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  1. I found Yalwen's post when I Googled the disappearance of Nigel Taylor, aka Formcast 78 and will miss it. I too had one or two successful little systems which used it.

    Daily Mail racing coverage was good for a quick look to decide which races to delve into further.

    It seems all the newspapers are "fading" racing coverage. I heard the Telegraph are no longer printing all racecards. A sign of the times.

  2. 5 hours ago, Torque said:

     Yesterday was disappointing in terms of Swiatek being knocked out after what can only be described as a dreadful performance studded with an inordinate amount of unforced errors

    It was beyond dreadful. She clearly tanked to last 2 or 3 games. She has no heart/guts/fightback. You wouldn't see that from Jabeur, Ostapenko, Halep.

  3. I was able to watch it for free on YouTube from 2pm. Simply do a YouTube search for "LIV GOLF" and it's the first hit.

     Picture quality is a bit soft, but decent. Also a couple of freezes lasting a couple of seconds every hour or so. I'm watching YouTube through my VirginMedia V6 box. I don't know if it gets the youTube video from my router (at the far end of the house) or the cable company's head end.

    I tend to agree with Rory that these start-up competitors may not make it - think Kerry Packer cricket.

  4. I just noticed this today. I think it's a shame that Fakenham would select the (likely) bigger fee from RTV rather than the far, far greater audience reach of Sy Sports Racing. It can't be good having a niche audience only.

    At least in January 2024 Newbury switches to SSR.


    16 hours ago, Robaldo said:

    Why did Ronnie get a warming?

    I think he uttered an expletive under his breath. Agree with Judd, the warning could have waited until the end of the frame.

    Of more concern to me was the uncooperative replacement from the previous miss.. It came acros to me as pre-planned and gamesmanship.


    I've already done LAR -4.

    My son and I picked these out to add a little extra interest (all with PP):

    Cooper Kupp 1+ TD @ 6/4 (enhanced special)

    Opening KO NOT a touchback @ 8/11

    Either team, to score TD on opening dive = NO @ 4/6

    Fumble in first half = YES @ 5/4

    Fumble in second half = YES @ 5/4

    Under 5.5 sacks in game @ 8/11




  7. Percy.

    76-68 is good with the extreme unpredictability we have seen this year. A level stakes single strategy would have had you about even.

    FYI: The top 5 weekly picks at the Hilton Contest were 35-39-1 after week 15. The leader is 51-32-1 (excellent).

  8. 4 hours ago, Wanderlust said:

    Great jockey, miserable sod.

    If he had Hayleys personality, he would be a lot more popular

    You can feel the agony he is going through when Chapman attempts to interview him after a race. I saw after one race he flat out refused an interview. Strange that his jumping brothers are very outgoing.

  9. Firstly I've found the IPL profitable so far this year. I always bet either at, or just a few overs either side of half time.This seems to work for me. Batting first has been dominant. My big loser (at odds 30/100) was when Cotterill went for 5x6=30 in penultimate over.

    I expect you've all heard of Narine being reported for suspect bowling action. I like him and enjoy watching him. But here's where I believe the trouble comes from. You can try this at home (without a ball in hand and not under a lightshade) if you know how to finger spin.

    KKR didn't dare play him in the next game. When I watched, I never heard the commentators discuss this. Maybe too touchy.

    The bowlers with "issues" are FRONT-ON rather than more side on (Google "Sunil Narine" and look at pictures). If you ball front on, it's difficult to put much spin on with a straight, locked elbow. If you bowl with a crooked elbow, putting the finger spin on naturally straightens the elbow. To straighten less than 15 degrees is now allowed. (The 15 degrees rule seemed to be a concession to keep Murally legal.) This is wrong IMHO as bowling with a straight, locked elbow is perfectly natural.

    I don't know how to bowl a doosra, but I understand it's dodgy.

    Quickies, including Shoab Aktar and Brett Lee have also had similar issues. Again they are quite front-on.

    The correct way: Jimmy Anderson is the perfectly natural, side on, locked elbow quick bowler. Similarly, Graham Swann the standard off-spinner.

    Any opinions on this?

  10. Week 3:

    Last week was terrible at 1-4, thus wiping out the gains of week 1.

    Only 2 games on Sunday show a significant difference between score predicted from NFL.com Pwer Rankings vs the spread.

    Pitt  -4 (predicted -11.5)

    AZ  -5.5 (predicted -11)

  11. Week 1:

    Posted 12 September 2020 1:19pm

    I've decided to put a few pix up. I'll probably quit after a week or two if no good.

    I'll will be (only) guided by predicted spreads calculated from NFL.com's Power Rankings. They are calculated by alloting 0.5 point per position in power rankings, then allow 3 pts for home field advantage. These spreads are PP on Sat morn.

    As such, I like:

    NE -7 (predicted -8.5)

    Buff -6.5 (predicted -12.5)

    Balt -7.5 (predicted -11)

    SF -6.5 (predicted -13.5)

    NO -3.5 (predicted -7.5)

    Looking forward to Sunday night RedZone!

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