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  1. It's insane. 2 shots 3 goals
  2. Thank you, I hope that it translates into a nice win for everyone !
  3. Brighton v Stoke MON 2017-11-20 A Monday night tussle, with no clear favorite. Brighton have done well at home this season. They lost to Man CIty (most teams will), but had solid wins over Newcastle and WBA. They have been defensively solid in the 1st half of games, with 4 clean sheets. Stoke are totally unpredictable. Beat Watford away, lose to Everton and Newcastle, and drop points against WBA. They are grinding for away goals. To me they have stagnated, and seem to be grinding through seasons, playing dour football under Hughes. They won't be relegated, but this team won't win anything either. It's like a couple that have been married for 35 years. Everything is too comfortable ! I am not mad on splashing the cash in a game like this. These two sides could put you to sleep If you are going to watch the game, and want a little interest, keep the bet small, and go for bigger odds. One bet that does interest me here, is highest scoring half (2nd). Your bet wins if you get the half with the most goals correct. If you go for highest scoring half (2nd), a draw (say 2-0 1st half and 1-1 second half), loses your bet. Brighton have the lowest 1st half goals per game average in the EPL (0.4), with just 2 1st half goals in 5 matches played. Second half there have been 9 goals, with a 1.8 goals per game average. I think the more goals 2nd half, is the bet here. Two teams that will keep it tight for the first 45, with the game opening up a little in the 2nd half. Highest scoring half(2nd) - Odds 2.15
  4. Premier League Predictions > Nov 4th & 5th

    Chelsea v Man United Is it me or are United a hard watch. They are so dull and one paced, and ponderous, but they grind out results. Certainly unspectacular, totally incomparable to Man City, but pretty rock solid defensively. The win over Benfica, guarantees them CL knockout football. It has been an easy CL campaign so far. No stress, no effort, but no fire either. I don't think you can switch that on and off. The emotion is just flat. Nobody seems fired up ! I see more of the same in this game. Dogged, pedestrian, grinding, leaning towards defense over offense, hard to beat. I don't think there will be goals here. United will come to win it 0-1. Realistically a 541 in defense playing on the break. Chelsea have had a tough week. Travel to Italy and get a proper hiding. 3-0 is a solid smack. Things are starting to unravel a little. Conte is annoyed (fair enough), but do Chelsea really want a remarriage to Ancelotti ? Its like kissing an old girlfriend. Nice memories but it's not the same ! I think the Man United win, draw no bet is decently priced at even money I also think the total goals in the game (0 or 1) is a decent bet at 2.9
  5. Man United v Tottenham Sat 2017-10-28 Even though they are second in the table I have not been impressed with Man United this season. The away game against Huddersfield was the first time they have fallen behind and been tested. They failed the test. Though the football is better than under van Gaal, it is still too slow, methodical and ponderous. It feels like they play with the handbrake on ! Tactically Mourinho looks stale ... The home record is excellent this season, but the quality of the the opponent has been poor. Bournemouth, Leicester, Brighton and WBA should (and were) all be beaten. Spurs is a different ballgame. You simply cannot play an attacking game in front of the defense every game. You have to put your opponent under pressure, make them work, catch them unprepared, and run at them. United are not really doing any of these things. There is no plan 'B', and the attack looks hesitant and unsure. For me Man United are miles off the pace. Tottenham and Man City are playing far better football. Would I offer Mata a new contract ? No ! He is not the solution to the midfield problems. I cannot see Man United winning this game. Mourinho is overly negative in big games, and has been lacking tactically. He is scared to lose, and it inhibits your ability to win. Spurs will really test them here. The bet I like is the Tottenham WIN, DRAW NO BET. This means that if Spurs win, you win your bet. Draw, you have your money returned. I think odds of 2.37 are excellent. The away double chance is also an option here. I think that United are vulnerable in defense (due to injury), and are suspect against pace. For me the loss/es of Jones/Bailly are huge, as I don't rate any of Smalling, Blind or Lindelof. Away win Draw no Bet - Odds 2.37
  6. Leicester v Everton Sun 2017-10-29 Keoman fired - Puel Hired ! bet reviewed Will David Unsworth have a positive effect on Everton ? Probable answer is yes, but ... how much? Unsworth Quote ... "I'm proud of the performance, they were terrific " after loss to Chelsea 2nd team. What nonsense, to be proud of defeat ! Played against a Chelsea 2nd line-up and lost. So Southampton finished 8th last season under Puel. The fact is that with 46 points, they were closer to relegation that the top 7. Everton were 7th in the league with 61 points. They played a dour, dull brand of football, winning just 6 games in 19 at home. Only Middlesbrough and Sunderland won fewer home league games. They scored just 17 goals at home all season, only Sunderland scored fewer (16). Everton are just atrocious. I am totally surprised by their form, and the way in which they are playing. I never expected it this season. I have watched them 5 times this season and they have been awful in almost every game. Forget the fact that they never replaced Lukaku. They should still have defensive structure ! Be boring, and draw a game 0-0. Once in a while, win 1-0. Just don't get thrashed 4 or 5 every week ! Can they get anything at Leicester ? I am not sure. They have no away form, not winning a league game in their last 10 away days. Picking up 4 points from a possible 30 is terrible. Leicester, have 1 win under the caretaker manager. Under Puel it will probably be 2 Home Win - Odds 2.4
  7. Double post an I can t delete it
  8. Which games, if any could lead to a shock result in the EPL this weekend ? Huddersfield won't get anything from Man United. The way Man City are playing, Burnley are in for a tough afternoon. Burnley are very good , but CIty are just unreal at the moment. For me Swansea v Leicester is a lottery, while the Saints v WBA game will be a low scoring bore. Everton v Arsenal anything could happen (I feel Arsenal will win). Can Watford get something from Chelsea ? This is a very interesting game, and a draw could be the result here. The players at Chelsea are doing exactly what they did to Mourinho (after winning the league). Turning slightly on Conte, not liking his training ... Player power will sink Chelsea again this season, Conte gone in another 2 months, happily becoming Italy coach and gong to the World Cup ... (maybe, get past Sweden first). I see Palace getting something at Newcastle. Between Townsend and Zaha they have two really exciting options. Zaha back in the team, takes the pressure off Townsend, and gives him the more space. He also gives all his teammates a jolt of positive energy ! They are two very different players. Zaha has that amazing quickness over the 1st 5 yards, Explosive, awesome power (similar 1st step to Ruud Gullit in his prime). How good would he be at Man United right now ! (Zaha, Pogba and Mkhitaryan would be brilliant ... opportunity missed thanks to the clown brothers van Gaal and Moyes). Could'nt recognise talent if it bit them on the snoz (no Suarez NO) !!! Townsend looks his best when he is running at a defender, and having Zaha in the team will free him up. I think you could do a lot worse than take Palace to win away (odds of 3.5 to 1 bet365), while the double chance (win or draw) is priced at 1.9, which looks decent as well. That win over Chelsea could do wonders for Palace, and they will be up for this game ! Palace have not performed but they are a far better squad than Newcastle. Gotta give credit where credits due. Well done Roy Hodgson for getting a huge win last Saturday !
  9. I don't think they will play Blind ahead of Herrera in the same role. Herrera is perfect to mark Coutinho out of the game. De Gea, Valencia, Bailly, Jones, Young Matic Herrera Mata, Rashford, Mkhitaryan Lukaku
  10. Southampton v Newcastle Sun 2017-10-15 This is a match up between two teams that can't score 1st half goals. Saints have failed to score a 1st half goal in 8 of their last 10 home games (league). Newcastle have had 7 nil-nil 1st half away games in their last 8. They have not scored a 1st half goal in 9 of their last 10 away games. It just feels like a low scoring, dull affair. Newcastle have been highest scoring (2nd) in their last 6 away games. It seems like their strategy is to play it tight for the 1st 45 minutes. Southampton are better than their league position suggests. They played reasonably well against Man United, but lack a cutting edge upfront. For 25 minutes in the second half, they could have scored. They miss that front man goalscorer, who will get 15 to 20 goals this season. Shane Long might run hard, but he does not score enough goals ! A few bets looks decent here. Half time NIL-NIL (odds 2.75) Under 2.5 goals (odds 1.85) NO to both to score (1.95) I just cannot see a goal bonanza here ! Newcastle just will not have enough of the ball, and Saints are a poorish in front of goal. NO BTTS - Odds 1.95
  11. Watford v Arsenal Sat 2017-10-14 For me the jury is still out on Arsenal, especially on the road. Played 3 won 0, no goals scored. More damning is that they have not won a 1/2 (1st or 2nd) away from home, in any league game played this season. They just came off two relatively easy home wins (against Brighton and WBA). Brighton showed nothing offensively, and WBA on the road, under Pulis never play ! These are games that everyone expected Arsenal to win, so how much confidence do these wins add ? Probably not much. Travel wise, it is an easy weekend for Arsenal (almost a North London derby), but they are yet to show any form on the road. This is a team that has lost 6 of their last 10 away league games. They have managed to score just 3 first half away goals in 10 away games. So scoring, on the road is a problem ! Watford are somewhat of an enigma this season. They have also been poor in front of goal in recent home games. They have failed to score in 4 of their last 5 home games (opponents have been tough, and against Brighton had a man sent off). Arsenal beat the poorish teams relatively easily. But somehow, they don't have the right balance/tactics/formation against decent teams that will sit in and defend. This could be a potentially frustrating afternoon for Arsenal. Can Arsenal win this game ? I am not convinced. Watford got hammered by Man City, but they should be competitive here. Arsenal are miles away from Man City at the moment. It should be a more realistic challenge for Watford, and they could cause a shock here ! Another factor in this game is Chile's failure to get to the word cup. Sanchez will not be mentally ready for this game. It is a massive disappointment that could take a few weeks to get over. He probably won't start as his head is not in the right place at the moment. Home Double Chance - Odds 2.25
  12. You can actually read his mind .... It's 'how can I justify and explain this latest F-up' ! Go and eat some more french fries with a double dose of mayonnaise !
  13. Very funny. But I am definitely smarter than the above mentioned 3 clowns ! My true skills are greatly undervalued ....
  14. You or I could manage Everton and do a better job than Koeman
  15. Everton have a muppet for a manager, and that negates any quality advantage in players