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Time for a Premier League Spending & Salary Cap?

Sir Puntalot

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I've no idea what the UEFA fair financial play rules actually do, but I think it's time for a cap on spending and a cap on salaries too.

Currently you have actual countries against businessmen who are very wealthy but cannot compete, which is crazy!

All that's going to happen if nothing is done, is that barring a freak season like Leicester had, it will be the same teams in top 4 for generations.

Neymar £200m, Siggurdsson £45m - I mean wtf! :loon:loon It's out of control...

The whole thing needs looking at to revitalise football and give hope to smaller teams. NFL and AFL have caps and it works, so it's time for football to have the same. :ok 

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The MLS is a confusing set-up but some parts of it I agree with. Their approach to youth systems and salary caps is a good idea. I'd take those and throw them into the Premier League. There needs to be better management of club finances by the league authorities. No surprise so many clubs get into financial trouble. Given free reign to spend at will. Look at the money Wolves, Aston Villa, and Newcastle have spent in the Championship recently. Crazy!

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