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L1, L2, & Scottish Predictions > Jan 25th - 31st

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There will be a game between Saint Mirren and Aberdeen on Tuesday evening.

Saint Mirren
They get 4W-10D-7L this season, ranking the ninth in the table of the League. In last game, they get a 0-2 clean sheet from Ayr United. They have a two-match winning streak recently, which makes them in high morale.

They are slightly better than Saint Mirren. They get 8W-4D-9L this season. They are good at home game but weak in away game as most of their points are taken from away games. They have been unbeaten for three matches.

Saint Mirren got 3W-3D-4L from Aberdeen, which take the lower hand. But Saint Mirren have home advantage. And Aberdeen play poorly as guest. So Saint Mirren are more likely to win in upcoming game.

1X2 Pick: 1

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AFC Wimbledon vs Shrewsbury



AFC Wimbledon

Doubtful: Alex Woodyard (25/0 m, captain, probably out)

Out (injuries/other): Aaron Presley (19/2 f), Henry Lawrence (17/0 m), Paul Kalambayi (4/0 d), Jack Madelin (0/0 f), Ollie Palmer (18/5 f, left the club)

Suspended: -



Doubtful: -

Out (injuries/other): Shaun Whalley (13/2 f)

Suspended: -


Daily updated injuries and suspensions information from more than 100 football leagues and competitions worldwide at: www.injuriesandsuspensions.com


Over/Under Goals
AFC Wimbledon
12 home games
14 away games
75% Over 1.5 goals 64%
42% Over 2.5 goals 36%
42% Over 3.5 goals 0%
17% Over 4.5 goals 0%
8% Over 5.5 goals 0%
25% Under 1.5 goals 36%
58% Under 2.5 goals 64%
42% Over 0.5 goals at half-time 64%
17% Over 1.5 goals at half-time 43%
17% Over 2.5 goals at half-time 0%
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