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  1. August 14 - August 20

    FINALLY! after years of searching by others.. weve stumbled across it.. the fucking TWILIGHT ZONE!!!. it was on those tennis courts all this time. going back to watching/betting on the lottery.. those number balls getting sucked up into that tube and down the slide are a little more predictable, than those emotionally unstable snowflakes.
  2. August 7 - August 13

    it would make more sense if they were all highly advanced AI robots and all running on the same software thats glitching. radicalys' mannarino did a good job.
  3. August 7 - August 13

    In the dictionary the word 'inconsistent' should really be linked to a lot of these tennis players. I'm guessing they are the same hopeless useless retards in the real world too?.. Or is it just a court thing. It hurts to even watch them.
  4. May 15 - May 21

    lol does she do this every match? any betting angle lol? she wont be any stronger next round lol
  5. May 15 - May 21

    haha.. at break time when she is supposed to sit down was the best time.... i have a few explanations????? >some sort of self punishment ? >a psychological intimidation technique? 'the... i dont need to rest i am a machine , freak you out' >mental illness >her coach is some sort of delboy trotter of the area and hes trying out different 'things'?
  6. Shit Bet of the Day

    the numbers on the board clearly setup for howmany goals
  7. Shit Bet of the Day

    and if that dont work..plan C. we just gotta swap yes/no for united/swansea and contact an old sporting legend .. maybe start a tips website called 'alternative tips' ..$$$$ (i doubt many punters have tried this method yet???? anyone?)
  8. Shit Bet of the Day

    or maybe we could try the hat method. put the teams into a hat and pick one to win one to bin.
  9. Shit Bet of the Day

    i hope your not just guessing these tips calo? without one of these.. the industries tool for the job 4 outa 5 stars on amazon reviews aint bad.. aah those trusty amazon reviews
  10. April 17 - April 23 think this will have any impact on the romanian players tommorrow? liie nastases conduct
  11. April 17 - April 23

    thanks for that torq. liking the.. 'they dont want to be at work' ..thinking.. makes a lot of sense. especially with other distractions in their lives. reducing that motivation.
  12. UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    one of thems just banged in 2 own goals. ..hat trick?
  13. UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    knockarts a big player in their team, hes in plenty of the pics. plus has history of getting lifted at 3am. guessing 'party animal'
  14. UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    some of the pics their in underpants. look smashed. not sure if i can show them(or want too) jamie muphy(not the striker) had a kid this week or recently? not sure his position on the team? lineups yet? doubt hes getting much rest
  15. UK Weekend > Apr 21st - 24th

    just updated it