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** July Naps Competition Result: 1st Gary66, 2nd BBBC, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner tonythepaint. Most Winners Budgie65: **


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  1. Very much this. I don't post much but I appreciate those that do! Thanks.
  2. Hmmm. I think this peanut's onto something... ? Well done!
  3. Ha! I almost brought up the Kinks reference but thought you may just be a Londoner that, you know, spoke like that... The version from the BBC is great. Listening now! And yeah, massive Who fan here. Thanks again.
  4. I don't know if this is after-timing and frowned upon, sincere apologies if it is, but I had a few quid on AGS after reading this. Took 12 minutes. You, sir, are very much appreciated!
  5. Lovely tipping! Wish I'd been onboard. So satisfying to see an almost 'crystal ball' thing happen
  6. Leeds have Roofe, Hernandez and Berrardi back from injury, though Ayling, Douglas and Harrison will be missing. imo having Roofe and Hernandez back is huge. We've sorely missed the finishing and play-making they provide.
  7. One of those nights where the outcome mocked the stats. Ah well!
  8. Re: Leicester City v Manchester United > Sunday September 21st LOL
  9. Re: England > Capital One Cup > 11th & 12th August 2014 Nice post LeMacaron :)
  10. Re: FC Bayern München v FC Barcelona > Tue 23rd April Nothing to add but.....bloody hell! What a demolishing. Barcelona to qualify, anyone?
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