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  1. Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate it. I’m glad I have the same opinion as the rest of you. I understand that doing it yourself is important and watching replays is vital to becoming a better punter but completely analysing a race takes a lot of time and means you engage with less races overall. I’ll try my best to find a happy medium. Thanks 👍
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. When you make a selection before looking at the spotlights will you watch replays or simply use what’s on the card?
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering how much attention you guys pay to the RP spotlights on their racing cards when looking at a days racing. I find myself using them a lot and them being very helpful but I often wonder if I should actually do all the work myself but that would mean spending a lot of time going through all the pedigrees the form, etc. for a race which would simply take too much time. I definitely don’t always agree with the spotlights though and don’t treat them as law. Any thoughts appreciated, Matt
  4. OK many thanks for everyone’s contributions. It has certainly helped. Take care all. Matt
  5. Yep I agree that the horses’ ability is the most important factor however I still think the jockey plays an important part in some races such as a big field handicap. When there is one big name and all the others are not very well established then it is not a problem, but I struggle with assessing jockeys if there are several famous jockeys in a race or if there are no big names and all the jockeys are relatively unproven. I know it’s subjective but is there anything that you like to look out for in a jockey you will potentially back at a later date? Many thanks,
  6. Hi guys, Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to assess jockeys and their stats on the RP website as I know jockeys play a big part in races. I have an idea of the big names but particularly struggle with determining how good the less established jockeys are or how the top jockeys compare to each other in terms of style. I do understand that this is entirely subjective and opinion based and that it is far from a scientific measure. Could I have some help with what to look for, and tips on getting an idea as to how good a jockey is or determining their particular style please? E.g I understand that Jamie Spencer’s style is to hold up until right till the end (particularly in big handicaps). Many thanks for any help and advice. Kind regards, Matt
  7. Thank you Trotter for such a helpful and thorough reply I have learnt a lot from your post. Kind regards, Matt
  8. Hi guys, Basically as the title says. I have heard it being said several times and I don’t know what it means. Any help greatly appreciated. Matt
  9. Not at all, I am a Uni student though. I am relatively new to horse racing, I’ve read lots of beginners guides and books both online and in print and tried my best to immerse myself in the sport. I am a very enthusiastic beginner looking to learn as much as I can from those more experienced. What I lack (probably due to my age as I’m only 21) are people to chat with and ask questions about horse racing. So when I have questions about something I haven’t quite understood, want to chat about a topic or whether the approach I’m taking is the most sensible I turn to punters lounge.
  10. Couldn’t agree with you more about the increased level of detail for weights penalties, wfa etc. It’s a big reason I like the weekender
  11. What do you guys think about the content that is in the physical newspaper that isn’t stats, form and cards? I.e the articles, comments and tips from the supposed experts like Tom Segal, Lee Mottershead, Paul Kealy etc. ?
  12. Thanks for your comment Valiant Thor. What is it about RP essential that makes it worth it for you?
  13. Hi guys just wanted to find out what everyone thought about the RP newspaper and the RP Weekender newspaper... Likes and dislikes? Do you love or hate any particular conntribuors/columns? What’s the better paper Daily or Weekender? To what extent would you recommend reading either paper to novices? I personally really like the weekender as I think the cards provide me with a lot of useful information which aren’t always included on other cards and I like the articles about racing in general and hearing what trainers have to say about lots of horses in their yard.
  14. Thank you all for your input and advice it has certainly helped. I’ll be taking on board what you have all said and will be following PuntersLounge more closely in future to learn as much as I can from you guys . I won’t be specialising in any particular type of races but will instead be flexible and studying form etc. for races when I have the time to spare and most importantly watch the race. Thanks guys, good luck with your punting
  15. Would it be more sensible to just generally follow Racing by reading the Racing post and study form for the races that I watch, typically the ITV races then? Then gradually overtime I will become more knowledgeable.