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How to assess jockeys and their stats?

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Hi guys, 

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to assess jockeys and their stats on the RP website as I know jockeys play a big part in races. I have an idea of the big names but particularly struggle with determining how good the less established jockeys are or how the top jockeys compare to each other in terms of style.  

I do understand that this is entirely subjective and opinion based and that it is far from a scientific measure. 

Could I have some help with what to look for, and tips on getting an idea as to how good a jockey is or determining their particular style please? E.g I understand that Jamie Spencer’s style is to hold up until right till the end (particularly in big handicaps). 

Many thanks for any help and advice. 

Kind regards, 


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Yep I agree that the horses’ ability is the most important factor however I still think the jockey plays an important part in some races such as a big field handicap.

When there is one big name and all the others are not very well established then it is not a problem, but I struggle with assessing jockeys if there are several famous jockeys in a race or if there are no big names and all the jockeys are relatively unproven. 

I know it’s subjective but is there anything that you like to look out for in a jockey you will potentially back at a later date? 

Many thanks, 

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Matt, i think you are looking too deep into this subject. I personally don't think any jockey rides one particular style all the time. Its a myth to say Spencer's style is to hold up horses, he may like to ride like that but he is simply following instructions. I have seen Spencer ride from the front many times.

Richard Kingscote is particularly good at Haydock or Chester when setting the pace but he has to have a) a good draw and b) a quick horse. Without either of them he cant set the fractions.
Any Maktoum horses are strictly told to keep up with the pace, so you will often see Jim Crowley in the first few, its not his choice he is doing what he is told.

My advice is to find a horse capable of winning any particular race, then look if the jockey has ridden it before, which does help. Chances are the trainer knows this horse better than the punter and will choose a suitable rider (in most cases).

I know James Willoughby does Jockey ratings at each track, he looks at the expected win % of the jockey's at each track and then finds out those that are over performing above those figures. It doesn't mean they will win all of the time but if you fancy a horse and one of these jockeys is on it it may give you more confidence. Ryan Moore at Chelmsford is the best example he gives when trying to explain his theory.

In handicaps its always worth noting which apprentice jockeys the big yards go for. This season it looks as though Sean Davis, Cieran Fallon and Phil Dennis are the ones to look at the moment. Any fancied runner with these lads on are worth a second look.


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