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  1. Premier League Predictions > Sep 23rd - 25th

    Leicester at 3.80 to beat Liverpool at home. Reds fans furious with Klopp at the moment. A bit reactionary if you ask me. I think Leicester are the exact team that Liverpool will love playing and should win but keen to hear if anyone is tempted by that price for Leicester?
  2. UK Football Predictions > Sep 19th & 20th

    Yes, @doverwhite, I'm keen to see how Hasselbaink does with Northampton. They clearly have the basis of a decent team there. I get the impression that with the right manager they can start improving quickly. Think getting a result away to Wigan might be a bit too soon but you can't tell with the new manager factor. Could be worth a double chance?
  3. UK Football Predictions > Sep 22nd - 24th

    Close family friend of mine Declan John making his debut in that game for Rangers... I'm not sure I can bring myself to bet against him in such a big game... but I'd probably back you and urge others to take advantage at that price!
  4. Super Lig Predictions > Sep 22nd - 25th

    Another week for the Turkish Super Lig is coming up this weekend. Here are the relevant odds and ratings. Keen to hear some thoughts and tips on these games! @nababet, @GLOCK", @Simeon Borisof, @Tahador, @secomento, and @TyperExpert_PL, are you guys tipping this week? Nice win last week, @Tahador! @Magic0024, what about the key stats again?
  5. Primeira Liga Predictions > Sep 22nd - 25th

    The next round of Primeira Liga games are up this weekend. Here are the odds and the ratings. @Aposta Ganha, @mij0sim, @Simeon Borisof, @btugero, @clubgowi, @Teodore, @George 04, @pulsar12, @helderjma, @Filixlion, and @NoFear, what do you guys think for these games?
  6. Only the ELO ratings available for these matches at the moment but the odds will get posted when we have them in. Give us your thoughts on these matches then! @gogetta, @WinningAdvice, @bettingtime, @Feduloff, @Bagzi, @saimon76, @Ziener, @chuda, @MNC, and @vasilli07.
  7. MLS Predictions > Sep 20th - 25th

    The next round of MLS matches are coming up this weekend and beyond. A host of games heading our way. Only a couple of matches have the odds available right now but our ever-reliable ELO ratings are more comprehensive! @betcatalog, @vasilli07, @Tiffy, @jamiedavies02, @Setup, @dylanphan, @Cumbie, and @ggm31v, do you guys have any tips this week?
  8. The Copa Libertadores is down to the last 8 and the first legs of this round of matches is coming up this week! Where are your tips? @gogetta, @sandrostocco, @AndreBR, @LucianoMartins, and @clubgowi?
  9. I've managed to find the odds for the games that are happening tonight. As you said, not a fantastic amount of matches but enough to get some bets down. @GazBlades, @eddiem, @BG Punter, @buga00, @Gidds, @doverwhite, @tictok, @allthethings, @Tanktop, @amtopm, @sammydubs, @the bastardian, @bromsgrovegreen, @Woodgate, @Carl Iles, @dawwe92, @Kenton Schweppes, @TastesLikeTuna, @atish29, @MuineBheag, @Bronxie, @misky, @Cheltenhamwhite, @canaries91, @HastGill1, @Foinavon, @Neubs, @Duty281, @Jack A, @sap, @Darran, @murther, and @Marc Kearney?
  10. Here are the odds for this weekend's Finland top flight matches. Will this be the week interest in this obscure league really kicks off? @Libertad, @mkh, @winnerwinner, @Jase82, @Lisandri, @senk, @TEG45, @arvee, @Magic0024, and @Smurf, go on!
  11. Superliga Predictions > Sep 22nd - 25th

    Here are the latest odds and ratings for the Danish Superliga coming up this weekend. @Tiffy, great to see you getting involved. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Denmark. Lots of beautiful blonde ladies there I've heard! @Lisandri , @world, @vasilli07, @winnerwinner, @insidebet, and @marvouone, will you guys be placing a bet this week and joining the Tiffy Superliga banter bus?
  12. Odds provided by bet365. The first round of games for the UEFA section of the 2018 World Cup qualification process throws up some fascinating matches. A home nations 5-fold backing England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland to all win their matches is listed at 65.02. It's a long shot with Northern Ireland's trip to Czech Republic being the main sticky point. However, Republic of Ireland's away journey to Serbia is far from a given. There are a few other matches that are tough to call. Ukraine versus Iceland, Sweden versus Netherlands, and Switzerland versus Portugal are all in the balance and I would not be surprised to see draws in all three of these encounters.
  13. Here are the odds for the Eliteserien games this coming weekend. The ELO ratings are not currently available but will be posted when they become listed. In the mean time, give us your thoughts on these games guys! @Lisandri, @KingSoccertips, @vikki37, @world, and @arvee?
  14. Unfortunately, there are no ELO ratings available for these matches at the moment so here are the odds for you to work off. @Lisandri, @world, @Abyss, @Jase82, @Evertonboy, @bookbet, and @RocknRolla, will any of you guys be betting on these games?
  15. League of Ireland Predictions > Sep 22nd - 24th

    Here are the latest list of odds and ratings for the League of Ireland fixtures coming up this weekend. As usual, the bet365 odds are a bit patchy but our reliable ratings give a better insight into the games. @Marc Kearney, @Division, and @silver fox, what are your thoughts on these games?
  16. Europa League Predictions > Sep 28th

    Yes, we have ELO ratings for the Europa League now! Only a few pieces of information available after the first round of games but we felt it was worth getting this up. The ratings will fill up nicely after this round.