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  1. Another weekend of football after an International break. WARNING! Minefield Ahead. Players come back from these International breaks, with no momentum. It seems like they are doing a lot other than playing football. Most look sluggish, and these post-international break games, seem to be played at a snails pace. I simply don't like over 2.5 goal bets in these games, as goals in general tend to dry up. Will a rejuvenated Pep fire City up again? Has Everton's bubble burst? Will Solksjaer stop playing overly defensive formations against weak teams? Let's see what's on the menu the EPL
  2. Everton v Man United Here I am a lifelong Man United fan, hoping that United lose today. Ole may be a nice guy, but he is as far out of his league as David Moyes was. Look at where Liverpool were before Klopp, or Man City before Pep. If you want to win, and be a top club, you need a top manager. More importantly, you need the right personality fit, when that magic just happens. Everyone says Pochettino has not won anything, but there are only three things worth winning. The league, the Champions League and Champions League qualification. Well, the league looks a 4 way tussle between
  3. Man City v Arsenal Arsenal, in recent seasons (2016-2019) have just been atrocious against the top league teams. In 18 away games against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and Tottenham they have won 0 out of 18 games. They have lost 14 times and drawn just 4, for 4 points out of a possible 72! So the question is really ...Can this new look Arsenal get anything at Man City? Man City and Liverpool look slightly vulnerable. City just look a little jaded, and Pep will not solve the problems by splurging on defensive players like a kid in a sweet store. Something in
  4. Three games of interest this weekend. Villa v Liverpool After watching Liverpool run rings around Arsenal (while in 3rd gear), it takes a brave man to go against them. There are simply no real weaknesses in this squad/side. Defense looks solid, forwards are great, wing backs do their job. Liverpool are just so far ahead of the rest in their transition game. Defense flows into attack so smoothly, and visa-versa. It is a well drilled side, with solid structures and patterns of play. This makes it so much easier for new players coming into the team. Unfortunately for Villa, I canno
  5. Probably United's best center back pairing was Vidic and Ferdinand. Neither was an absolute giant, yet they were pretty damn good. Probably Bailly will play instead of Lindelof, and he could do a similar job to Bissaka. Height is not a show stopper. Blind is on 5F 10 and he did pretty well. I'm a United fan, and I think they won't get 3 points against Brighton. Brighton were excellent against Arsenal. Played really good football, and gave a soft first goal away after dominating. Then they equalized and went immediately behind to an absolute thunderbolt, that misses 9 times in 10. So they
  6. One more strange post , more of a question really... Could Aaron Wan Bissaka possibly play as a central defender? Ok he is not the tallest guy around at 5 ft 11, but he is a great one-on-one defender, and his speed could make up for Maguire, who is strong in the air but as slow as a 16 wheeler turning. What do you think ?
  7. Maybe slightly unrelated but was writing this page anyway so I thought I would post it here; 2020/2021 EPL Predictions Top 2 Let’s run through the teams in the English premier league in 2020. For me the same top 2 as last year. Both Man City and Liverpool are light years ahead of the chasing pack. Liverpool have already bought well and have strengthened nicely. Will they be better this year? I think Liverpool will develop a maturity. You simply cannot play every game at helter skelter pace. You need to pick your teams well to deal with the opponent. I think Liverpool will do this
  8. Wolves v Man CIty I'm really not sure what to make of this fixture. Aguero injured, and a stale/flat Man City team away to a bogey team? How hard is Pep pushing these guys and are they up for the challenge? Do the demands of a very intense, focused coach eventually exhaust the batteries? Man City lost 4 of their last 7 away game last season, but maybe they were just demotivated. I would not be betting the away win here, just too many unanswered questions. SO possibly the Home double chance (2.7), or home win draw no bet (5.5), or the home win(7). But then Wolves have sold Jota to L
  9. To me Fulham showed intent going forward, or trying to against Arsenal. They just lack so much quality that those intentions just showed badly. I don't think they will sit in and defend, as they are just not good enough to do it.
  10. I agree with your comments, but I think United will be a little bit better this season in a few key areas. 1) de Gea let in so many soft goals last season it was crazy. He will up his game or be warming the bench. In last years meeting the Palace winner bounced off him and into the goal (van Aanholdt). He is a great keeper, now he must front up and play like one. 2) The United defense will improve. Not but a huge amount, but enough to drop the BTTS numbers down from 14 in 2018, to 11 in 2019 to around 7 this season. For me those BTTS odds should be around 2.4, so the bookies are a li
  11. I think your Odds are wrong for the straight Everton win here.
  12. Man United v Crystal Palace This is just such a banana skin for United. Palace play a weird style of flooding the defensive zone, and making it difficult for the opposition to create quality chances. They have weapons and can hurt teams on the break, or from a set-piece. It is the exact recipe that Man United struggle with. United would need an early goal to open the game up, but Palace know this, so will play a tight first half. I would expect Man U to be better at home this season, but the defense has not been strengthened. Is Lindelof a huge improvement over Chris Smalling? I thi
  13. I looked at that Spurs v Everton game again, and Spurs were a little unlucky in the 1st half. They had 3 really good chances, 2 saved and 1 blown by Son not rolling the ball onto a Free Kane. But when they went behind, they showed no ability to break down a team that was sitting in, defending well and playing decently. For me one guy who has to improve for Everton is Richarlison. They are setting him up and he is missing chance after chance. I was very impressed with James ... the guy looks really motivated and very fit. No fat on him at all..
  14. Leeds v Fulham Watched most of the first weekends games and Fulham definitely stood out as being poor. Arsenal are not a great away team, but it was a stroll in the park for them. Fulham barely created a chance. They look out of their league at the moment. Leeds were very good against Liverpool, and slightly unlucky. They ran out of steam towards the end of the game. They should have way too much for a limited Fulham side. I would expect goals in this game, as Leeds look very open at the back, but show some style and skill going forward. It w
  15. Wow, Fulham just useless. Hard to see another PL team that is worse than them.
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