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  1. lol does she do this every match? any betting angle lol? she wont be any stronger next round lol
  2. haha.. at break time when she is supposed to sit down was the best time.... i have a few explanations????? >some sort of self punishment ? >a psychological intimidation technique? 'the... i dont need to rest i am a machine , freak you out' >mental illness >her coach is some sort of delboy trotter of the area and hes trying out different 'things'?
  3. the numbers on the board clearly setup for howmany goals
  4. and if that dont work..plan C. we just gotta swap yes/no for united/swansea and contact an old sporting legend .. maybe start a tips website called 'alternative tips' ..$$$$ (i doubt many punters have tried this method yet???? anyone?)
  5. or maybe we could try the hat method. put the teams into a hat and pick one to win one to bin.
  6. i hope your not just guessing these tips calo? without one of these.. the industries tool for the job 4 outa 5 stars on amazon reviews aint bad.. aah those trusty amazon reviews
  7. think this will have any impact on the romanian players tommorrow? liie nastases conduct
  8. thanks for that torq. liking the.. 'they dont want to be at work' ..thinking.. makes a lot of sense. especially with other distractions in their lives. reducing that motivation.
  9. one of thems just banged in 2 own goals. ..hat trick?
  10. knockarts a big player in their team, hes in plenty of the pics. plus has history of getting lifted at 3am. guessing 'party animal'
  11. some of the pics their in underpants. look smashed. not sure if i can show them(or want too) jamie muphy(not the striker) had a kid this week or recently? not sure his position on the team? lineups yet? doubt hes getting much rest
  12. just updated it
  13. been checking their social media, looks like they been hitting it hard(brighton) . boozed up early hours in morning. looks multiple nights too. then all the commotion of travelling, brighton to norwich? wouldnt wanna be in their shoes(boots) after all that. wondering whos got the most to play for? the brighton players are already celebrating promotion thinking about the premier league
  14. is tennis really profitable? it seems these players are so 'fragile' and unpredictable its almost impossible to call it. the other day someone whos name escapes me won 6-0 1set, and went on to lose both 2nd and 3rd? guessing this is why glory hunters stay away as much as possible? 1/20 dropping to evens seems a current trend happening over and over. then you look at tempers etc lol. and emotions. these are professional sports stars. i would hate to see what they are like without the psy coaching. so many are like big kids its unreal. i salute you czech and the others for putting up with it. and not going insane.