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  1. A last hurrah for the German football league this weekend. A mix of the DFB Pokal, Bundesliga I play-offs and Bundesliga II play-offs. The Bundesliga II play-off is the one that will divide opinion the most. 1860 Munich should be favourites by reputation but Jahn Regensburg are very close with the bookies. I will add the odds for the second legs of the relegation play-offs after the first legs have taken place. What are you guys all looking to bet on for these matches? @Icongene, @vasilli07, @sajtion, @Neubs, @Dylan Lynch, @WinningAdvice, @DW_United, @Mindfulness, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Vcg2007, @mrclubbie, @Duuc, @bet man, @clubgowi, @louis12, @DrBetter, @gogetta, and @thornvineembers.
  2. One more lot of matches for us to cover in the French football. First up, we have the first leg of the relegation play-off between Troyes and Lorient. The bookies cannot call this leg. What are you guys thinking? We then have the PSG versus Angers Coupe de France final. The league runner-ups are the overwhelming favourites. Anybody brave enough to back the outrageously priced 21.00 underdogs? I will add the odds for the second leg of the Ligue 1 relegation play-off after the first leg has taken place. @DrO, @Icongene, @Pep004, @Pipoca, @FCNA, @betcatalog, @KingSoccertips, @michaelwinsall, @rangers234, @DrBetter, @sajtion, @KikoCy, @Tanktop, @zemo91, @hairline, @mrclubbie, @clubgowi, @neilovan, @WinningAdvice, and @Lisandri.
  3. Due to the winter football league schedule coming to a close we will be shifting more attention onto those leagues that continue throughout the summer. One of those is the Swedish Allsvenskan. Some familiar names from European football and the fact after just two league matches nobody has a 100% record shows how tight this league is. Here are the games and their odds for this coming weekend. Any of you lads that love European football betting taking an interest in this? @gogetta, @clubgowi, @vasilli07, @Icongene, @Pep004, @Notorious, @sajtion, and @betcatalog.
  4. Hi guys! Just a quick end of season to see how you all felt your betting across the whole of the season went this campaign for the Premier League? Was there a team that was a good luck charm? Did one team constantly let you down? Did anybody surprise you in your bets repeatedly? If you have a record and are happy to post it then we are keen to hear what your profit/ loss was this season. Share your thoughts below!
  5. The Norwegian Eliteserien is another league that will be played over the summer months so now is the chance to start taking an interest. The league is three matches in. You won't be surprised to hear that Rosenborg remain unbeaten with a 100% record but Sarpsborg are also in the same position as a surprise package. @gogetta, @clubgowi, @vasilli07, @Icongene, @Pep004, @Notorious, @sajtion, and @betcatalog, what do you guys think for this league?
  6. The final of the Copa del Rey is coming up this weekend. It was an enthralling last day in La Liga so can Alaves add more misery to Barcelona's season? Athletic Bilbao will also be hoping the underdogs can prevail victorious after they botched their Europa League hopes on the final day. What are you guys looking at for this game? Interested to hear all bets for this. Any goals, players, or corners markets you're looking into? WinningAdvice, @Joachim, @Simeon Borisof, @betcatalog, @zemo91, @Pep004, @rangers234, @Tiffy, @Icongene, @KikoCy, @sajtion, @Notorious, @discipline, @gabymnk, @AndreBR, @Pipoca, @TyperExpert_PL, and @Kunal888.
  7. The whole Super League schedule for this weekend is covered over Thursday and Friday. What are you looking to bet on for these games, @harry_rag?
  8. Right, @harry_rag, the last club rugby action before we throw in some threads on the British and Irish Lions Tour! What have you got interesting you this weekend?
  9. Cheers @jamiedavies02! Good to have you back involved posting. Keep us updated with your thoughts on this competition. I will endeavour to post regular updates on odds when they are available.
  10. @jamiedavies02 and @Lisandri, here are the latest Eliteserien odds and ratings for the upcoming weekend fixtures.
  11. @jamiedavies02, @vasilli07, @andrewcalo, and @Notorious, here are the latest Allsvenskan odds and ratings for this coming weekend.
  12. The Europa League final is scheduled for a week next Wednesday with Dutch side Ajax taking on English club Manchester United. The winners will automatically qualify for the Champions League next season. Given Ajax appear to be set to qualify for the Champions League via their league position it could well mean more to United. Especially if Ajax end up winning the Eredivisie title. @delfino, @KikoCy, @giraldi, @Icongene, @dogmeister, @rangers234, @Pipoca, @Notorious, @ElPrincipito007, @KingSoccertips, @vasilli07, @betcatalog, @immortal--, @DW_United, @discipline, @WinningAdvice, and @CloughandTaylor, what are you guys thinking for this game?
  13. @TyperExpert_PL, @Tahador, and @secomento, any thoughts on these games with so much still to play for with just two league games remaining?
  14. One market I've seen a few people bet on recently is the Turkish Super Lig. Due to Turkey's strong Muslim community it is one of the only leagues around the world that plays its games actually on Christmas Day. So if you're looking for your betting fix on that day then here is where you find it. So we thought what better time to introduce this league again. Any of you have experience of betting on this league? This season is a great one to become more involved because the league has been taken by storm by Istanbul Basaksehir who lead the pack ahead of the giants of Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Fenerbahce. The club has been a focal point of controversy after undergoing a re-brand of its team name in exchange for investment. Fascinating times in Turkish football.
  15. Here are the latest Dutch odds and ratings for this week with the play-offs continuing. @Pipoca, @MuineBheag, @betcatalog, @winnerwinner, @Pep004, and @tit@n, what are you guys looking to bet on here?
  16. Another week in Brazil's Serie A so here are the odds and ratings. @gogetta, what are you thinking for these games?
  17. Here are the odds and ratings for the next round of matches in Brazil Serie B. What are you thinking, @gogetta? Lead the way with your knowledge!