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  1. My previous comment about "Stealing money Traps" reminded me of a famous Harry Findlay quote:"The bigger the odds on, the more you put on". 🙂
  2. I took a quick look at the teams, see On that basis, I've decided 2/5 the US is OK with PP (ties lose). A "stealing money" trap ???
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how often the hottest favs manage to lose straight-up (money line). Take yesterday; Indy -10.5 managed to lose. NO -13.5 managed to lose. (Of course Balt -10.5 did win and cover.). It would be great to see a historic stat on the backing the week's biggest dog money line.
  4. 21.13 Just checked page 660, and it's back! So we get it for a bit longer.
  5. For some time, BBC Freeview SD channels have been the only channels carrying teletext - clearly it was on borrowed time. A week or so back, I heard BBC Teletext would end in the new year. Well, it seems like the new year has come early with just some old racing news on Page 660 today. I actually found Page 660 quite handy for results when downstairs. Of course I can use my phone or look at the PC upstairs - but still missed.
  6. Whatever happened to cross (stakes around) bets? Eg, a great bet was: (with 2 selections at say greater than 4/1) £1 cross and £1 double, stake £3. I don't see much of the Round Robin either. Dad (old northeren independent bookie) used to do all this stuff, mostly worked out by head/hand. [I've still got his "Each way - all each way doubles" Ready Reckoner with the pages about worn through.] My racing pal likes to pick ~10/1 chances, so the Lucky 15 with TRIPLE odds for one winner was a great bet for him. I think that was with Betfred.
  7. VT, Using NFL Power Rankings also suggests it should New Orleans by 12. Yet PP says by 3 - a huge difference. Are we missing something, eg key player(s) out?
  8. I don't think it's my video card, but in the past few days the font has changed. It seems smaller and thicker (more bold). This results in the numbers for the last 6 runs having poor legibity when they really are bold (eg all weather, points, etc). Just me ?
  9. VT, What factors into your predicted spreads? Is it some kind of power rankings? I'm then assuming that yout prediction becomes a bet if if the difference from available spreads is greater than a given number? Good luck on Week 4.
  10. Serena was a lost bet for me too. Had her at 5/1. Having never heared of Andrescu, I didn't bother laying a bit back. I couldn't even watch with Amazon Prime Video having a UK exclusive (Terrible on the part of the US Open - 90% of audience gone, just to accept the biggest shilling. Too much of this going on.) For the men's, I've been talked into Nadal 3-1 at 12/5 by PaddyP. Bookmaker's tips should obviously be treated with caution, though he did refund Novak bets 🙂. No great confidence, but we'll see.
  11. Sounds like it's on Eurosport, but not "British Eurosport".
  12. US Open TV Coverage: I think it's a poor do that it's only on Amazon Prime, or on a miniature screen on bookie sites. Are the latter stages available on regular off-air, satellite or cable channels?
  13. I keep promising myself I'm going to devise a "lay" system around odds-on shots (depending on actual price, certain tracks, type of race, etc). BH's 53wins from 96 in all 2/3yo maidens would likely be a reasonable profit layed blind.
  14. Week 1, Tuesday: shorties acca: Yesterday, someone ask for an acca ~EV. Anyway, I'm going to give it a shot today. Maybe we could do a daily acca section? 4x, pays ~2/1 all PP odds: Kygiros 4/11; Cilic 2/7; Sloane Stephens 1/3; Muguruza 4/11
  15. Women: Barty outright @ 11/2 with PP Men: Nadal outright @ 7/1 with PP Longshot double is 51/1 I did read Czech Punter's comments on the mens, but I just have a little feeling that Novak is still not 100% and the years are catching up with Roger. Barty to go beyond Pliskova @ EV B365 Halep to go beyond Konta @ 8/11 B365