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  1. Simeon, I don't want to offend you, but you are such a dreamer....:eek Only the money, which Ludogorets spent on new signings this summer, are more than the annual budget of Levski. Levski are in deep financial crisis, they lost their best player - Aniete, without whom last season they would have probably fought against relegation; they brought very sh-tty players. Sorry but Levski will finish outside top 3 - Beroe and Litex are much stronger than them at the moment. Ludogorets will be champions with 15+ points difference.
  2. Re: Queens Park Rangers v Chelsea > Sunday April 12th You're right. I've no idea what happened to Burnley's manager mind. Around Christmas time and early January they are playing one of the most entertaining football in Premier League. They were courageous and risk-takers, and it did pay off for them as they earned many points, some of which at the most difficult venues. In the last 5-6 weeks Burnley have been playing some ugly negative football and it doesn't give them any profit, apart from beating Man City once. They will go down if they don't change their attitude. It has alway
  3. Re: FA Cup > February 14th - 16th Definitely NOT at this moment. Terrible Dzeko, awful Jovetic, poor Navas, Bony not playing yet - even Aguero before Wednesday was out of form. City's attack had been struggling to create anything in the last few weeks. This game should have goals in it. Middlesbrough not only scored twice at Etihad, but they had other 5 clean chances and only Caballero (and the post) spared City huge humiliation. There is a lot of pace and attacking flair in this Brough team.
  4. Re: Real Madrid v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday December 9th Guys, no disrespect, but you must be crazy to back Real to win to nil at such odds in a meaningless game in which Ronaldo will be chasing Messi's goal record in CL.... Ludogorets will try everything possible to get on the score-sheet - they anything else but a cowardly team - and failed to score only once so far in the CL. If Real takes some good advantage, then the likelihood of away goal will be very big, as Real's midfield might no longer provide proper protection for their defense, and their full-backs might become much m
  5. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Outstanding performance, mate!
  6. Re: Ludogorets Razgrad v Real Madrid > Wednesday October 1st
  7. Re: Ludogorets Razgrad v Real Madrid > Wednesday October 1st A bit off-topic. Ludogorets indeed have no fans. They are from a very small town and before 2010, they were playing only in lower divisions and village groups. Then, they were taken over by mighty local oligarch and you know the story. The people at Anfield were just some Bulgarian diaspora in UK, who out of nostalgia, would cheer for anything carrying the Bulgarian banner on it. In addition, Ludo has many "paid" supporters for Euro games - people mainly from their owner factories, who are obliged to attend games, and the
  8. Re: FC Basel v Liverpool > Wednesday October 1st I am not very passionate about goals here, mainly because of Liverpool. It is just not working for them at the moment in the midfield and attack. They lose most of their flair and pace without Sturridge. Balotelli is a liability for them at the moment - he is keeping the ball for too long, slowing down their attack a lot, he is not taking active part in the deep pressing of Liverpool, and he simply doesn't seem to fit Rodgers' football philosophy. Besides that, Coutinho is totally out of form, and he is another key player who can give pene
  9. Re: Liverpool v Everton > Saturday September 27th I just cannot think of anything better than backing goals in this game. I know odds are not fantastic, but if you want, you can always wait for 5-10 minutes and get decent odds. But goals should be on the menu for very simple reasons: - This fixture features exclusively goals. One of the very few exceptions was two seasons ago at Anfield (0:0), but then Everton were clearly playing for a draw. - Both teams in dire need for 3 points in their quest for top 4. They missed both too many points in recent weeks and even a draw will compromise
  10. Re: Juventus v Malmö FF > Tuesday September 16th You're right, he was just suspended against Udinese, that's why he didnt play and this confused me. But I forgot to add the Antonio Conte factor. The architect of these Juventus is not there anymore. It is not clear yet whether Allegri will be up to his standards.
  11. Re: Juventus v Malmö FF > Tuesday September 16th It doesn't matter, even Malmo 2012 is very different team to Malmo 2014, and you are trying to compare Malmo 2014 with Kobenhavn 2012. All that matters are the current teams, the current circumstances correlated to the price available. I have little doubt that Juve will win and very likely they will win by a few....but I just believe it is not a good deal to take the same price as if Pirlo and Vidal were on the pitch, and Conte on the bench, when in fact all of them will be away.
  12. Re: Juventus v Malmö FF > Tuesday September 16th First, Malmo is obviously not a Danish team and I don't understand what relevance the scores of Nordselland have with regards to this match. Second, Malmo in 11/12 was a completely different team compared to Malmo 14/15. You can check yourself how many players from 11/12 are playing for Malmo today. Third, Juventus are missing three of their most influential players - Chiellini, Vidal and Pirlo. And here is the key point - if Vidal, Pirlo and Chiellini were available, you would not have got lower odds for Juve, but the price would
  13. Re: Liverpool v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday September 16th http://int.soccerway.com/teams/netherlands/psv-nv/1517/ Take a look here. During their participation in Europa League (september - mid December 2013), PSV played 11 games in Eredivisie, won only 2, drew 3 and lost 6 matches.
  14. Re: Liverpool v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday September 16th Masturbinho, what kind of comparisons are that?! Ludogorets probably can play equal game with Real Sociedad, then according to your logic, it means that Ludogorets should be big favorites against Real Madrid, who lost 4-2 against Sociedad?! Ludogorets should be better than Stoke City who just defeated Man City at Etihad - surely, Ludogorets should be contender number one for the Premier League title according to this logic. Sorry, but this is plain stupid. You cannot compare international games with domestic games. Makes abso
  15. Re: Liverpool v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday September 16th I would personally be shocked if Ludo manages to cover the +1.5. And even a 2 goal margin defeat will be just if they are very lucky and Liverpool is missing chance after chance. I feel Liverpool will score at least 4 goals and most likely wont concede.
  16. Re: Liverpool v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday September 16th No, the new guy will start, that's confirmed. I don't think he is good enough though. The fact is he started for Sivaspor last season, played in the first 4 games and then never played a game for them again, which doesn't speak good for his quality. And as I said before, even if the 2nd goalkeeper of Ludogorets didn't injure himself and started the game for them, it would still be a huge blow. BEcause the regular goal-keeper Stoyanov (suspended) is the key asset of this team and a guy, without whom, they would never even pa
  17. Re: Bulgaria: 2014-15 Game is played on empty stadium because of riots on the stands so no home advantage for Levski. The financial director of Levski confirmed yesterday that the players didn't receive their salaries and are not happy about it. On top of that, Levski striker Aniete got injured,and since Bozinov left, Levski are with no strikers for this match.
  18. Re: Bulgaria: 2014-15 Simeon, you are aware that Levski hasn't win a single game with more than one goal margin this season?! And yet, you suggest 2.1 is value?! You say Slavia are bad, but do u think they are worse than Loko Plovdiv - a team of youngsters and anonymous players, who had just one week of training sessions, when they almost beat Levski in Sofia?! You fail to mention Levski's pathetic performance in defense and goal-keeping. You also fail to mention that Levski has no good attack and their midfield sucks. Seriously, unless you have some internal info that the game is fixed
  19. Re: Bulgaria: 2014-15 Simeon, what is your argument to believe that odds won't last any longer, even though they are very miserable right now, given Levski's pathetic performance?! When was the last time you saw big drop on odds on A PFG game?! I would assume a big drop only if there was some big factor to trigger it - e.g. Slavia playing with youngsters - but believing in big odds drop because some mediocre guys like Genchev and Fonseca won't play, is delusional. Also you forgot to mention that 2 of the 3 home wins were achieved through extra time winners. And they were both miserabl
  20. Re: International Friendlies 3rd Sept - 7th Sept 2014 I doubt it. It is just that this game is getting more attention from bettors in the last 12 hours before kick-off than it does in the previous days. So, it means that the market (i,e. "average bettor") believes the price should be higher. This doesn't mean that the market is right. The big majority of punters who will bet on this game are not familiar with neither of the teams and haven't watched a single game of any of them in the last 2 years. Hence, they are relying mainly from stats from soccerway and similar sites. And when you
  21. Re: Liverpool v Ludogorets Razgrad > Tuesday September 16th I am not saying Valencia and Pool are similar, i am saying that Valencia at Sofia was the only game where Ludo met a high class team which was motivated and play full squad - something they are gonna experience in Champions League. All the other games were against middle class teams, most of which were highly unmotivated to play in EL (PSV Eindhoven). I don't see how Ludogorets will get points from Pool and strongly disagree with valuing Pool less than Basel. This Liverpool can pose serious challenge to Real for the first plac
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