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Early Doors Bets

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The Premier League season might still be over a month away but with the 2016 European Championship drawing to a close the talk amongst football fans is already switching to the top flight in English football.

Are there any pre-season bets you have considered placing already? If so, what are they?

Manchester City to win the title under Guardiola?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to finish as top scorer?

Alan Pardew to be the first manager sacked?

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Hello Steve, just got back from the Euros a week ago, did you manage to make it for a game? Was brilliant.

Anyway, i find it astonishing that bookies are offering odds of 30 to 1 on last years winner - its as if they want to pretend that it never happened. In my mind it would be as barmy as offering odds of 20 to 1 on Chelsea being winners at the beginning of last season lol.

I also don't think Man U will do well - two wrongs don't make a right.

I've got my eye on Liverpool this season. I think Klopp is way underestimated as a manager.

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Andrew! I didn't see this post until now! It was hidden behind the one you did in the other thread! Lol.

I see what you mean about the odds on Leicester but I think that's the grim bite of reality. Losing N'Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez, and, from behind the scenes, Steve Walsh, could be crushing blows. I would be surprised if Leicester are top 10 next season and I am a fanciful punter as well. I just think there are so many teams and managers with something to prove this season that the chance of a Leicester repeat is almost non-existent. I even think 30.00 is too short!

Agree about Manchester United. There is so much wrong with that club at the moment. It is far more deep rooted than just the manager.

I also think you're right about Klopp. I'm not sure Liverpool will win it and their performance will depend on their transfer spending but I think they will at least finish top four.

For me, Manchester City will win the title. Pep Guardiola has proven he can deliver results immediately at the big clubs and he is the best manager in the division.

I actually think this could be the one season too far for Wenger. Signing Granit Xhaka was a positive step by the Frenchman but he still needs to bring in more strength in defence. I can see them actually finishing 5th or even 6th if other teams click.

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Mahrez isn't going anywhere. 

All Leicester need to do, is keep playing the same unique and unstoppable way they did last season.

I pity the other teams, because they didn't figure them out last season, and they have to try to do so this season.

It is going to be a managerial bloodbath, al the time Ranieri sitting back and smiling.

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Leicester winning the league was a once in a life-time. A perfect storm.

Chelsea were in disarray.

Man United under van Gaal were simply awful.

Liverpool between managers and in transition,

Arsenal never solving their 22 goal  target man problem.

Man City losing their way under Pelligrini.


You will not see it again in our lifetime.


I think a pre season predictions thread would be a good thing. I see a few things happening in this upcoming season.

Chelsea will be the kings of NO to both teams to score. Conte's defensive planning and strategy is unbelievably good.

Man United under Mourinho will win at last 40% of their home games 2-0.

Liverpool under Klopp will mimic Dortmund, and be a fantastic 1st half team at home. They will hit the ground running and dominate the 1st 45 minutes. More 1st half goals will be a winning bet in their home games.

I think you are going to see a big increase in HT drawn games. All teams can afford good players. Everyone is fit, fast, strong  and organized. Scoring goals will become harder and harder.

I fear for Sunderland under David Moyes. I think it could be another Real Sociedad. He was too comfortable at Everton, out of his depth at Man U, and will be under huge pressure straight away, given their tough away start to the season. He has never been in a relegation battle. Allardyce is going to surprise a lot of people and be a great England Manager.

I think the EPL will be a betting minefield. Totally unpredictable. 3 promoted teams. New managers at Everton, Hull , Man CIty, Man United, Southampton, Watford, Sunderland. SO 10 of 20 teams either promoted or New managers with different styles.

Middlesbrough are going to be a very good team for half time draw betting. They showed a rock solid defense that got better at home in their last 3 seasons.

(2013 20 goals against, 2014 12 goals against , 2015 8 goals against in 23 games). I think they will battle to find goals, but they won't leak them.


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