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Starting Again


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Hello All Have been away for too long, but am back and looking forward to playing a bit of poker and chatting to the great people at PL. I would really appreciate some help in starting out again, so picking a good site to play at, understanding the best deals, and how poker is played now! I have £50 to deposit and play with and am interested in playing low stakes SNG's and micro cash tables, so I am obviously looking for sites that offer a welcome bonus with achievable targets as well as the usual value freerolls with which to play for free and maybe win a few quid. All help and advice is welcome and feel free to suggest anything to get me going again. Kind regards Damian

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Re: Starting Again Welcome back Damian & good luck. At the moment we have exclusive $5 weekly leagues running on both Stan James ($650 added value) and GCasino/Grosvenor (over £1k added GUKPT main event seat), so these might present a good option for you. The leagues are running on a month by month basis so can't guarantee that they will continue into 2013 and/or others may be added at any time, but setting up an account with 1 or both of these would enable you to take part in the leagues, assuming they continue next month of course. Most sites tend to generally stick to a 10% Sit & Go or tournament fee, but there is a tendancy now for the smallest buyins to be 20%, eg. $1+0.20, $2+0.40 before $3+0.30, $5+0.50 etc. Does vary, but to be honest some networks are so fishy you can still net a nice profit even with the higher rake so don't let that put you off. I personally have recently been grinding small tournaments on the Ongame network (Betsafe, Betfair, Bwin etc) which seem to be very soft or I'm just on a heater or perhaps both. GCasino do have "3-2-1 Giveaway" 10 seater SNG's which are free to enter (not sure if you need to have deposited or not?) and pay out £0.03, £0.02, £0.01. Useful if everything goes wrong with the bankroll and/or further deposit isn't available. It's obviously a bit of a grind, but with the next step up being a $0.10+0.02 SNG, it's possible (but time consuming) to grind back up from nothing. With £50 available I would suggest a 50 buyin or ideally a 100 buyin BRM for Sng's, i.e. you'd probably be starting on $0.50+0.10 or $1+0.20. Turbo's are also available for just 10% fee. Standard clock > £0+0 - 321 Giveaway > $0.10+0.02 > $0.20+0.04 > $0.50+0.10 > $1+0.20 > $2+0.40 > $5+0.50 Can't really advise you on cash tables I'm afraid because I suck at cash :unsure and so tend to avoid going there :D Others will I'm sure give you some options there. Once you have decided, if you can sign up via a Punters Lounge link, it not only helps to generate a small income to help cover PL costs but also helps to secure us additional value/promotions for members in the future. :ok Sorry whaffled a lot, give me a shout if you'd like anything clarified further or if I can help in any other way ;) Bart

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Re: Starting Again been a good month of playing for me, ponied up £20 (about $30) at the start of January on Stan James and have steadily made it to $106 grinding the 1 euro STT's - their latest STT gimmick the 'secret agent give-away' has really helped as every numpty is multi-tabling the 1 euro games to get a chance of a tag-heur watch :ok, I am showing a $40 profit for this last week alone! I am going to treat myself to a few 2.5 euro games to see if I can step up and grind them for a larger hourly rate Cheers Damian

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