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** December Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd McG, 3rd juanmoment **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st mick33, 2nd Sugardaddyken, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner: Kingdom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Couple let me down on ny multiples. Was waiting on Patsy fagan, so decided to do a saver (well risk), so went with Desert Lime and Almufeed, so whilst not a good a return as if Patsy won, it was a half decent profit in the end.
  2. Forgot about patsy fagan, had noted the name and forgot to out on, but will maybe have a flutter dependant on its odds.
  3. Was brave yesterday, bet Dysart Dynamo and Bob Ollinger, lol. Ill do anything to qualify for a free bet. Silly, but ahh well it worked, pity the free bet I used was stupid, but hey ho.
  4. Nah mate, he's an all-in kinda guy.lol. But I got Matsuyama at 12s on 2nd last day so not a disaster all-round. Will look at PGA US/Euro cards and see where it leads.
  5. It looked far better a couple of days ago, its my Dads bet, so Im really hoping it comes off for him. I do confess before yesterday's play I put on some small bets as Henley was 7/5 and Matsuyama was still 12s, so I put a couple of quid on him, Kuchar (14s) and Li (20s).
  6. I really need a slap, went with clegane on 2 each ways, when it went tits up, put bet on cobblers dream and minella, butnfor some reason never bet the two on the other ew bet, haafapiece and kinderfrau, doh.
  7. Disaster of a day, only a couple of moneybacks. Site was down so couldn't put up my horses, which would have been a waste of data tbh, so a good thing, lol.
  8. Well my replacement horse Galileo Silver made a national hunt of it at the start, think the guy described along the lines of nearly sitting on the fence, was pulled up shortly after.
  9. Treble. Also had took Wedding Dancer at meydan on a moneyback offer. Had boobed as was too late for Lady Pendragon, so thats why ive went galileo.
  10. Whilst I was in profit due to the early morning horse and moneyback, the horse falling in my 2nd beat my 4 fold, 30/1+ bummer
  11. 2nd horse fell, pretty early on, some horses names crop up that I fancy, but really sometimes puts me off the jumps, prefer flats.
  12. Good win, name did flag up but I was surer of 2nd placed horse. Bit of a calamity end fence as two horses at front went down. Got moneyback. Had backed Demito (daughters name, kind of) at Pinjarra this morning at 4/1, only a small bet but a wins a win.
  13. Fourfold bet, need a slap for the odds on shot, but ahh well.
  14. One fer mamma bangor 2pm. Thankfully put on last night at 10/3, now 13/8, not that it means anything tbh at times. Moneyback offer too.
  15. I may have missed that, but what site is the moneyback offer? I do a lot of horse offers and this would be pretty cool if it was quite regular.
  16. Dont see Cameron Smith winning 2 in a row, rarely ever happens and his odds are awful. Main bet for me is English, couple smaller bets on Davis, Conners and Simpson. Dads went for Henley, jones and kim.
  17. What the heck was the jockey playing at, tbh Totally Charming won it easily regardless where the supposed favourite wanted to start off.
  18. Thankfully nap treble nearly wiped out my overall loss, ferinat, trevolli and constitution hill (looks a bit special) 6/1. Also moneyback on 2nd choice via PP at wincanton. One horse later at Kempton Isolla Rosa, so if comes up will be in profit. The rest not even close.
  19. Tv off, not even bothering with any of my other bets, 80/1 shot wins and then horse falls at last (well does splits), lol. One of thise days.
  20. Cork 1230 young fitzy Win 1330 mi laddo Win 1405 has moneyback offers, so between grey diamond and belle de munrch
  21. Take it narrogin was cancellednas voided.
  22. Back on the Demi betting, lol (daughter name). 2 at Maronas, Demi Moore was nowhere, but just got Demidova which looks a half decent horse come in at 6/1. Also got Demito at Narrogin in early morning.
  23. Patent, double and single bets.
  24. Took a little punt on that too, thanks for highlighting. Pity about my doubles, both seconds on 1st off on each double, both seconds winning, ahh well.
  25. Just a couple of small bets. Naas double ginto and alice avril Also wakool and mondammej double.
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