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  1. 7.30 Newcastle Rodborough 5/1 ew Bet365
  2. Thanks for explaining that Michael. Fingers crossed all will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Much appreciated all the work you put in running the competition as always mate.
  3. Great shout 👏 👌 It got quite tense during the singles with a lot of red on the board at one point. Though thankfully Europe took full advantage of that first day heroics.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that mate. Yes, I completely agree with what you say and I hope it gets rectified and you are paid soon. I don't want to speak for other people though I don't think it is unreasonable to say that 95% of people on here are here for the competitions. I can definitely say that is 100% the reason for me in joining.
  5. Last week's results update, Home Team: 0/2, P/L: -2.00pts Away Team: 2/2, P/L: +4.70pts This week's selections are as follows, Home Team: Chicago Bears 2.50 Hills Away Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.60 Hills The Bears face off against the Denver Broncos. Both teams coming off heavy defeats. The Broncos the heavier after conceding 70 points last time out. This cannot be good for confidence amongst the Broncos players. The Buccaneers play against the New Orleans Saints who also must have low confidence after leading 17-0 all the way up until the final quarter only to go and lose 18-17 last time out.
  6. Why do you say that Calva? Have I missed some notification in regards to no prizes from now on or something?
  7. Best of luck Harry. I love following the sport though my golf tipping is.... erm... let's just say 'plenty of room for improvement' lol so you're in good company mate.
  8. A place for bets, thoughts and musings on the upcoming Ryder Cup at the Marco Simone Golf Club (wasn't he a footballer?) , Rome, Italy. Interesting player by player write up articles on the Sporting Life website by Ben Coley, which gives each players Ryder Cup records by game type (Fourballs, Foursomes and Singles). I may have small stakes on the Sunday singles action, other than that, it is a sitback and watch the Sporting action unfold type of event for me. Best of luck with any bets you may have.
  9. Yes he did mate. He's down as scoring. Though he is down as "C. Austin" on the scoring lists and not "C. Austin III" which maybe the confusion in activating the payouts.
  10. Where was the Broncos defence? Lol The Dolphins 🐬 run riot. @tschurchy well done to the Buffalo Bills 🐃 , the Commanders well and truly outclassed 👏
  11. You were right to oppose Smith as he looks like he's about to finish 2nd as I type. Unfortunately, it looks like Hisatsune is going to grab the win. A player who had been on my Top40 accas/shortlists a few times these last few weeks but alas not this week when he delivers the goods! Sod's law or what lol. Speaking of Sod's law, it looks like zero returns from both the A Team and B Team as Forsstrom bogies the last hole to finish tied 41st place lol. What a donkey.
  12. To be fair, the Bills bounced back impressively after their Week 1 disappointment. After two wins from two against lesser opposition than the Bills, this will be a true test for The Commanders.
  13. Results from last week, Detroit lost in overtime. Though thankfully the Commanders delivered the goods. Home Teams: 0/1 , P/L: -1.00pt Away Teams: 1/1 , P/L: +1.65pts This week's selections as follows, Home Team: Washington Commanders 3.05 Hills Away Team: Houston Texans 4.05 Hills Going again with the Commanders. Much tougher game this week against the Buffalo Bills though this is more than compensated in the price. The Texans play away at the Jags and I feel they are worth taking on after a tame match last time out against the Chiefs in which both teams were below average.
  14. 4.10 Curragh Novel Legend 14/1 ew Bet365
  15. Going into the final round tomorrow things have changed in the Top40 challenge. A Team: None of the remaining three players are in the Top40. Min Woo Lee had an absolute stinker and is well off the pace. Horschel just outside the Top40, Shinkwin struggling and requires to knuckle down tomorrow. B Team: Forsstrom sitting in 12th place currently and Freddy Schott just inside the Top40. Come on lads, one more day swinging it sweetly and the B Team will make a profit for the week.
  16. 10.00 single please on (1) Manchester City 1.12
  17. Two rounds played, sorting out the contenders from the pretenders. A Team: Three players through to the weekend action with just Bjork missing the cut by a shot. B Team: Well done to Forsstrom and Schott in making the cut. Siem just missed it by a shot. Catlin had an absolute mare of a first round leaving too much to claw back even with an improved second round performance. Now for them all to preferably kick on and get in that sweet sweet Top40 finish. 🤞
  18. I'll be waiting til Sunday. I think it will be extra tough for the Giants without one of their key players Barkley out injured. Best of luck with Jones.
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