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  1. Saturday Morning: Winning Score better than -9.5 at 5/4 with PP.
  2. Friday morning: I've just taken Rose and Molinari to have a bogey free Round 2 - each at 33/1 with PP. Probably another mug bet gamble!
  3. Billy, Ao'B Top Trainer at 4/7 looks good to me. (Paddy is 4/9.)
  4. Having watched Nadal embarass Roger, I've decided that 3/10 with Paddy on the outright is OK.
  5. As an aside: I heared a shocking programme on the radio (World Service, I think, and it might still be available) that basically said the lower levels of tennis were fixed - mainly the ITF Tour. Try a Google to " ITF Tour match fixing" or similar. The list of offenders goes on for pages - and it seems to take a few offences to get life banned. Mostly the fixing will be on spots (number games, sets, etc) rather than the result. Those players are hurting. It tells of sharing hotel rooms, sharing Uber rides or getting the shuttle, washing kit in the bath. Now I'm sure the main ATP Tour is 100% straight. The poor income leads to temptation.
  6. I'm interested in a lay thread. In fact there used to be a regular thread on here called "Binchy's Lays". As I recall, it did well for a while, then seemed to lose its edge. I've been thinking about developing a blind lay system of say anything shorter than (say) 1/3 at certain tracks. Eg, Fakenham seems to have a lot of ultra shorties get beat. In fact when I check the reults, I'm amazed how many ultra shorties get beat. It really needs someone with some good skills on analysing lots of race data. Anyway for now, I'll follow your Betfair Forum Lay thread as "The equaliser". Good luck.
  7. I've taken Tiger for only one major in 2019 at 1/3 with Paddy. So call that a Tiger lay for the other 3.
  8. I notice not many bokmakers offering prices on Churchill Downs. (I guess it's a licensing issue with Churchill Downs). Bet365 are offering. The race is 23.50, and on SSR, I believe.
  9. I'd go a bit further and say (example) class 4 chase form at Cheltenham, Aintree, Newbury, etc counts for a lot more than class 4 chase form at Plumpton, Fontwell, Fakenham, etc. Mostly because the lesser courses can't attract the best horses.
  10. I could easily give a dozen here, but here's a quick 3 fer. 1. Beware those extra bets: If you're like me, you make your pix ~ 9am when the mind is fairly sharp. Think twice about being influenced by the TV when coverage starts at 1.30 (3 drinks later). 2. Beware "money back specials", eg " Money back all losers if the fav wins". It often means the bookie feels he can get the fav beat . There was a classic a couple of weeks back when the fav was ~ 6/4, and there was co 2,3,4 favs at ~7/2 each. Without checking a Dutching calculator, That's probably shorter than 6/4. The fav failed. That said, in a different race (same offer) Josie's Orders (the fav) won for me on Sunday. 3. Think twice about each-way and place only. If you do it because you feel it's not good enough to win, it may well finish down the field. Only do if you feel nailed-on for the place. If you've backed the fav to win, to also do each-way on your second choice is backing against yourself, so do place only - or consider the forecast.
  11. Is any body successfully receiving RPGTV on a Smartphone? I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 phone, and I'm struggling with it. If/when I succeed, I'll connect it to the TV via my Google Chromecast (Casting or mirroring). I have previously received it fine on my laptop (connected to TV via VGA and audio cables). Such a shame Virginmedia don't carry it as a programme.
  12. Well, it's something. I've really missed my hour of selecting at 8.30am the past two mornings. See if you can find something from this: Good luck
  13. Maybe day 1 is a bit soon to expect this, but we were promised HD. <<< The channel will broadcast over 700 UK fixtures in full HD to approximately 14m homes and will be available to all basic satellite and cable subscription packages, with no Sky Sports subscription required. >>> Very much not HD on my Virginmedia box. Anyway, it's great to be getting Ascot back.