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  1. Got simply red 300 Southwell. Elegant Erin gubbed my double. The vollan had won 1st leg
  2. Cantlay totally fell apart. Ahh well, onto the next.
  3. Tees spirit Curr 1510 Gats & Co utterly 1500 Double statuette and lermoos legend Bottom Joe and major snugfit on utterly 1640 Cartmel beat hurricane Ali
  4. Guess who I went, lol. Think I'll take my anti Doyle hat off and try, couple of horses now I've fancied with her on it and that's put me off them. Had 1 winner at 10s and a saver so just made a little profit, getting my butt kicked on these moneybacks, minnentonka ran like a coo. Did have a saver bet that reduced the loss as sky were offering 7/4 on the 2 next favoured horses winning which Lezoo did.
  5. Pieters challenging Li, so guess it's one of them.
  6. Certainly put himself in a good position here's hoping. Thankfully XS wasn't able to pull forward. But at least going into last round with fighting chance.
  7. Went with Demi Sang at Cartmel 1647. Took ew at 10/1 last night, but think it's came in.
  8. Going wins on Cantley, speight. Ew on varner. Dad has went burns (so I added a small bit extra on him too). Also went finau. Good luck all
  9. Went with wins on Billy horschel (wondering if he's getting into the euro scene for the upcoming opens in the uk) Also oosthuizen. Went e/w on kaymer. Dad has Went pèrez and Burmester. Good luck all.
  10. Well done to fitzpatrick, zalatoris just missing that shot, although kinda made it hard for himself after the first few holes.
  11. Few places, annoyed never went with rohaan, and creative force was pipped on the line. Poor ascot tbh for me.
  12. Going not bad at the moment, but long way to go. Got a few in the mix so have a chance.
  13. Could've been better but first couple races wins including free bet win via 888 (although still not received that). Some places too that brought in a little too. Have a few free bets to use for tomorrow. Was busy at work so didn't have time to post selections.
  14. Another nosedive day. Going by the commentary my horse finished up finishing at Ripon racecourse after that 50/1 smashed it to Smithereens at first race at Ascot. Was placed 4th, moneyback was 3rd. Had ew 6 places, my horse, 7th. And last race commentary said all have started off about evens, apart from Montasib, lol. See what tomorrow brings.
  15. Done a fb treble walbank, kyprios and reach for the moon. Montasib at 1810 Whoputfiftyinyou at 1700 Got a fb to use and a couple of moneyback offers that I may use.
  16. All free bets apart from burns ew Dad has went all. Wins on Burns, hovland, zalatoris and homa. Ive went Thomas, morikawa and scheffler all wins. Burns each way with rose, horschel and speith. Will need to look out places, different bookies so different places. Good luck all.
  17. Another awful day, only w races to go. Plan of attack tomorrow, dont look at field, turn on talksport and wait for lizzie kellys pick just before the race, girl on fire last 2 days. Probably too late to the party, but thats my plan, lol. Maybe look at ew place if offers, but thats it.
  18. Asc dbl love reigns and bay bridge Dbl utt 1445 mahkanhon power and little big bear at asc 1735 Rip 1940 azure blue Ascots 1505 nahanni + ew on al qareem and hafit 1620 bashikrova 1700 legend of dubai 1810 white moonlight Good luck all.
  19. Well that was a complete waste, lol . One ew return and moneybags thankfully, so not too bad in the end, but God awful choices today.
  20. Made a complete Hollie Doyle of the 305 as didnt read the promotion thinking it was a moneyback if not placed, but its in fact loss, ahh well. 1430 chindit e/w, was a free bet and hoping it can finish behind you know who. 1505 ew on royal scotsman and remarkable force 1540 golden pal fb 1620 mighty ulysses ew 1700 arcadian sunrise fb 1735 foxes tale ew 1810 stowell Good luck all.
  21. Not even looked at field. Noticed betfair are paying on 12 places. Defo going Thomas and burns for definite.
  22. Only a small return on conners for ew finish. Glad mcilroy got the win personally.
  23. Stupid commentator said brazen bolt had won, but was wondering about the finish. Hopefully a dead heat will go in my favour soon.
  24. Moneybag bet on task long 1333 Also went for Princess raj and brazen bolt using a couple of free bets.
  25. The dont even know what their motivation game to game will be.
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