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  1. UK Football Predictions > Sep 12th & 13th

    Bolton v Sheffield United Both teams were promoted last season, Sheffield United as Champions. United have started this season off really well, while Bolton are struggling. United have 4 wins in 6 games, while Bolton have 4 defeats in 6 games. Bolton have lost all 3 games at home this season, with just 2 points from a possible 18 to start the season. I don't think Bolton can win this game. I quite like the away win, draw no bet here. This means that if the away team wins, you win your bet. If the match is a draw the bet is nulled. You can only lose if the home team wins, which looks really unlikely here. Away Win draw no bet - Odds 1.67
  2. US Open 2017

    I actually think Anderson is a lot tougher than people are giving him credit for. He came back in two breakers against Querry, winning 1 and losing the other 11-9. I have watched him a lot (being a Saffer), and he is definitely tougher than he was before injury. You can see he has been working with sports psychologist. Nadal has lost the 1st set three times during this tournament, and Anderson has a far better serve than any of those players ... lost 4-6 Daniel lost 6-7 Mayer lost 4-6 to del Potro It's also much tougher to figure out where someone is serving, early on in the match. You get a read as you see more and more serves. SO for me, if Anderson is to win a set, I think it is set 1. Anderson to win set 1 is 2.76 which is my bet.
  3. US Open 2017

    Not a Woman's semi final day to remember in my opinion. 6-1 0-6 7-5 is an odd scoreline, and 6-1 6-2 is a hiding. Looking at the Anderson matchup, I can't see Anderson losing his serve more than once in this match. He is serving like a monster (in the 130's is huge), and can then be really aggressive on his return games. I see at least 1 set going to a breaker, and say a break of serve in the other 3 sets . If Anderson wins in 4 you will prob see a scoreline something like 7-6 6-3 4-6 6-4 Looking at the over 38.5 games at odds around 1.72
  4. Very happy to have dodged that torpedo. The chances missed in this game were unreal
  5. I am looking at the Sevilla weather and it is stinking hot. Says 37'C which is not great weather for football. I expect a slow paced game, and few goals here. No-one can play in this heat ! Is the under 2.5 goals worth a bet at odds of 2.35 ?
  6. Celtic lineup 1Gordon 23Lustig 35Ajer 6Bitton 63Tierney 21Ntcham 8Brown 42McGregor 49Forrest 9Griffiths 11Sinclair How strong is it ? I would like to get some on Celtic but I am scared they don'y have any motivation. Perhaps the double chance at about 3.5 to 10 is better ? LOL I got the times wrong
  7. Even tough my prediction won, I was really not impressed by EVerton. They really showed very little and were dominated by 10 men. How are they not able to pass the ball around ? These are professionals, and the only plan they had was to hoof it down the flanks and hope for the best ! I expected more craft and skill from them...
  8. Man CIty v Everton Monday night football opens with a bang. A huge fixture, but where is the bet value and the smart money going ? City look impressive. They have quality in abundance. The bench looks ridiculously strong. However, the bottom line is that you can only put 11 players on the field at once. Man for man Everton don't match up badly. They need to start believing that they belong with the big boys. Ditch their inferiority complex, play well and hold your own. You gain respect and you develop your own inner identity and confidence. Rooney was brought in to guide, help confidence, and change the mindset. Everton have to keep the game tight and be patient. An open game will not help their cause ! They have a more than decent squad, and mentally, they now have to step up and believe. Excellent signings and players have a real opportunity to shine. Do you step up or fold ? What an opportunity, that Ross Barkley must be cursing on missing and not being part of. Keep the game tight and compact, frustrate City and then see what happens. They need to pile forward on free kicks and set pieces. These will be the best opportunities for goals. Away Double chance (Win/draw) - Odds 3.6
  9. I am not sure what Hughes is trying to do at Stoke (maybe get himself fired), but their squad looks weak. They have had quite a clear out, and he is reasonably priced to be first Premier League manager fired this season (got some competition though). What turns me off here, is just how bad Stoke play at the beginning of a season. It seems to take them 3 home games to wake up. 2014 lost first two to Villa and Leicester 2015 lost first two to Liverpool and WBA | 2 points from their first 3 away games 2016 lost first two to Man City (1-4) and Tottenham (0-4) | 2 points from their first 4 away games Would'nt touch Stoke with a barge pole here. These guys are still on holiday !
  10. Zaha is injured and will not play. In my opinion you really have to question a guy like de Boer. How can he walk into the multi million Palace job after such shambles at Inter ? He won the Dutch league, but it's a bit like Brendan Rogers winning the Scottish Premier with Celtic and then getting pounded 7-0 by Barcelona. What is he doing wrong ? Changing too much too quickly ?Big name players who are overrated as managers.Playing a system the players don't understand ?My WAY or the HighWAY arrogance !Maybe it is a lot easier to win in the Eredivisie (Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord and who else) ? The Coutinho issue is really vital to Liverpool's season. Sell him to Barcelona and Liverpool look like a feeder club, a stepping stone. Selling your best players also has a demotivating effect on the squad. His teammates don't want him to go. Liverpool should play hardball, and make ridiculous demands of cash plus player/s for the move ! Look at Real Madrid's BS with Morata and Man United (changing the price at every stage). Time to give them some of their own medicine . I am sick of this player/agent power ! No player is bigger than the club. I have to admire Wenger for standing up to Sanchez and calling his bluff. Liverpool are really lacking that central defender. Virgil van Dijk is their answer, but until they get him, they will concede goals. Scoring them will be no problem here ! Home Win & Over 2.5 goals - Odds 1.85 (1 Unit) On a side note: Off to a flyer this season. Looking for 7 out of 7 for the week (will be a record) but started week well with Reading beating Villa (odds of 2 to 1) and big win on Middlesbrough beating Burton to Nil (slighty better than even money). Good luck everyone
  11. UK Football Predictions > Aug 18th & 19th

    If you stick with Middlesbrough and Cardiff (at home) throughout the season, you will come out ahead. Middlesbrough is defensively the best team in the Championship by miles. And it is no fluke, they got better year on year for the last 3 or 4 years. You go consistently with Middlesbrough WIN TO NIL or NO TO BTTS against the bottom 17 teams at home, you will win over the season. Teams like Burton and Bolton are going to get hammered, especially away from home. Stay away from the average stuff, in the middle of the table (rank 8 to 17), especially away from home. These are the really inconsistent teams and are a betting minefield. Betting on these teams will empty your pocket !
  12. Champions League Predictions > Aug 15th

    I am really curious to see the Napoli / Nice game. Napoli are probably going to give Juventus their closest competition in Serie A this season. They finished last season on fire, so can they keep it going now. In serie A they face Verona away on Saturday, so this will be a good indicator of where they are ... You can't judge these 2 legged matchups as easily as a regular season game, because the home team wants a clean sheet in the first leg. They tend to be a little cautious... If I had to bet here it would just be 1 unit on the Napoli win and over 2.5 goals It is priced at about 1.7 which is decent
  13. EVERTON v STOKE What effect will losing Lukaku have on goal production ? I think his goals will be sorely missed this season, and Man United got a good deal. Everton are trying to make the step up into the big 4 or 5, but it is a tough nut to crack. They are strengthening, but the big teams are also adding resources. How good is Koeman, when compared to Pep, Jose and Conte ? I am not sure... Have Everton really bought that well ? It remains to be seen, but it feels similar to van Gaal's time at United, when many average/good players were bought. At the level Everton wish to get to, you need world class players. They have added very good depth to the squad, but I am not sure they have the quality to beat the top teams. Everton, with many new arrivals will take time to get going. They may struggle for goals for the 1st month of the season. There has been a clear out at SToke, and I think they will battle this season. Goals hard to come by, especially on the road. What is Mark Hughes's plan ? I just don't see an open goal feast here, in what will probably be a tight game. I like the NO to both to score here at odds of 1.9
  14. UK Football Predictions > Aug 11th - 13th

    I think QPR are a terrible travelling team. I would not back them on the road, even at excessive odds.
  15. Wimbledon 2017

    The one I really don't like here is going against vandewegh. Woman's tennis is so hit and miss. She is a streak player and could easily get hot, and blow her opponent away. To inconsistent for me to spend a cent on her.