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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

Grand Slam Of Darts 2021


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The "Champions League" style of Darts gets underway tomorrow. Each player is put into a group of 4 with the top 2 going through in all 8 groups to leave us with the last 16 to battle it out in knockout style format. Last year this was won by Jose De Sousa but in general MVG and Price have had great success in this event.

One thing I like about this event is you can try to workout the Last 16 with some decent level of accuracy. Much like a World Cup style format in football. Coming into this event there has been a few players in real good form. Schindler, Rusty J Rodriguez, Rowby Rodrigues, these kind of players have been playing really well this year but I can see them struggling on the big stage. 

My bet will be Rob Cross and I'm giving another chance to Ratajski, too. I'm giving Ratajski a chance based on the fact that he finally got his PDC win and I would like to think he can kick on now. It's also why I'm following Dobey and Cullen still, much like I do in the Super Series. If these boys can take that form into this, they can beat anybody on their day. 

3pts e/w R. Cross to win GSOD 20/1 bet365
2pts e/w K. Ratajski to win GSOD 28/1 paddypower
1pt e/w J. Cullen to win GSOD 33/1 bet365 
1pt e/w C. Dobey to win GSOD 40/1 bet365
0.5pts e/w G. Clemens to win GSOD 66/1 betvictor

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.. so PP have an offer for this event. The first bet you make in the outright market, you get a free £1 bet for every 180 he hits in a group match.

matches today :

Bunting Vs Joyce
Ratajski Vs Schindler
King Vs Brooks
Wade Vs Williams
Cross Vs Krcmar
Clayton Vs Rusty Rodriguez
Price Vs Rafferty
Dobey Vs Rowby Rodriguez

Clemens Vs De Decker
De Sousa Vs Campbell
Humphries Vs Suljovic
Anderson Vs Davis
MVG Vs Ashton
Cullen Vs Henderson
Wright Vs Sherrock
Smith Vs RVB


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2pts Schindler to have the Most 180s and LOSE match 11/4 paddypower
2pts King to beat Brooks, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 5/2 paddypower
3pts R. Cross to beat Krcmar, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 10/3 paddypower
2pts J. Clayton to beat Rusty Rodriguez, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 2/1 paddypower
2pts Dobey to beat Rowby Rodriguez, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 2/1 paddypower
1pt accy - Cross, Clayton and Dobey all to win with most 180s 14/1 paddypower
0.5pts monster accy - King to beat Brooks, most 180s and highest checkout and Cross, Clayton and Dobey to win with most 180s 50/1 paddypower

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Just +1pts for the afternoon thanks to some awful darts from the likes of King and Dobey. Dobey was pathetic. Would say he's out now. Looking at the evening show 

4pts G. Anderson to beat Davis, Most 180s and Highest checkout 6/4 paddypower
1pt G. Anderson to win 5-0 6/1 paddypower
2pts J. Cullen to beat Henderson, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 11/4 paddypower
1pt accy - Over 7.5 legs Clemens/De Decker / Humphries to win and most 180s / Anderson -2.5 legs / Cullen -1.5 13.5/1 paddypower (money back if one loses)

GSOD +1pts

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Cullen does the match treble for the 11/4 winner but Anderson ofcourse wins 5-1 instead of 5-0 and also played in 1st gear for most of the match to not need the higher checkout. -0.5pts for the evening and so half a point profit on the day. Main thing is good performances for the outrights barring Dobey.

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Tomorrows matches :

Afternoon :
Schindler Vs Rafferty
King Vs Rusty Rodriguez

Wade Vs Krcmar
Bunting Vs Dobey
Joyce Vs Rowby Rodriguez
Williams Vs Cross
Ratajski Vs Price
Brooks Vs Clayton

Davis Vs RVB
Campbell Vs Humphries
Ashton Vs Henderson
De Decker Vs Sherrock
De Sousa Vs Suljovic
Anderson Vs Smith
Clemens Vs Wright
MVG Vs Cullen

Looking at the first session the first I'm taking is Rusty to beat King. It's hard to know how these guys are going to play in the 2nd game because quite easily they can go form 80 averages to 100 averages but King just looked like he couldn't be bothered yesterday and the loser of this one is out. I think Rusty looked good on the big stage and 2/1 looks a big price. I also think Bunting beats Dobey. Dobey is just a different player on the big stage to on the floor. That's going to happen but it's how quickly you put your floor game onto the big stage and it's taking a while.

Afternoon picks :

3pts Rusty Rodriguez to beat King 2/1 paddypower
4pts Bunting to beat Dobey evens bet365
1pt accy - Wade -1.5 / Bunting / Rowby Rodriguez / Cross -1.5 11.5/1 paddypower
0.5pts monster accy - Rusty Rod / Wade -1.5 / Bunting / Rowby Rod / Cross -1.5 35/1 paddypower

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Evening picks :

4pts Ashton to beat Henderson 15/8 paddypower
4pts M.Smith to beat G. Anderson and hit most 180s 7/4 paddypower
2pts Suljovic to beat De Sousa, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 7/1 paddypower
2pts J. Cullen to beat MVG 7/4 paddypower
2pts RVB to beat Davis 5-0 3/1 paddypower

1.5pt accy - Ashton, Suljovic and Smith 11.5/1 paddypower
0.5pt Big Accy - Ashton, Suljovic, Smith and Cullen 33/1 paddypower

GSOD +1.5pts

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Smith beats Anderson and hits the most 180s and RVB wins 5-0. MVG was ridiculous last night and take a bow Fallon Sherrock. A 5-0 thrashing of De Decker.

+3.5pts for lastnight and +6pts for the event. Into the final group matches tonight and things get alittle complicated in some matches. Here's the line up :

Dobey Vs Joyce
Price Vs Schindler
Clayton Vs King
Brooks Vs Rusty Rodriguez

Krcmar Vs Williams
Wade Vs Cross
Ratajski Vs Rafferty
Bunting Vs Rowby Rodriguez

It seems that Dobey still cannot bring his floor game to the TV is already out of the tournament and and Joyce is already through and so perhaps we will see the real Dobey tonight and that puts me off betting on it. It's a dead-rubber match. Price/Schindler much the same and so we may see a much better Schindler. The first match that interests me is Brooks to beat Rusty. Rusty comes into this match hoping that King loses to Clayton and that he can beat Brooks 5-0/5-1 or 5-2. I think I would make Brooks the favourite for the match anyway but I get the feeling that as soon as Brooks reaches 3, the level may dip.

The next bet I like is Williams to beat Krcmar. It suprises me that Williams isn't more of a favourite in this match because Krcmar has looked pretty average and Williams winning this is likely to put him through (if Cross beats Wade) not to mention that Krcmar is as good as out with a -8 leg difference. Williams for me. I'll also throw in the win with most 180s as Krcmar only got 1 in his first match and none in his second.

5pts Brooks to beat Rusty Rodriguez 4/5 bet365
5.5pts Williams to beat Krcmar 8/11 paddypower
2pts Williams to beat Krcmar and hit most 180s 11/4 paddypower
1pt accy - Brooks -1.5 / Williams -1.5 / Cross and Joyce 16/1 paddypower (money back if one loses)
1pt accy - Joyce / Brooks / Williams to win and hit most 180s 20/1 paddypower

GSOD +6pts

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What a crazy night lastnight and what a refreshing Quarter Final we have. Price Vs Brooks and Clayton Vs Rafferty. Young Vs the old (if Price is deemed as old lol) 

We will know the full line-up of the last 8 players by end of play tonight. Tonight's matches :

Smith Vs Davis
Cullen Vs Ashton
MVG Vs Henderson
Suljovic Vs Campbell
De Sousa Vs Humphries
Wright Vs De Decker
Clemens Vs Sherrock
Anderson Vs RVB

First up nobody seems to be offering any kind of handicap or scores on the Smith/Davis match so we can't do another 5-0 job for free money :D 

I do think Cullen is worth siding with, against Ashton. There isn't much value in him to win with most 180s and even the match treble only gives us just worse than evens and so I'll take him to hit the most 180s with a -1 handicap. He hit 4 against MVG in that thrashing and I think Ashton will get 1 maximum in the match so it's plausible he can hit 3 in the match. Even if he wins 5-0. I'll take the match treble on MVG. Henderson isn't the Hendo of old and after what we saw from MVG it would have to be a spectacular fall off for him to not win this match.

I'll also take Sherrock to keep it close against Clemens and may even beat him. She will be so confident going into that match and will need a win to progress. I can see that going to a deciding leg. If my math is correct then Sherrock would need to win 5-0/5-1/5-2 and perhaps 5-3 which would make them level. Wright takes on De Decker and you would expect him to win but with no shackles I actually think De Decker is a spot of value to beat Wright. 

5pts Cullen (-1) 180 handicap 11/10 paddypower
2pts Cullen to beat Ashton 5-0 11/2 paddypower
2pts MVG to beat Henderson, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 5/2 paddypower
2.5pts Sherrock to beat Clemens 19/10 betfred
2pts De Decker to beat Wright 7/2 bet365
2pt accy - Cullen win & Most 180s / MVG win & Most 180s / Suljovic -1.5 legs / Sherrock +1.5 legs  10/1 paddypower  
1pt monster accy - Cullen win and most 180s / MVG win and most 180s / Sherrock / Barney / De Sousa 32/1 paddypower

GSOD +14.75pts

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2nd round draw then (bold on tonight's matches) :

Joyce Vs Cross
Wade Vs Rowby Rodriguez
Price Vs Brooks
Clayton Vs Rafferty

Suljovic Vs Sherrock
Smith Vs Cullen
MVG Vs Anderson
Wright Vs De Sousa

The matches now move into B019 legs (First to 10) and so the element of luck or a purple streak will diminish and that can only favour the better players. Pre tournament pick Rob Cross goes up against Ryan Joyce tonight and I can see it going long. If you take away the Dobey match, which seemed very much like a friendly match, then Joyce has been on fire and Cross has been excellent for months. I would be very surprised if this match is less than 17 legs. 

Gerwyn Price hasn't been at his best over the last few days. A 5-4 deciding leg win over Rafferty and losing to Schindler, his main issues are the scoring isn't there. 1 180 scored in the 5-4 win over Rafferty (9 legs played) 0 180s in the 5-0 thrashing of Ratajski and 2 180s scored in the 5-4 loss to Schindler. He's played 23 legs over the last 3 days and hit just 3 180s. Brooks isn't a super power scorer but he's managed 7 180s in the 22 legs that he's played. I think Price wins this and will raise his game when needed but perhaps Brooks will hit the most 180s in this.

In the Clayton/Rafferty match I'm going to take Clayton with a -2 180 handicap. Clayton has hit 9 180s in 25 legs whilst Rafferty has hit just 2 in 25 so that's a big difference between the two. I reckon Clayton would only need 4/5 to get this win max and when there is likely to be a minimum of 13-15 legs that's quite likely.

4pts Over 16.5 legs Joyce Vs Cross evens paddypower
6pts Clayton (-2 180 handicap) 5/6 paddypower
2pts Brooks to hit the most 180s but LOSE the match 5/2 paddypower
1pt accy - Clayton -2 180 handicap / Rowby Rodriguez to hit most 180s Vs Wade / Brooks to hit most 180s and LOSE vs Price / Over 16.5 legs Joyce/Cross 18.5/1 paddypower

GSOD +46pts



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Just the Clayton 180 bet won lastnight. Small -2pt loss. Onto the second day of the 2nd round. 

Suljovic Vs Sherrock
Smith Vs Cullen
MVG Vs Anderson
Wright Vs De Sousa

Absolute quality line up tonight. Some great matches. Smith Vs Cullen looks a very even call. Cullen has the more 180s, with 11 in 3 matches compared to Smith's 8 but neither of these players have hit a 100+ checkout yet. I think we're going to see a good starting match and I'm going to go small stakes on Cullen to win with the match treble. As a saver I'm going with Smith to win and both to throw 6 180s. 

I will take Wright to beat De Sousa. Neither of these two have any decent form right now but Wright is the one who I think will step it. He has won the last 2 in the head-2-head and De Sousa seems to have let his scoring drop abit. He has only hit 4 180s in 3 matches and that's certainly not like De Sousa. Fallon Sherrock takes on Suljovic in the penultimate match and it's a rematch of the Worlds, where she beat Mensur. I think Mensur is playing better now then he was back then but I still don't think he's looking forward to the match by any means. After Sherrocks initial 5-1 loss to Wright, she has improved massively. 91 average in the loss to Wright and since then 101avg and 94avg. Suljovic also has hit 2 100+ averages in his 3 group matches. I can see why anybody would take Sherrock and she's gradually getting better match on match. I would expect Mensur to win but I also think the crowd will get to him and that makes it a much better chance for Fallon.

The final match is the showpiece. Gary Anderson takes on MVG in what should be a great match. That is if Anderson turns up because there has been a stark difference in averages and scoring power between the two. MVG has hit 4 180s in each of the last 2 matches. He has hit 106, 115 and 94 averages and has hit 138 and 125 checkouts. I think he will have too much for Gary.

2pts Cullen to beat Smith, hit most 180s and highest checkout 4/1 paddypower#
1.5pts Smith to beat Cullen and both to throw 6 180s 6/1 paddypower
3pts Wright to beat De Sousa and hit most 180s 2/1 paddypower
3pts MVG to beat Anderson, most 180s and highest checkout 4/1 paddypower 
1pt treble - Cullen, De Sousa, MVG match treble 16/1 paddypower
0.5pts accy - Cullen to beat Smith and hit most 180s / MVG match treble / Sherrock 37/1 paddypower


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Cullen was pretty poor tonight. Some good scoring but the doubles were shocking. Luckily, Smith hit two 180s in the final leg to make it 6-6 on 180s and complete the 6/1 winner and Peter Wright did a similar last minute win by breaking De Sousa in the deciding leg with the most 180s, for a 2/1 winner. Amazing for Fallon to win again but as brilliant as she was, it was another example of a man that can't handle a) playing a woman and b) the crowd being completely against him! She now faces a bang out of form Peter Wright and she faces him whilst she is hitting her doubles so, so well. You have to say she has a chance.

In the "Game of the night" both men were so good. I'm not sure there is a better head-2-head when both players are in form and they didn't disappoint. MVG wins with the most 180s but not the highest checkout unfortunately.  Looks to me like a Clayton/MVG final but we shall see.


GSOD +52.5pts

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Quarter final action tonight :

Wade Vs Cross
Price Vs Clayton

I'm thinking Clayton and Cross to both win tonight. Wade has been so good recently and even with quite bad gout, he still managed a high 90s average. Wade is known more as a doubler than a scorer but his scoring has been very good and that's why he is in the Quarter Finals. Wade has already beaten Cross in the group stages but it meant much less to Cross than to Wade, that match and I would like to think in a straight knockout that things will be different. In terms of 180s, Cross has hit 7 in 4 matches (7/34) and Wade has hit 9 in 4 matches (9/35) but Wade has hit 7 of those 9 in the last 2 matches compared to Cross 4 in last 2 and just 1 against Joyce. I think Wade could hit the most 180s tonight and possibly even hit the highest checkout as he has hit a 100+ checkout in all 4 matches.

In the other match I am going to take Clayton to win and hit the most 180s. I've taken this bet everytime these two play recently and it's proved a good technique really as Price doesn't hit asmany 180s as Price. It's like a boost to his price, if he wins.

2pts Wade to hit most 180s and LOSE match 4/1 paddypower
1pt Wade to hit most 180s, Highest Checkout and LOSE match 10/1 paddypower
2pts Clayton to beat Price and hit most 180s 5/2 paddypower
1pt double Wade to hit most 180s and LOSE against Cross and Clayton to hit the most 180s and WIN against Price 13.5/1 paddypower
0.5pt double Wade to hit most 180s, highest checkout and LOSE and Clayton match treble 54/1 paddypower

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No joy lastnight. Not a whole lot of time tonight so here's what I'm going for

3pts Wright and MVG both to win and hit most 180s 3/1 paddypower
3pts MVG match treble 4/1 paddypower
2pt double - MVG/Smith 8 180s each and 2+ 100+ checkouts each / Sherrock 3+ 100+ checkouts 15/1 paddypower

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