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  1. Did a last minute small treble. Waiting on Brzen Bolt tonight for treble, and e/w treble still going, pity Arranmore couldnt get past leader but good effort nonetheless.
  2. Cant see past US, think they'll win with a bit to spare. Hills are doing top points player with £5 free bet for every match that player wins. Rahm would be the only one for me to consider for Europeans as he'll probably be played regularly. See a few tips for Cantlay, but think I'm swaying more with Schauffele, seems these 2 will probably be used the most.
  3. Couple of small bets. Think that's my whack.
  4. Yeah as said its exch TD they score. Unfortunately KC had Tyreek Hill as a bleeding punt returner so no win there. Davante Adams plays next. Then next week's final games of September and that'll be the bonus over. It's already done the goods with the treble today.
  5. Small bet on Wolverhampton double, Genesius and Headora, just under 15/1
  6. Treble came up, just under 22/1, so decent profit via free bet.
  7. Yeah, I only use on bigger odds as you say, although horses mainly part of Acc bets. Only if I have some for a US race night will I use the higher free bets (usually £5). I usually use the bigger free bets for my football. Don quite well for for free bets, have a few rewards via PP, WH and Sky. And also playing a lot of free games/competitions bring in a few. Also had a lot of luck with bet sites offers of stuff like bets on top scorers, scorers, competition winners getting money back for bets. Last one done was to win superbowl, bet Kansas City at £10 and it gives you £2 everytime 4 selected players score a touchdown. Have already won £12 in the past 2 sets of games and still have two games to play tonight/tomorrow. Derrick Henry ran 3 tds yesterday for £6 alone.
  8. Just using some of my free bets, my lot for today I think.
  9. Where are you finding race, can't find it on any of the apps? Don't use bet365
  10. Pipped by Homa, felt he was the danger. Ah well.
  11. McNealy at top, who I've got, main bet na didn't make cut. My dad has Leishman but even though he's up top St the leaderboard don't believe he'll come out on top as too many players near his score are just starting.
  12. My lot for today Basharat is money back offer, other 2 are free bets. Couldn't decide between the 2 at Hamilton and when noticed Patsy Fagan drifting thought I'd elect for that.
  13. Bielsa was the better winner for me, 11/1, had done Popmaster as decent record and due to my daughter nickname we give her, had also threw in a late Just Frank (my name, lol). But decent return anyway on top of earlier race. Might look at another couple of small bets, maybe.
  14. Well.in profit, so done Popmaster and Bielsa small bets for Gold Cup.
  15. Maydanny win at 11/2, also money back as cash for Euchen Glen who finished 2nd.
  16. 2 money back bets at Ayr 1355 - Euchen Glen (3), May Danny (4). 1650 Ayr Bowman 1540 Ayr Commanche Falls E/w Ayr treble - 1430 Gabrial the Devil, 1505 Canonized, 1540 Summerghand Treble - 1330 Mubadra, 1355 Juan Elcano, 1450 Al Aasy E/w ff - Ayr 1430 Bergerac, 1540 Ayr Commanche Falls, New 1600 Hierachy, Ayr 1650 Wobwobwob Apart from money backs and e/w ff all other bets are freebies.
  17. Never got a chance to post my selections. Done 4 bets and 1 horse beat each selection. Azure Blue beat a double. Edward Cornelius beat a big odds e/w treble Tweet tweet beat a near 90/1 treble Had money back as 2nd placed horse at Ayr 1410.
  18. Bit late posting, had a fourfold, Pirate Jenny void and outbreak odds on (1/2) put paid to it, also had Wajd and Liberation Point.
  19. Got a little profit on Mostadhaf, also ayjaal beat my treble for a decent profit.
  20. Main Bet Na, small free bets on McNealy and Zalatoris. Need to check my Dad's pick.
  21. Main bet Luiten, couple of small free bets Besseling and Kruiswjk. My Dad has took Fox.
  22. My lot for today, also backed Mostahadaf on a money back offer.
  23. Decent chance of that happening, thinking of him and Besseling myself.
  24. Small e/w bet, might only be my only bet today.
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