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  1. Doesn't look good to me. Rybakina is too inconsistent, Mertens struggles to get easy wins so wears herself out towards the end of tournaments, Tauson isn't ready yet. At least Anisimova and Kasatkina are in some good form so maybe they could have a run.
  2. I don't think his chance is that low, but I get your point.
  3. She nearly blew the breaker as well. She's got to be up there with the worst players for choking and losing as a favourite that I can think of.
  4. I'm jinxing it as it isn't over just yet, but it looks like Mladenovic has just about scraped over the line. When I said strap in I didn't think it would be this tortuous - not worth it surely
  5. If Medvedev does lose it's not a big surprise though is it. First match in ages, hates clay, against Gasquet who's at home and likes the clay and is still capable of flashes of brilliance. EDIT: Gasquet's not at home is he - was sure he was playing at home as the chance was there
  6. If I understand correctly, the ranking system right now takes into account the best result for each player at each level of tournament. I'd like to see an average result for each level of tournament used instead - that would weed out the loafers like Fognini, Paire and Basilashvili. You wouldn't be able to have one or two great tournaments each year like Basilashvili in Germany and Dubai and then go out first round in all the others and still be ranked so high.
  7. Definitely seems like it's too easy to just cruise. Fognini plus the likes of Paire and Basilashvili only need one or two good tournaments a year and then they can lose nearly every other match they play and still be ranked top 50.
  8. The problem with Fognini is always one of motivation. Unless he's a big price and unless it's a tournament where I think he'll care - what do I know by the way - I leave him well alone. Like Stephens yesterday, he's a player that I'm no fan of because there are times where he doesn't try and just gives up. His high level his high, but his low level is dismal.
  9. Cirstea just got hammered from a set up as a massive favourite. Definitely tread carefully with favourites this week.
  10. She was poor at the AO as well so that's another argument against the idea that she had her mind on the French. To me it just looks like she can't be bothered to put any effort in. She won the first set and then after that it was as though she didn't care whether she won or lost. Not that that's exceptional for her in recent years - she's been like that almost the whole time since she won the US. It's something I really struggle to tolerate. If you do nothing else, try. Losing is a big part of being a tennis player - most players lose more than they win - and so it's fine to lose as it's expected. But at least lose having tried your best to win, otherwise I don't think you should be on the court although I understand why players are.
  11. I'm not sure I buy the pre-GS argument this time. I wouldn't want to go into the French without a single win on clay behind me. For me, the players that give 'less effort' are usually the ones who are already nicely oiled and ready to go. There's no way Stephens was that and even less so after that performance.
  12. Anybody thinking about backing Sloane Stephens in any match ever against any opponent - save your money. She's just lost to #306 Berberovic and couldn't have looked less interested if she'd tried. Based on the last two sets it's a miracle she won the first.
  13. Yeah that was a tough one. I didn't see it, but it's hard to imagine he gave full effort in that final set. It may not have been deliberate though. Lots of players really struggle mentally when they fail to serve out sets and matches.
  14. Decent week on the outrights. 160 points staked and a profit of nearly 42 points. A Jabeur win would have been even better, but Swiatek is almost unbeatable right now.
  15. Lyon about to start and I'm taking Bedene to beat Kwon. I have this as a much more even contest than the odds do and probably the reason for Bedene being so big is his relative lack of activity. Clay is his best surface though so I think he's got a decent shot at winning this. 10pts Bedene to beat Kwon @ 3.00 365
  16. I'm going back in on Djokovic and also adding a play on Tsitsipas. Djokovic looks really focussed and got past FAA easily enough despite a wobble serving for the match, and like others I think Tsitsipas gets the better of Sascha this time around. 40pts Djokovic to win ATP Rome @ 1.76 Betfair Exchange 25pts Tsitsipas to win ATP Rome @ 4.50 Boyles
  17. Wolves v Norwich (1) 1.44 10pt single
  18. Me neither. These days, after many years of doing this, I try to take the rough with the smooth and treat them just the same. Jabeur coming back was good for my outright, but on another day I might have been on Sakkari and I'd be ruing her collapse. And on another day, I will be on a player like Sakkari who should win but ends up losing.
  19. I'm going to dip into the outrights for both ATP and WTA. Sometimes it can pay not to make things too complicated and look towards the top of the market for tournament winners and that's what I'll be doing in Rome. Djokovic looks as though he's timing his run to Roland Garros perfectly after a few poor results so far this clay swing, and Swiatek just looks like she's forgotten how to lose. As alluded to by @neilovan even falling two breaks behind at the start against Vika wasn't enough to see her streak of wins come to an end. I'll also back two other players in case the favourites falter, in the shape of Shapovalov and Jabeur. Shapovalov did well to beat Nadal but there's no question a lot of his victory had to do with Nadal being injured. Despite that though he showed good resolve and it'll be interesting to see if he can apply himself in the same way going forward here. He gets Ruud next and with Ruud in indifferent form that's a match he can win, although I expect Ruud to push him all the way. Jabeur is a nice price considering her form and I'll be surprised if it isn't her or Swiatek that takes the title. She should get the better of Sakkari although I won't be surprised if it takes three sets. 40pts Djokovic to win ATP Rome @ 2.00 Betfair Sportsbook 5pts Shapovalov to win ATP Rome @ 39.22 Betfair Exchange 25pts Swiatek to win WTA Rome @ 2.06 Betfair Exchange 25pts Jabeur to win WTA Rome @ 6.49 Betfair Exchange
  20. Bet 4. Lay Levante to beat Real Madrid @ 19.50
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