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  1. Bournemouth - Crawley Town This is FA Cup clash and I don't see any reason why Crawley can not continue their adventure after eliminating Leeds. They just smashed half reserved Leeds side, that was in no wayflucky win, that was wiping the floor with opponent. Bournemouth after relegation and managerial departure is doing really well. New manager has no experience, but team is pretty much the same - just Callum Wilson left - and top of the Championship side should evacuate themselves from the cup as soon as possible. If they want to focus on pr
  2. Swindon - Plymouth Swindon is a very poor team, they just got promoted and would surely do better if not Richie Wellens departure to Salford. New manager came - escaping from Wigan against anger - and he gives a full concert, bringing Swindon into second last place. Of course they will win or draw from time to time but they will most likely be relegated, this is a grim team in a grim city. What is interesting each time they won a point or a game, they lost next game. 100%! Nine cases out of nine So there is no need to analyse op
  3. What are the rules who qualifies? Sky invitation?
  4. Why Bolton are allowed to play in the league when their debts were like 160 millions when Phil Gartside was at the helm? Did they pay all back? I guess not so why they are allowed into professional football? By the way is he really dead oir it was just cover up to second identity as he made huge debts all around how can we be sure
  5. Low stakes are great for systems
  6. Hi. How much bonus do you get regularly when big matches are being plaed? I used to get 50 but that was reduced to 25 last year , how about you?
  7. As usual great picks Darran. Adnice lean on Oxford I would like to ask why do you - british people - love fractional odds? They seem to be very inconvenient when you play parlay (accumulator), its much harder to multiply. And it seems hard t ocompare which odds is better 13/8 or 2,72 on the first sight is hard to say what is greater odds. It has a practical implication when we try to compare odds in bookies to place bet at highest possible odds What are advantages of fractional odds? I have my own conception but I would love to hear opiion of an expert
  8. Excusem me why is this thread in dedicated leagues threads? It really makes a mess should be rather in 'private zone' or something. People can miss great analysis in dedicated threads
  9. It looks like Chorley had a heavy hangover in yesterday's match
  10. ah sorry my mistake stadium switched What a circus football today
  11. Mabe Karanka knows Middlesbrough more than we think and prepares something special But its too early to say
  12. Because they are from the same region. Not many teams from that region in the league and I guess it is beneficient for everyone to have many derbies which will electrify publicity and generate revenue Besides Johnsons family well established all around and who knows maybe in future one of Mr Johnsons would need a job and they build good relations? Lee Johnson is a apoor manager unlike his father when he needs a job Yeovil might take him Its just keeping/building good relations I believe
  13. Darran don't you think Torquay has helped a bbit Yeovil? there are big connections with clubs, they are more or less from the same region and Johnsons family is well etablished in both clubs?
  14. what if you played only rising odds, regardless they are high or low? Maybe this is a strategy as normally the bigger odds the more value?
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