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  1. I am so curious to see what happens with Boulter if she loses 1st set to Bencic. Had a lot of chances ... does it short-circuit her brain?
  2. I just feel that Listienne was playing in San Diego on 23rd Sept and now he is 8 time zones away in Tel Aviv. Should be out of sorts and still semi-jetlagged. El-EL flies direct but it is a a 14 hour slog. Leaving 23rd and arriving in Israel 25th..
  3. Difficult betting on the ATP side because the season is winding down a little. Motivation will play its part. Taylor Fritz can make the ATP finals if he does well in the next 5 weeks, so his motivation high. I expect him to go deep in Seoul.
  4. Just a small quad for me. Basilashvilli to beat Verdasco . If Basilashvilli is half on form and focused he wins here against a player who is just hanging on. Why doesn't Verdasco just retire? Sonego to beat Zapata Miralles. Ok low priced but I think he has too much form. Adrian Mannarino to beat Constant Lestienne Bencic to beat Boulter. Again low price but way to much quality on Bencic's side, and she already played a match yesterday. Just some interest on the laptop (1 unit) while I am pounding keys .
  5. Have been taking a little break from the tennis betting ... just working too hard to really focus on it. Just too hectic to put in 3 hours after a full day. But I do notice a few new things. My feeling is that there is money to be made betting on the right low priced favorites. But there are definitely advantages to be gained in the following situations; 1) Find those players playing well below their station. Sometimes players are building confidence. Other players don't like to train, but they like to build fitness by playing matches. And there is no substitute for match fitness. Perfect example is Irena Begu. Goes to play Tiriac Foundation Trophy. Slaughters everyone. 5 matches, wins 10 sets, and 7 of those sets are hidings (+2 serve breaks or more). 2) Look for players who have not played in a long time (+2.5 weeks). These are vulnerable, especially if they are/have just travelled. Perfect example here is Madison Keys yesterday. Plays Golubic and gets wiped out (6-3, 6-2), yet she was big fav and #4 seed. Flattened in about 45 minutes. 3) Look for players who collapse after losing a close 1st set. Today in a match just finished, Sara Sorribes-Tormo played Martina Trevisian. Close 1st set won by Tormo, who wins 2nd set 6-0. It shows you how weak her opponent is, basically collapsing in the 2nd. That mental weakness, lack of fortitude will repeat over and over, If you are looking for a decent site to web scrap and get scores from I think http://www.espn.com/tennis/dailyResults is excellent. Go to Fivver and get someone to make you a webscrapper for 10$. Put the resulting flat file in excel at worst, or your own database. Having the lastest data cannot hurt you, and is well worth the tiny investment. Begu will go deep again this week, and Niemeier also. Got Niemeier wrong. She was cruising and just went right off the boil. Still a work in progress, but I was impressed with her against Swiatek at the US open. Good luck everyone.
  6. But it is play that actually wins a lot of money. At one point better than even money which is great.
  7. no handicap betting because its exhibition, with short 3rd set. Shows you what I know😀
  8. don't know what happened there. Just went AWOL after being up. Quite a poor match so far. Lots of mistakes.
  9. Djokovic will just walk all over Alliasime here. Court is so slow, I would give Alliasime almost no chance. If you can get -4.5 handicap it is worth a bet.
  10. Gasonova should have beaten Ostapenko. She actually served for the match twice. At 5-4 up serving for the match she had a match point. Served a double fault. At deuce she served another double. That messed her head and then she lost 5-7. What is as clear as day, is that top players are beatable in the early rounds, while they recover from travel and are finding their feet. As they go deep they get much closer to their normal playing ability. The problem is that at that stage an opponent has some pedigree or is playing exceptionally well. I think Alexandrova wins here. Just been super solid, and has swept her last 3 opponents aside easily. Not convinced regarding Ostapenko.
  11. I have not been betting much. Just watching the occasional game.
  12. Surely the performance of the day must go to Hurkacz who at 2.9 to 10 plays like a clown. Atrocious tennis, not able to get 1 break point, against Sonego, who cannot be considered an elite player. Plays a useless breaker and follows it up with a feeble reply in the 2nd set. Just a bad time to bet on matches, as nobody seems to be brining their 'A' game or any effort. Best match I've seen all week was Lui v Zheng . Just terrific match, high quality, few errors, full commitment.
  13. With Radacanu and her they could of at least given odds as to who would retire first.
  14. Had Radacanu to win today (for once). She is a set up, 5-3 and 30-0 and her opponent retires. Seriously! What happened there?
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