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  1. Re: Fischers Over 0.5 1 last try Fischer, one question - accord. to what criteria do you pick your games?! Because I see u chose matches from some low-scoring leagues like Belarus, Italy and Brazil. My point is that if you restrict yourself to certain leagues and to particular types of teams, then your run will last very long. If you went only for games like Zulte-Anderlecht, Copenhagen - Silkeborg, ADO - Ajax etc. (very high scoring leagues, high scoring favorite team, underdog with weak defense, but also high-scoring), then it might take ages before you finally get busted. Of course it will be much longer, but when you are not selective in your picks, I don't see how you gonna last more than 10-20 picks at best. Because sometimes I do this betting on "over 0.5", my advise is to avoid the following leagues: Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal (except for few teams), Poland, and ALL SOUTH and CENTRAL AMERICAN leagues. Good leagues for this type of betting are: Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Premiership, Championship, French, Romanian, Iceland, Sweden. Also, you might focus particularly on some teams which games almost always feature goals: Anderlecht, Ajax, PSV, LA Galaxy, etc.

  2. Re: Wigan Atrhletic V Fulham > 22nd September Berbatov will score 20+ goals only in Premiership this season in my opinion. Fulham is the perfect place for him: no tension, no big expectations, perfect relationship with the manager, hard-working team-mates, few stars...The guy is hungry for football and goals, and I think it is very likely for him to punish the unstable defense of Wigan. Berbatov any time goalscorer @ 3.00 (bet365)

  3. Re: Liverpool V Manchester United > 23rd September

    Whilst it's rubbish to say that they "had to win absolutely" against Galatasaray (they would still have been odds-on to qualify from the group even if they had drawn this week) I agree with you that United have made a far from convincing start to the season. That's absolutely correct. But they're not the ones struggling just above the relegation zone.
    Mate, i think you're taking the whole game on a very emotional and fan level, as you obviously support Man Un. However, this is about betting, i.e. winning or losing money, and you should know well that emotions better be avoided here. It's not by chance that punters say "don't bet on your favorite team" - your over-emotional reasoning in this case is a proof. What is the need to say "they are not the ones struggling just above relegation" other than just teasing rival supporters?! You know well that Liverpool are just above relegation zone because they had the most difficult schedule so far and they were very much out of luck. And you know that their class realistically is not relegation level. Or if you think the opposite, then you better bet your bank-roll on away victory - you will never ever get 2.70 for United win against a relegation class team. I don't think that it's rubbish to say that United absolutely had to win vs. Galata. Of course, they would have probably still qualified even if they lost. My point was that they had to win without any doubt because otherwise the media would have put enormous pressure upon them after the debacle of last year's campaign. It was rather psychological remark - not winning could have resulted in high tension in the team which might have affected them negatively in Premiership and other competitions. And I bet that no player of United would have wanted to be in the same room with furious Ferguson and experiencing his famous "shower" after failing another CL game. So, they must have been more than motivated to defeat the Turkish champions, but they nearly failed to do it. And last remark - you seem to consistently disregard a very important factor here: Liverpool is probably the only team in the league which current shape seems not to affect at all their performance against top sides. Hence, even if in March Liverpool are still in the relegation zone, they would be still as likely to beat the likes of United at Anfield.
  4. Re: Liverpool V Manchester United > 23rd September

    I was merely responding t the post that quoted United's performance against Galatasary as evidence that they could perform well against them. If you're going to take United's recent performance in Europe into account, then you have to also take Liverpool's into account. They have played two teams from two of the poorest leagues in the whole of Europe and failed to beat one of them and conceded three goals against the other one. I don't see them beating United but, as you say, Liverpool could always "steal" a win.
    Come on...You know pretty well that you cannot compare in absolutely no way a starting game in the Champions League after a sensational failure last year with meaningless Europa League football where Premiership teams field youngsters and second-choice players! All I was saying that I think the performance of United vs. Galatasaray has something to show us before Sunday. The game was very important for them and they had to win absolutely, but they were so close to failing it. Letting the guests of Galatasaray have so many great chances and control the ball for long periods of time should definitely speak of some weaknesses at the moment in United. This game just confirmed my overall impressions that I got from the games with Everton, Fulham and Southampton, that something is not okay in Manchester United right now. This makes it less likely in my opinion that they could get a victory at Anfield.
  5. Re: Liverpool V Manchester United > 23rd September

    United beat the team that are currently leading the Turkish championship. Liverpool couldn't beat a team that's in the bottom half of the Scottish Premiership. The Scottish Premierhip for God's sake. How poor does that look?
    That's a naive comparison. Two years ago, Liverpool were beaten and totally outplayed in turn by relegating West Ham and Portuguese Braga, and few days afterwards, they literally destroyed United and were by miles the better team. (the game when Kyut got a hattrick). Liverpool is always more motivated and more aggressive when this derby is played at Anfield, regardless of their condition at the particular moment. United can counter this motivation, aggressive game and the home factor, only by being in an excellent shape. Which they currently aren't. Of course they can always steal some win, but I think they will be dominated in terms of possession and goal-scoring chances on Sunday,
  6. Re: Liverpool V Manchester United > 23rd September I almost never go for the draw, but I think it might be a good choice here. Liverpool will surely be a different team at home vs. United. Even when they are at their worst shape, when this biggest rivalry in English football come to Anfield, Liverpool always play at their best. I am pretty sure that they are going to be the more aggressive and more pressing team on the pitch. United's shape away from home has been a little questionable. And as a whole, they haven't really impressed. I think that their game at Goodison park can be a good indicator for United's reaction when they are faced with aggressive pressure from the opposition, i.e. something which surely awaits them at Anfield, and the Mancs did not do well. I think that Liverpool will be the better team on the pitch, but feel that they won't manage to win. Most likely they will once again be victims of their huge weakness over the last year - conceding very easy and "unasked for" goals, especially at moments when Liverpool is totally dominating the game. I also expect them once again to make very silly misses just in front of the goal as they do in almost every important game recently, with Suarez being the most active in this respect. Another argument for the draw is that I think that Fergie will be more than happy with such score. He showed it at several consecutive visits at Anfield when he chose conservative and defensive formation, and his team stayed back in their half. I think that United once again will not open up and will wait for blunders in Liverpool's defense. Draw 3.4

  7. Re: Europa League > September 20 By the way, had nobody really mentioned yet this one: Udinese - Anji ? One of the big favorites for the trophy this year and a team in an absolutely outstanding form and spirit at the moment - Anji, is playing against a team in a very deteriorating form and totally down-spirited after they did not manage once again to qualify for the CL! Seriously, the motivation of Udinese is the least to say questionable. I expect very low attendance tomorrow which will add to the dark nuances in Udinese's mood. On the other hand they face a team who will surely try to get as far as possible in the tournament. I read that the excitement in Mahachkala about the European participation of the team is great. The people there even sent a petition to UEFA to allow them to play at their home ground. Already two Russian teams won the Europa League the last few years. Anji have good prospects of being the third one. They were very balanced, fancy scoring goals and are not bothered at all when they have to play away from home as their record this season shows. I feel that they can win this one with a handicap, but straight victory should be enough. Anji @ 2.40 (b365)

  8. Re: Europa League > September 20 Then, Atletico are out of consideration. However, why not back in some way Apoel?!! They are usually very good at home. And they will be surely motivated as hell to take the scalp of one of the teams in hottest shape in Europe at the moment. I don't see how second-choice players with relatively little playing experience will get a victory at such difficult home soil. Maybe double chance "Apoel or Draw" is the way to go here?!

  9. Re: Champions League > September 19th A brief recap: 1. Barcelona - Spartak Moscow Barcelona to score more than 3 goals @ 2.00 I expected much more motivated performance by the Catalonians. I should have waited for live betting. Had I seen the way they were lingering around the pitch, I would have never taken this one. 2. Chelsea - Juve Both to Score @ 1.80 and Juve DNB 2.20 I did not watch the game, but I am satisfied with this one. And a victory away at Stamford Bridge can never be taken as granted. 3. Shakhtar - Nordseeland Shakhtar to win to nil @ 1.80 Quite happy with this pick, not just because it won, but mainly because I predicted very accurately the course of the game. I watched it simulatenously with few others. Shakhtar indeed had difficulties breaking them down. They wasted lots of time aimlessly passing the ball around, which substantially reduced any chances of Nordseeland attacking and causing any threat. Despite the difficulties they faced, there was no way Shakhtar would have skipped the victory - they are just much better. 4. United - Galatasaray United -1.5 @ 1.87 My worst pick of the evening. Even if Chicharito or worthless t*at Nanny had scored, this would have still be a bad pick. From what I have seen, United were terrible and so conservative. Old Fergie was obviously thinking about Anfield. Terrible mistake on my side not to account for this - Fergie always consider games vs. Liverpool as very special and it was not such a big surprise they played this way. Anyway, Galatasaray seem to be an excellent team and a good candidate to go through to the next stage. 5. Bayern - Valencia Valencia +1.5 @ 1.80 andUnder 2.5 @ 2.30 Mixed feelings here. Generally, the bets were okay. But this unders are just always too tricky. If there are certainly some games where you can predict the overs with ease, there is not a single game where you can be sure about unders.

  10. Re: Europa League > September 20

    Is it just me....or is there one fixture leaping out at me for tomorrow... Hapoel Tel Aviv - Athletico Madrid Athletico 8/11 at William Hill...their last 5 away games in the Europa League have been wins over Celtic, Lazio, Besitkas, Hanover & Valencia, all arguably stronger sides than Hapoel despite the intimidating Israeli home support...... Hapoel barely convincing, especially at home. Losing their last 2 Europa league home games last season to PSV & Rapid Bucharest. Their squad is a joke by European standards, the only 2 players i've heard of are John Pantsil and Eric Djemba-Djemba...need I say more. If Athletico take a strong squad (anyone????) then i'll be going big on those odds with William Hill. :p
    I absolutely agree that odds seem tempting. Atletico were amazingly consistent last year in Europa League and now they are even stronger team. However, I have one major worry here. They already won second Europa League over the past three years. I suppose they won't be starving to get a third one, my guess is that this time they will totally focus on Primera and getting CL spot. On the other hand, they have an easy fixture (as far as there could be an easy one in Primera) against Valladolid during the weekend. My advise is to bet live on this one. Most probably there won't be any early goal in the first 15-20 mins so this could time could give you good outlook on the game prospects. Pay a lot of attention to Atletico's tempo - the speed at which they are passing and running, the way they enter into tackles and first-ball clashes. These should be important indicators of their intention. If you see Atletico do something as Barcelona did tonight - lazy loitering around, walking across the pitch and sparing themselves from tackling - then runaway from that game. Apoel is not a team to be beaten at home in a lazy and unconcentrated manner.
  11. Re: Champions League > September 19th

    I've picked Valencia + 2 goals Asian handicap (odds 1.5 @ offsidebet) in a combo with a goal for Burnley and over 1.5 goals in Braga-Cluj. Bayern are the biggest favourites but they have 2-3 new players in their squad and they will need time to stick together. Last year Bayern won only one game at home with more than a goal diffence: 27/09/11 UCL Bayern München 2 - 0 Manchester City 02/11/11 UCL Bayern München 3 - 2 Napoli 22/11/11 UCL Bayern München 3 - 1 Villarreal 13/03/12 UCL Bayern München 7 - 0 Basel 03/04/12 UCL Bayern München 2 - 0 Olympique Marseille 17/04/12 UCL Bayern München 2 - 1 Real Madrid 19/05/12 UCL Bayern München 1 - 1P Chelsea In the same time Valencia lost only once with more one goal their away games in their last 2 Champions league's campaigns: 14/09/10 UCL Bursaspor 0 - 4 Valencia 20/10/10 UCL Rangers 1 - 1 Valencia 07/12/10 UCL Manchester United 1 - 1 Valencia 09/03/11 UCL Schalke 04 3 - 1 Valencia 13/09/11 UCL Genk 0 - 0 Valencia 19/10/11 UCL Bayer Leverkusen 2 - 1 Valencia 06/12/11 UCL Chelsea 3 - 0 Valencia
    Your bet might turn to be a good one, but your reasoning is very naive. You say Bayern Munich won only twice with more than a goal difference "last year"?! Do you realize that your sample consists of two (2!) games, one of which a semi-final against Real Madrid (where the coefficient for -1.5 handicap for Bayern was probably 3.50), and the other one was a Champions League final?!! No offense, but your example is ridiculous. And about Valencia - I seriously don't think that Valencia's results away against Bursaspor, Rangers or Genk have absolutely anything to do with their performance at Allianz Arena in Munich. It's like using Wigan's away victory to Southhampton to judge their expected performance at Old Trafford.
  12. Re: Champions League > September 19th My picks for tonight: 1. Barcelona - Spartak Moscow Barcelona to score more than 3 goals @ 2.00 For some it may look like a mug choice, but I am confident that the chance of it happening are quite above 50%. I would not go for this bet if Barca played Rubin or Zenit, which are known for their good defense, but Spartak Moscow's defensive display is very poor. They concede plenty of goals in the Russian league. Since the beginning of the season they got just one single clean sheet. Zenit scored 5 goals past them few weeks ago. Plus Spartak does not have that much CL experience and is not used to playing against such teams. Barcelona will be very motivated to win big tonight. They even rested Messi in the weekend in Primera, which is a sign that they attribute importance to this game and a successful start of their campaign. I am sure that Barca are certain to score at least three goals and very likely to add some more, which will make the bet winning. 2. Chelsea - Juve Both to Score @ 1.80 and Juve DNB 2.20 Juventus definitely looks like the team in better condition at the moment. Although the level of Serie A is dropping, Juventus is a different story. The team is perfectly balanced, very confident and has lots of depth and quality. Chelsea is still very unpredictable and fluctuating. The main problem of the team is their defense which is quite vulnerable. Cech is also not in his best shape. On the other hand, Chelsea are full of ideas and creativity up-front. I really fancied the performance of their midfield since the start of the season. As a whole, I feel that balance in Juventus squad compared to Chelsea's defensive insecurity could be the decisive factor in this game.It would be very hard to get Juventus beaten, even at Stamford Bridge. But Chelsea should get get some goals and I hardly see them managing to keep clean sheet. 3. Shakhtar - Nordseeland Shakhtar to win to nil @ 1.80 I feel that this is a better choice than any handicaps. I see nothing different that Shakhtar attacking and entirely dominating possession, while the Scandinavians defend and rarely threaten with counter-attack. Shakhtar is in great shape and might be one of the big surprises of the tournament. However, I feel that this game might turn hard for them if they don't get an early goal. I've seen this a few times in the Ukrainian league when guests park the bus in Donbas arena and Shakhtar does not score early, they get into trouble breaking them down. Still, I don't see how inexperienced Nordseeland will manage not to concede a goal in Donetsk. And unless Shakhtar scores many and ealry goals, it will be most likely that the Danish won't spend much time attacking. 4. United - Galatasaray United -1.5 @ 1.87 Nothing much to add here - United is simply much better and they are going to be way more concentrated than last year, especially in the starting game. Their central defense is one again in full strength which will make it difficult for the Turks to score goals. Up-front there is no way for the guests to stop United scoring a few goals. Galatasaray indeed has something to offer, mostly in attack. However, their defense is vulnerable, which is evident even against mediocre Turkish teams. 5. Bayern - Valencia Valencia +1.5 @ 1.80 and Under 2.5 @ 2.30 My due respect for the great team of Bayern, but Valencia managed to to make the above bets successful at stadiums like Nou Camp and Santiago Bernabeu (twice over few months), so I see no reason why the Spanish team won't make it in Munich as well. They are extremely hard to break through and I think that they could be a very inconvenient opponent for Bayern, because they keep very good possession of the ball and know well how to kill down the tempo in the game. Most German teams fall easy pray to Bayern in Munich because they try to develop their attacks quickly, hence they lose the ball easily and become very vulnerable to Bayern's offensive strenght. Valencia is a different team and they can pass the ball calmly and for a long periods of time - something Bayern is not used to play against.

  13. Re: Champions League > September 19th

    Some interesting facts :)
    :clap These are the facts. Everything else is speculation and opinions. Parkhead is a very tough place to go, it has always been. I don't think that either Celtic has lowered so much their standards over the last few years, or Benfica has risen theirs. Of course, the Portuguese are more technical and generally it is logical to assume that they are the better team of the two. But price of 2.1 for away win is at best correct price, and at worst - it is overestimation of Benfica. I definitely don't think that away victory at Parkhead should be priced lower than that, unless we speak about some of the few best teams in Europe.
  14. Re: Champions League > September 18th

    I remember backing against Dinamo Zagreb a few times in the CL last year; they looked completely out of their depth. I think part of the problem is their domestic league is too easy for them and they're not used to playing games of this calibre. They may have improved for all I know' date=' but I will have a small bet on Porto here. You're right in that Porto should go for the win as 6 points from the two games against Dinamo Zagreb are crucial.[/quote'] Also another thing - as I bet on the Portuguese league, I noticed that Porto would have difficulties against teams who "park the bus", but not against teams who play open football, even if the latter are stronger than the former. Dinamo concedes goals in nearly every game. They generally don't defend and look for goals. I would be more reserved about such bet if Porto were playing, say, AEL Limassol with their good defending, rather than Dinamo, who will give them lots of space.
  15. Re: Champions League > September 18th Real - Man City Real AH -1 @2.10 Though it is considered the derby of the round, I think it is one of the most certain outcomes. Here are my reasons: 1. Real Madrid's "must-bounce-back": Real just cannot afford to miss another victory. Mourinho has been surely furious and has given big stick to his men. Last time they lost in Primera and had a big game at home immediately afterwards, Real played outstanding against Barcelona. I expect similar attitude and motivation from them. 2. Real's CL priority: this year the Champions League must be objective number one for the royal team. Although they are undisputed favorites to win their group, it is one of the hardest in the whole tournament. Real has the example of Untied last year how a sloppy start might result in a debacle in the preliminary phase (and United's group was far easier). They know that they have to start with a win to bring back their confidence and to make claim for the first place in the group. 3. City's questionable away form: Man City's away form has been very mediocre for over an year now. The last time they were winning and showing good football away from home against strong teams was in early autumn of 2011. They have lots of trouble even against mediocre sides like Stoke and Sunderland. 4. City's European performance: they might have been crowned as kings of Premiership, but their lack of Eurofootball experience is evident in their under-performance last year in both CL and Europa League. They have lost two of their three away games in the group stage (defeated with ease by Bayern in Munich; and outplayed by Napoli), and only won against relegated Villareal. I go for the -1 AH because I think it is very likely that Real will win with a margin, and the price differential between clean victory and this handicap is worthy.

  16. Re: Europa League > September 20

    Two games interests me.Dnipro-PSV and Twente-Hannover Dnipro is presented to a good level in the Ukrainian Championship as he took second place behind Donetsk.Dnipr are unbeaten at home since the last year.Despite this they stand against the best performing Dutch team PSV.PSV been a regular participant in this tournament unlike Dnipro.Since the beginning of the Dutch and Europe leagues PSV humiliates their opponents 5:1 against AZ,9;0 aainst Zeta,5;0 against Roda,4;2 vs Ajax.I think that we cannot compare Dutch and Ukrainian leagues and because of the PSV's form and their experienced players i think they will take the 3 points here.
    How did you reach this conclusion that we cannot compare Ukrainian and Dutch league? Actually, according to UEFA rankings, Ukrainian league is considered stronger at the moment - Ukraine's country coefficient ranks them at 7th place in Europe, just one place above Netherlands. Now let's quickly see the results when Dutch teams met Ukrainian in the last year: - Metalist-AZ 1:1; AZ - Metalist 1:1 (Europa League 2011) - Dynamo Kyiv - Feyenoord 2:1; Feyenoord - Dinamo 0:1 (CL 2012) This does not look like Dutch domination, does it?! You are right that PSV are humiliating their opponents, but only when they play at home. Their away form is not that impressive - they lost both to Waalwijk and Utrecht, and they managed just one away victory - to Groningen. And I am quite confident that the smashing of Zeta Golubovci is representative of absolutely nothing with regards to the match with Dnipro. Last year's away record of PSV is also not impressive at all: 6-5-6. Dnipro show great form at home and I think that definitely the value in this game is in their hands. It would be very hard to get them beaten at their own stadium, and at this very high prices for Dnipro punters have a wide maneuvering options - besides straight win, they can also go for Dnipro DNB and even "Dnipro or Draw" at good price.
  17. Re: Champions League > September 18th Dinamo - Porto Dinamo Zagreb were the worst team last year in CL. This season, I had the chances to watch 5 out of their 6 qualifying games in CL because I had bets on them, and I don't think that Dinamo has improved much and that they meet Champions League football standards. They were lucky to play relatively weak and inexperienced sides, but they still were just about to get kicked out by Ludogorets in the first round, when they have been kissed and hugged by fortune. Porto lost Hulk, but they are still a very classy side and a number one favorite to win the title in Portugal. They have very capable midfield, directed by Joao Moutino. They play possession football and have vastly rich European experience. They are pretty much aware that their contenders will be PSG and Kyiv, so they must get 6 points against the group outsider Dinamo Zagreb. Porto 1.92

  18. Re: Stoke v Man City > September 15th

    Stoke are generally a good side at home and last season a number of top teams have struggled here and even City only managed a draw here. It is still early in the season and both teams are not so solid in defense. Stoke has conceded 4 against Swindon and 2 against Wigan. Man.City have played stronger sides, but still failed to keep a clean sheet. Moreover, in last 4 games between these 2 sides at Britannia Stadium "Both to Score" bet came while 3 games ended 1-1 and Stoke winning the other one 3-1. In fact Stoke are unbeaten against Citizens in their last 5 home games against them. However, since it is early in the season I am not quite sure whether Stoke can take anything from this game, so will take a safer option. Both to Score @ 1.91 (2 units) William Hill
    How about the "highest scoring half:second" bet?!! I think this games offers good conditions for this to happen. Mancini won't push too much and turn on higher gear before the second half.
  19. Re: La Liga > September 15-17 Getafe - Barcelona Getafe +1.5 @ 2.00 Most likely the first banana-slip for Barca this season in La Liga. As the user above mentioned, Barca is particularly vulnerable after international football breaks. I think that Barca hasn't been playing that good from the start of the season either. They had two away games - vs. Real Madrid (supercup) and Osasuna (Primera), and they lost the first and luckily grabbed the win in the end in the second. Barca were very poor against Osasuna. The pressure and physical football on behalf of the hosts, was causing big trouble for the Catalons who had few chances to score for the whole game and who often got lost in endless short-passes far away from the penalty area. Barca did not play well also at home against Valencia where they could have easily drawn. Getafe is a tough nut to break.Unlike most Primera sides, they focus strongly on defense. They know very well how to apply pressure on opposition midfield and how to close down space. They just beat Real Madrid at home, and last season they defeated Barca at Alfonso Perez and narrowly lost to Real Madrid by 1:0. I definitely forecast a very tough game for Barcelona. I feel it could easily for in Getafe's favor or end in a draw, but take a more secure bet - the +1.5 asian line, as I don't think that the Catalons will manage to get a bigger victory.

  20. Re: World Cup Qualfiers - Europe > Sept 11th

    Here we are the Bulgarians :-) I advise this to be a no-bet for you fellows, but in case somebody puts a gun against your head and makes you pick something from this match, I would say the value should be with Armenians on a small handicap. This will be a very different game than the one vs. Italy. Now the expectations are much higher, and the pressure on the team rises correspondingly. I am worried, because Armenia loves to play on the counter-attack and our defenders are sometimes vulnerable when they are left too exposed from the defensive midfielders and this could be the case here, as we will need to take the initiative and look for goals. Armenia has dangerous men up-front, and particularly Mkhtaryan is currently being the best man in the Ukrainian league, scoring almost each game for Shakhtar. Bulgaria might be missing Ivanov from Partizan in defense, which is still not certain. I believe he will be ready but not so sure if he will be very fit. The team will play with good spirit after the display against Italy. Nevertheless, I know well the philosophy of coach Lubo Penev, and I am sure that he will try assure that his team does not open up too much and get vulnerable in defense. This game should be a low-scoring one, and I smell something like 1:0 for Bulgaria, or 0:0/1:1. But unless Armenians score some early goal, it should definitely be a low-scoring game.
    I realize that it is kind of wrong to claim credit when you did not post a straight-forward pick, I am so glad how perfectly this game's course matched my expectations. Bulgaria is going to be a very "under"-ish team under Penev (the game with Italy being just exception).
  21. Re: World Cup Qualfiers - Europe > Sept 11th Here we are the Bulgarians :-) I advise this to be a no-bet for you fellows, but in case somebody puts a gun against your head and makes you pick something from this match, I would say the value should be with Armenians on a small handicap. This will be a very different game than the one vs. Italy. Now the expectations are much higher, and the pressure on the team rises correspondingly. I am worried, because Armenia loves to play on the counter-attack and our defenders are sometimes vulnerable when they are left too exposed from the defensive midfielders and this could be the case here, as we will need to take the initiative and look for goals. Armenia has dangerous men up-front, and particularly Mkhtaryan is currently being the best man in the Ukrainian league, scoring almost each game for Shakhtar. Bulgaria might be missing Ivanov from Partizan in defense, which is still not certain. I believe he will be ready but not so sure if he will be very fit. The team will play with good spirit after the display against Italy. Nevertheless, I know well the philosophy of coach Lubo Penev, and I am sure that he will try assure that his team does not open up too much and get vulnerable in defense. This game should be a low-scoring one, and I smell something like 1:0 for Bulgaria, or 0:0/1:1. But unless Armenians score some early goal, it should definitely be a low-scoring game.

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