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  1. hi alan , yes still going just had got a new laptop and moving stuff across got it sorted now thou eventually
  2. virus detected unable to download boyle poker any workaround for this as I turned off MacAfee etc off but still unable to download poker skin ? virus detected etc then stops downloading ?
  3. hi peeps , I don't know if this has been posted before but on betfred poker client on the sit n go go tab they have this flip to a grand steps promotion cost like a quid and its all in so u don't need to hang out but I think its good value if u make the final flip all get paid top 6 but its hard to get there
  4. luckboxnemo

    Ooblio R.I.P.

    Sad times he was a good bloke I remember him staking me and didn't feel bad about me not cashing etc etc was also helping my game in where I could improve on once I started playing and will be sadly missed
  5. hi all , dunno if you can help but had it working ok before it shows the lobby finbe no probs but now it appears blank, other ipoker skins work fine no problems and using new ipoker sortware and using windows 7 but dunno why lobby opens up fine on other ipoker skins and befred shows a blank lobby have tried unistalling it but no help either any suggestions ?
  6. gl in final mate just 1 package 2 play for so I guess we both cant go lol
  7. Cheers Bart had a chance to be 2 left had kj raised on button min raise with 3 left small an big blind call , flop is k 8 5 rainbow , both check I continue bet small blind calls , big blind folds, turn is queen , again villain checks I bet again he calls, river a 5 making it 2 pair , he check I go all in he calls with k9 , split pot , if I won that heads up would had been pretty interesting, gonna try n see how I spin this token up , lots of sats running for mpnpt and Irish open and ukpc in dusk till dawn for big live games so gonna try making it to another live event hopefully, good luck to you if are a playing also
  8. ahh not 2 be still 80 live token aint bad thou ran a9 into kk was getting short stacked thks 4 railing bart
  9. somehow still in 27 left top 3 stack unlucky andy and to the others not in any1 else still here apart for me carrying the PL charge ?
  10. thks guys got 1150 euros just made the money with 10 bigs but had no spots thereafter busted with aj v ak no help but enjoyed the trip otherwise paid for my holiday that did as my son and mrs came with me , day 1 blinds were 45 mins and day 2 was 1 hour started at 5pm finished like around 3 am I think for day 1 andy was just unlucky with being in with a flip but not hitting best spot he could find it is a small world whom you meet on your travels
  11. Re: SCOOP starts today - anyone playing? not me danshot good luck thou wanted to play em but cannot afford buy in and sats were to busy to play em hopefull yu run good here and deep
  12. Re: Win hospitality to Epsom Oaks races...Coral Thurs 21st May 10pm (i think) out 4th ul reb n like 2 fish was out eatlier too I think guy got me had jj v kk lost it such bad luck with your 33 v aq guy hits on river always hate that reb