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  1. Week 7: 1-2 last week. This week only one game isn't within a couple of points of spread predicted by NFL.com Power Rankings.. The bet is LV +5.5 (predicted LV + 0.5)
  2. Last week: 1-0. Week 6 pix: NE -8 Tenn -3.5 Minne -4
  3. Firstly I've found the IPL profitable so far this year. I always bet either at, or just a few overs either side of half time.This seems to work for me. Batting first has been dominant. My big loser (at odds 30/100) was when Cotterill went for 5x6=30 in penultimate over. I expect you've all heard of Narine being reported for suspect bowling action. I like him and enjoy watching him. But here's where I believe the trouble comes from. You can try this at home (without a ball in hand and not under a lightshade) if you know how to finger spin. KKR didn't dare play him in the next game. Wh
  4. Just one pick this week based on NFL.com Power Rankings (at https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-power-rankings-week-5-bills-are-the-real-deal ) That pick is Carol +2.5 [Carol are #15, Atl are #28. This suggests Carol should be -3.5, and it's actually Carol +2.5. So that a 6 point difference which sounds worthwhile.
  5. The analysis (system) is in the top post. Ie: 1. Take the latest NFL.com Power Rankings. 2. Allow 0.5 points per position. 3. Allow 3 points for home field. 4. Look for significant (say 4+) difference from the spread.
  6. Week 4: Last week was 1-1. For week 4, my prediction method has only one game/selection where the spread is significantly different from predicted. That is: GB -6.5 (predicted -15.5)
  7. Week 3: Last week was terrible at 1-4, thus wiping out the gains of week 1. Only 2 games on Sunday show a significant difference between score predicted from NFL.com Pwer Rankings vs the spread. Pitt -4 (predicted -11.5) AZ -5.5 (predicted -11)
  8. Week 2: Went 4-1 last week. Tenn -7.5 Pitt -7 Buff -5.5 GB -6 Dallas -4.5
  9. Week 1: Posted 12 September 2020 1:19pm I've decided to put a few pix up. I'll probably quit after a week or two if no good. I'll will be (only) guided by predicted spreads calculated from NFL.com's Power Rankings. They are calculated by alloting 0.5 point per position in power rankings, then allow 3 pts for home field advantage. These spreads are PP on Sat morn. As such, I like: NE -7 (predicted -8.5) Buff -6.5 (predicted -12.5) Balt -7.5 (predicted -11) SF -6.5 (predicted -13.5) NO -3.5 (predicted -7.5) Looking forward to Sunday night RedZone
  10. Is this fake news? See: https://tvguide.betfair.com/english-uk/tv This shows the Berlin Derby on both SkySports Football (which I have) and BT (which I don't) at 7.30pm. My VirginMedia TV Guide does not show it, nor does Sky online schedule. Probably an error ???
  11. You're absolutely correct. sorry to bear fake news.
  12. It looks like both GGR and Gulfstream have been closed down, leaving only Tampa.
  13. Tampa and ShaTin on SkySports Racing (per Betfair TV guide).
  14. Very disappointed! I spent an hour making a few picks for WRD, only to find out now that it's not on SSR. The cards weren't even on RP website so that should have been a clue I guess; though Gulfstream was on TV on Sunday, but no cards in RP. My fix for the night is blown.
  15. South Africa closes Friday until at least April 17.
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