.
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    A-League > Apr 21st - 23rd

    Do you know what, I totally forgot about that! I cannot believe the season has gone by so fast! Where has the time gone?!
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    MLS > Apr 19th - 23rd

    Chicago have been playing decent with Schweinsteiger whilst Toronto are struggling a bit to get going. You can gt on the double chance at around 2.10 which might be worth a look. LA Galaxy v Seattle see's the 2nd and 3rd highest corner AVG's in the league come together. The two are averaging 6.33 corners per match. Given that Seattle has the highest corner count of any side in the division on the road (7.5 AVG) I'll take Over 10 corners at 2.25. BET WON- LA GALAXY 3 corners - SEATTLE 8 corners
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    Sir Puntalot

    MLS > Apr 19th - 23rd

    Will be a little while yet with corner ratings.