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Premier League Darts


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On 1/25/2021 at 7:31 PM, Seguros said:

What are the rules who qualifies? Sky invitation?

We already have the line-up. Only one more place left and that will likely be decided after The Masters.

Price, MVG, Wright, Cross, Aspinall, Anderson, Van Den Bergh, Durrant, De Sousa and one other.

personally think it will be whoever does best out of Smith, Chisnall and Wade at the masters.

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Tonight is the start of the Premier League, it's new "Covid" format, which changes things alot. Before, form was hard to gauge because we had matches each week. This week, we will have matches everyday and so anybody in abit of form this week could catch fire.

This week will be "Phase 1" with "judgement night" being on the 22nd April. We will then lose the bottom 2 and go into "Phase 2" a fortnight later. The semi-finals and finals will be played May 28th.

In terms of outright winners, it's so different without the mass crowds that you're probably better off favouring with the players who have done well at the Super Series. I think Peter Wright is the man to beat at the moment, but Johnny Clayton has put in some real good performances over the last few months. De Sousa started well but has dropped in his level recently.

** Gerwyn Price has been withdrawn with a positive Covid test and James Wade will take his place **

I'm going with Peter Wright as my main bet. I like Clayton but you can't be having him at just 7/1. I'll take a punt on James Wade. We see all the time a player getting a free pass into an event and taking an opportunity and I can see Wadey getting into phase 2 atleast.

5pts P.Wright to win Premier League 4/1 paddypower
2pts E/W J.Wade to win Premier League 16/1 bet365

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To think Aspinall and Durrant made the final last year and yet both are near the bottom of the betting. Neither have good form atall. Aspinall has changed his darts and Durrant went off the rails before the Prem League win really. His only saving grace was the ridiculously good doubling that he showed. I think Aspinall wins this. I've seen some real poor efforts from Durrant recently and although he will take a few legs on his doubling alone, if Aspinall hits a half decent average, this win could ignite him.

In the second match, there is every chance that Rob Cross beats De Sousa. De Sousa was on fire a few months back but I think Cross keeps him honest here and may nick it. I think Wright beats Clayton. I think if this was a few nights in, it could be different. I think this is all new for Clayton and he will be desperate to impress. Wright has been there and done it. Wade Vs Anderson could go anyway really but with me taking a punt on Wade as an outsider, I would rather leave that to an outsider accy. MVG wins for me,

3pts Wright and MVG both to win and hit atleast 2 180s in their matches 6/1 skybet
2pts Aspinall, Wright & MVG to win 7/1 paddypower
1pt Cross, Wade & Wright to win 15/1 paddypower
0.5pts accy - Aspinall, Cross, Wade, Wright, MVG all to win 50/1 paddypower


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Can see him finishing bottom based on that performance. Can't feel too bad for him, he found a way to win this in October. Poor nights of darts from a betting perspective. Too many draws. This competition is ruined by the draw chance.

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Day 2 of the Premier League. I think I prefer not having to wait a whole week, for more Darts, atleast. Albeit, this isn't my favourite betting event.

Anderson Vs De Sousa
Clayton Vs Durrant
Van Den Bergh Vs Aspinall
MVG Vs Wright
Wade Vs Cross

It doesn't get any easier for Peter Wright, as he now faces MVG. The importance of winning the matches you SHOULD win become apparent very quickly. I think Anderson  beats De Sousa. I wasn't impressed with De Sousa yesterday atall. I wasn't that impressed with Aspinall either and I think Van Den Bergh has every chance. The only worry with Van Den Bergh is that he tends to raise his game against the likes of MVG. 

5.5pts G.Anderson DNB to beat De Sousa 10/11 skybet
5pts J.Clayton to beat G.Durrant and hit most 180s 11/10 skybet
4pts J.Wade to beat R.Cross 20/21 bet365
2pts Clayton, Van Den Bergh, Wade & Wright 17/1 skybet
1pt Anderson, Clayton, Van Den Bergh, Wade and Wright 42/1 betfair
1pt J.Clayton to win 7-2 9/2 paddypower

Prem league tips -6.5pts

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Small profit lastnight. It was going so well until a couple of terrible performances from Wright and Wade. +2.5pts

Cross Vs MVG
Durrant Vs Van Den Bergh
Wright Vs Anderson
Aspinall Vs Wade
De Sousa Vs Clayton

I think Cross has a chance tonight. It's hard to know what MVG will turn up. He may relax after beating Wright and turn into the MVG of old but Cross has looked decent recently and I think he can atleast keep it close. You would have to fancy Van Den Bergh to beat Durrant. I'm going to give Wright one more chance, but only in the form of an accy. I think De Sousa has a good chance against Clayton. I thought Clayton looked pretty flat against Durrant. 

2pts R.Cross to beat MVG 4/1 bet365
2pts De Sousa to beat Clayton 9/4 bet365
4pts Van Den Bergh to win the match, Most 180s and Highest Checkout 7/4 paddypower
1pt Cross / Van Den Bergh to win and hit most 180s & Wright 18/1 paddypower
1pt Aspinall and De Sousa both to win 10/1 paddypower
0.5pts Cross +2.5 legs / Van Den Bergh to win and hit most 180s / Aspinall / De Sousa 25/1 paddypower


Prem league tips -4pts

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Another so-so night, thanks to De Sousa not being able to count. Leading 3-2 and busts his score because he can't count. A professional Darts player that can't count. Incredible. Anyway, Clayton then took the advantage and ran with it, hitting a 9 darter along the way. Small half a point profit thanks to Van Den Bergh +0.5pts

Prem Tips -3.5pts

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Yeah, had a couple of quid on him to win the Worlds next year at 150/1 after the World Cup. He is now just 16/1.Tonight's action :

Van Den Bergh Vs Wright
Clayton Vs Cross
De Sousa Vs Aspinall
Wade Vs MVG
Anderson Vs Durrant

By all accounts, Peter Wright hasn't been well the last couple days and you do get that impression with his interviews after. His doubling has been really good but his scoring just isn't there right now and coming up against Van Den Bergh right now isn't what he needs. He has faced all the best players so far, Wright. He needs something tonight to take into the "easier" run. I think Van Den Bergh will outscore Wright tonight but Wright is dogged. 

I think Clayton continues the good run. I also like Aspinall tonight. He has gone back to the old darts and mentally looks like he is more in-tune right now. The MVG match looks very one-sided, with Wade looking poor and the final match of the night, you would expect Anderson to take advantage of an out-of-sorts Durrant.

2pts Clayton, MVG & Anderson to win 3/1 paddypower 
2pts Anderson and MVG both to win, most 180s and highest checkout 15/2 paddypower
2.5pts Aspinall to have most 180s Vs De Sousa 7/5 paddypower
1pt Wright, Clayton and Aspinall all to win 10/1 paddypower
0.5pt accy - Van Den Bergh (Most 180s) / Clayton (Most 180s) / Aspinall (Most 180s) / Anderson to win, most 180s and highest checkout 20/1 paddypower


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No luck, lastnight. Final nights action until April 19th

Anderson Vs Clayton
Wright Vs Cross
MVG Vs Aspinall
Wade Vs Durrant
Van Den Bergh Vs De Sousa

I feel like Clayton is seeing the finish line already and I do wonder if nerves will get to him, when it really matters. I suppose we'll see tonight, when he takes on Gary Anderson. Anderson isn't playing great, but it shows how good he is that he is still hitting averages in the late 90s. I would say Clayton would only need to step it up a few points to take this one. Wright has a good chance to get back into the top 4, when taking on Rob Cross. Cross is looking alot better, but still has the odd dodgy score in there and if Wright can improve his scoring, he should come through.

MVG was terrible last night. I think mentally, MVG looks to be had, recently. Wade has always done well against him, and MVG couldn't produce it. He will take on The Asp, who looks bang in-form again. De Sousa's scoring would have been hard to beat by anybody's standards. He can take solace in the fact that both 9-Darters in this Premier league have been against him. 

The match of the night should be the final match. At least from a scoring perspective. De Sousa scored 11 180s lastnight and Van Den Bergh is hitting them at will, too. If De Sousa continues that scoring and continues to not have the ability to count, we're in for a treat.

5pts J.Clayton to beat G.Anderson 6/5 betway
3pts N.Aspinall to beat MVG 10/3 bet365
2pts Clayton, Wright & Aspinall 16/1 bettway
1pt Clayton, Wright, Aspinall & De Sousa 45/1 betway
0.5pts Wade Vs Durrant (draw) & Se Sousa Vs Van Den Bergh (draw) 33/1 bet365

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Very fine lines. Aspinall draws 6-6. If he wins that match, the 16/1 comes in and so does the 45/1. -0.5pts tonight. If he had won, it would have been 90 odd points profit. Fine lines. Current table after one week (pre tournament bets)

Clayton 7pts
Van Den Bergh 6pts
Aspinall 6pts
MVG 6pts
Wright 6pts
Cross 5pts
Wade 5pts
Anderson 5pts
De Sousa 4pts
Durrant 0pts

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