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NFL Super Bowl LVII

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Right. So here we have it. The road to the Super Bowl starts here. Here is how the tournament brackets and seedings start out. Feel free to add any thoughts feelings and bets on here and best of luck with any bets you may have.

Seed Rank Number denoted in brackets.

AFC Championship Side of bracket:

Kansas City Chiefs (1) - will play the lowest ranked winner from the following wild card round matches.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4) vs Los Angeles Chargers (5)

Buffalo Bills (2) vs Miami Dolphins (7)

Cincinnati Bengals (3) vs Baltimore Ravens (6)


NFC Championship Side of bracket:

Philadelphia Eagles (1) - will play the lowest ranked winner from the following wild card round matches.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4) vs Dallas Cowboys (5)

San Francisco 49ers (2) vs Seattle Seahawks (7)

Minnesota Vikings (3) vs New York Giants (6)

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2 hours ago, fd1972uk said:

Took Bill's from the start, although wondering if Kansas are the team this year(had them last year and they ran into that mental Bengals game with Burrows).

Obviously I want Dolphins to win but they're out this week.

I think it's really open this year. It wouldn't even surprise me if the Bucs won it based purely on the Tom Brady factor.

I reckon anyone from the Chiefs, Eagles (bit too reliant on Jaleon Hurts imo), 49ers, Bengals and Bills could win it. I even wouldn't be surprised if the Chargers or Jags went far. Basically I haven't a clue who's going to win it lol. Though it's sure going to be fun and fascinating to see how it all plays out.

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Tbh for me only 3 will win it, Chiefs, Bill's or 49ers.

I agree about Philly,  just done see it.

Don't see any of the others as they're too inconsistent to go through these games.

Tbh I have actually grabbed some small free bets and applied them to various teams, so it's a certainty that I win something, lol.

Got a couple of bigger freebies which I think I'll lob on chiefs and 49ers. I've usually used them on horses without luck so might do this.

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So after the Wild card round we have the following eight teams remaining.

On the AFC side of the bracket:

Kansas City Chiefs (1) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (4)

Buffalo Bills (2) vs Cincinnati Bengals (3)


And on the NFC side of the bracket:

Philadelphia Eagles (1) vs New York Giants (6)

San Francisco 49ers (2) vs Dallas Cowboys (5)


Game of the round out of these has to be The Bills versus The Bengals. A fascinating clash between these two titans of this season.

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And the Championship Finals are decided.

A fascinating Divisional Round saw The Eagles completely dominate The Giants. The 49ers come through in a tight game against The Cowboys. The Chiefs fight off the valiant plucky Jags. And The Bengals eliminate ante post favourites The Bills.

The AFC Final will be:

Kansas City Chiefs (1) vs Cincinnati Bengals (3)


The NFC Final will be:

Philadelphia Eagles (1) vs San Francisco 49ers (2)


Both unsurprisingly at this stage of the tournament absolute corkers of matchups.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Give the title should we use this thread for bets on the game itself? I'll get things rolling with my first ones, having just started looking at the player prices and stats.

Mahomes to score at TD at 6/1 with Lads (11/2 plus boost). Also used a £1 freebie on him to score the last TD at 33/1

Has scored 4 rushing TDs this season, all in the 10 games since their bye week. Obviously Hurts deserves to be the much shorter price he is having scored 13 in 9 different games but I think Mahomes shouldn't be as big as 11/2 or more.

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Going to see what specials there are prior to the game on the various sites.

Boylesports are offering 7/2 for kelce or Sanders 1st td, also the usual 888 free bet if lose. 

Probably mostly opt for bet builders and take first tds, will maybe even opt for 1st team td if decent enough odds.

Think the above 2 and pacheco and brown are the obvious others, then stretching out to godaert and schuster.

And that'll mean none of them, lol.

Will probably just hold off till the day


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2 hours ago, harry_rag said:

Added another, McKinnon at 3.1 on BF (2.85 best with the bookies)

My basic figures suggest he's a bet at 3 or more, very strong end to the season.

Got a few other requests up on BF, not looking to back half the field so will review until I'm on another 2 or 3 at acceptable prices.


Edited by fd1972uk
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So here it is, Super Bowl 57 starting at 11:30pm tonight (UK time)

Both teams were number one seeds in their respective Championships so it definitely is going to be a fascinating clash of the titans at StateFarm Arizona.

Initial money line prices from Bet365 when the finalists were decided were Philadelphia Eagles at 1.74 and the Kansas City Chiefs at 2.15 . Prices as I look at them now have the Eagles at 1.83 and the Chiefs at 2.00

One of my concerns for The Chiefs was the mobility of star man Patrick Mahomes. With this continued money over the last two weeks this must mean a lot of people in the know are confident this won't be an issue for tonight's matchup.

I have one bet for tonight's game, more of a hunch/instinct bet rather than one based on strong stats and feelings. And that bet is in the Anytime Touchdown market going for:

Marquez Valdes-Scantling 3.60 with WH

Other than that small play. This is an event to just sit back and savour the excellence on display in what is truly going to be a superb matchup.

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On 2/9/2023 at 4:11 PM, harry_rag said:

Got a few other requests up on BF, not looking to back half the field so will review until I'm on another 2 or 3 at acceptable prices.

Matched on Watkins at 9.6

Also on any non-QB to throw a TD pass at 22/1 Sky Bet. My favourite mug/fun bet on NFL at what feels like a reasonable price.

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Well went with a few first tds, thankfully gainwell was ko for his, so got hurts, but do need 17 pts for philly and 2 tds to come up.

Have 3 other live bets, 1 might be for the bin.

Also philly -1.5, Sanders any td, mahomes -292.5 yds.

Also Sanders and kelce any td, chiefs 15 pts, eagles 17 pts, total pts 42 pts.

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13 hours ago, fd1972uk said:

What a final

Got one bet builder up, and KC winning was the better outcome

Sanders has been a bit of a jinx for me, done me a few times now. Think he picked an injury early on. Was hoping he was getting in near zone but Hurts was doing it single handedly.

Completely agree mate. What a game indeed.

I thought Mahomes was done for when he injured the ankle again and that The Eagles were going to run away with it. So massive credit to the guy for pulling it back and battling on through.

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