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  1. I watched the 1st set tie breaker and Zverev really didn't do a lot wrong. Nadal simply played 4 or 5 ridiculous points, that were so good it was insane. The one point with the crazy dig on the backhand followed by a running cross court pass was probably the best point of the tournament. I watched 1 rally that was 42 shots which was also off the charts. Nadal to beat Medvedev in Australia was a far bigger task than having to beat a 1st time finalist on his favorite surface. Zverev, being tall was able to hit his two handed backhand though the Nadal hook/topspin. It's a very tricky shot, but you need height, great footwork, and must take the ball on the rise. This nullified Nadal's forehand. Ruud simply does not have the ability to do this, and Nadal will grind his backhand into the ground. The Nadal forehand to the Ruud backhand will determine the outcome, and I expect Ruud to have very few answers.
  2. A lot going on here, so my first post in a while. Been watching a lot of the tennis, but is tough because the matches start East coast time (6am). My feeling is that Zverev didn't play a great match. Alcaraz gave it away. He just started so badly, with so many unforced, stupid mistakes. Had about 7 after 2 games. I think the Swiatek v Kasatkina match is just one way traffic. Kasatkina just can't hurt anyone on the court. Steady, not making mistakes, high looping shots, probably plays right into Swiatek's game. Her serve is a liability ... Kudermetova actually ate it for breakfast, but has a nothing serve herself (on clay). Cannot see beyond a straight sets victory for Swiatek, in what should be a 1 sided spanking. Probably 2 and 2 or 2 and 3. If Kasatkina suffers some nerves, and Swiatek gets the momentum this one could be embarrassing. Trevisian has a decent chance against Gauff. Has to pressure the Gauff forehand and hope she has a slight nerves/off day. I have a strange feeling someone runs away with the 1st set here and then it gets tight and close. I can't access my betting account so no bets for a week,
  3. It goes to 3 Kerber has nothing in the tank. Was lucky .... again.
  4. Just waiting for Zverev to go ape___! He's definitely gonna be breaking racquets soon ... but he is on a suspended sentence. Baez in total control. Zverev can't serve with the high ball toss in the wind. Zverev, Alexander v Baez, Sebastian 2ND SET - 50:22 - 2:6 | 0:3 - 0:30 2-Way Odds (12) 22.35 Munar Clar, Jaume Antoni v Schwartzman, Diego 1ST SET - 04:59 - 0:0 - 40:15 2-Way Odds (12) 21.35 Stake
  5. Amazing, I think Radacanu is the biggest fluke in woman's tennis. I back her opponents all the time. Today I don't and Sasnovich cleans her up 1 and 1 in the last 2 sets 😆 Two bets I like today would be Baez to probably win a set against Zverev and cover the +6.5 handicap. They were very close at the Italian Open, and I am hoping that Baez will play those close points better this time. I think Korda is gonna lose to Gasquet. The French crowds have been very vocal, got Gaston over the line yesterday. I think it will boost Gasquet, who is playing deceptively well.
  6. Kerber was pretty lucky in the last round. Played badly, and I think faced two match points. Looks old and tired to me.
  7. 5/25/2022 Schwartzman v Munar Schwartzman 0.33 5/25/2022 Gauff v van Uytvanck Gauff, Cori 0.14 5/26/2022 Ruud v Ruusuvouri Ruud 0.14 5/26/2022 Kudermetova v Krunic Kudermetova 0.3 5/26/2022 Collins v Rogers Collins 0.36 5/26/2022 Rybakina v Volynets Rybakina 0.22 Other matches and for thurs as well.
  8. I have time now so was doing some checking, 3 matches just starting now 5/25/2022 Azarenka v Petkovic Azarenka 0.3 5/25/2022 Isner v Barrere Isner 0.25 5/25/2022 Khachanov v Dellien Khachanov, Karen 0.44 Will take all 3 as a treble.
  9. I think there are numerous factors determining tennis outcomes. One of them is 'how many hard miles are on the clock' . Busta is a grinder. He can't overpower opponents, and doing this, on clay is just hard work. And he has been doing it since he was 14 or less, so the body has taken a pounding. Even a strong guy like Wayne Rooney was absolutely cooked at 35 (probably closer to 32), simply because he had been pounding himself at a very high physical level for at least 15 years. Also, the travel and the whole year on the road just takes it's toll. Eventually a player is thinking, I've got $12 million in the bank, enough of this stuff.
  10. Thanks, I'm ready and packed. Hopefully the rest of the French is very profitable for everyone 😀
  11. It's annoying, but the whole thing is not a sprint. It is one endless bet, where if you apply an edge, over time you will be in profit. Very much like poker. In the short term anything can happen. I probably won't post tomorrow or Thurs. Off to the USA for 6 weeks vacation. Should be good but 16 hours in cattle class row 48 could be brutal. Just need a huge person next to me and a screaming baby to top it off 🙄
  12. Lol, on a roll and blows a 3-0 5th set lead, playing like a dunce. Tactics just so wrong. So reactive, playing not to lose instead of going for the win. I think the heavy conditions do play a part, especially for a player who is slight in stature. Very strange match with 21 serve breaks, which really shows how useless they both were. If either player serves and plays half decently behind the serve they wipe the floor with the opponent. I keep expecting de Minaur to improve, to step up to the next level, but mentally he needs a reboot.
  13. SO, eventually De Minaur gets on top of Gaston. Now lead 4-0 4th set but is down 2-1 in sets. It seems that Gaston has run outta juice. De minaur worth a bet at 1.46 Clair Lui blew up for 2nd week in a row. Lost a final last week 6-1 6-2 and today 6-2 6-2. I thought she had a semi-decent chance here.
  14. I like the Garcia pick. Gotta factor in the crowd which will give her a lift and hopefully get her over the line.
  15. Only 3 low priced matches today; 5/24/2022 de Minaur v H Gaston A de Minaur 0.16 5/24/2022 Collins v Tomova Collins 0.12 5/24/2022 Pegula v Q Wang Pegula, Jessica 0.2 Collins is very good on clay and I expect her to win easily. I would be going for the Collins win and under 18.5 games which is even money on bet365. I will also take in form Claire Lui to win against Zidansek and take these two as a double (2.0*1.8) -1 = 2.6 to 1. In another upset I think Mayer Sherif beats Marta Kostyuk. Kostyuk all over the place, inconsistent, with the Ukrainian war occupying her mind at the moment. Looking at how Wang has been beaten on clay, the serve is definitely weak. Will also take Pegula -5 handicap.
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