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  1. Re: Nickf88's Lays

    Cheers for the reply mate, in all honesty don't know a lot about laying at all yet but learning as I go on. Any advice you can give me would be great and much appreciated. Hopefully this one wont win today, normally be looking to lay something a lot shorter in price but think its been priced up as favourite for 1 decent run where the form hasn't really worked out so worth taking ok for me.
    and if/when they do win analyse it, what didn't you see prior to the race....Also yards...n jockeys for yards is a good line, some jockeys just get used to educate the horse, The biggest piece of advice....Don't lay Mark J on the flat, in fact leave the race alone, Miss Marple would struggle...You know there is money to be made in laying, not huge but a living if you take your time....And also easier in sport, there you have more opportunity to get out with a profit and also get out without too much damage if it starts going wrong..But the best with racing, is the markets, late on....very rarely wrong...Also remember your commission!:ok
  2. Re: Nickf88's Lays If your not following the market, you may as well lay at betfair sp, if your paper trading. BAY CENTRAL was an absolute anchor yesterday for a lay IMO, the old dodge pot, at below 2/1...Who on earth was backing it?....Todays....you say hopefully 1 can beat it, at 7/2, im looking for at least 2-3, 13 runs without a win, but came very close off 50, now off 54,,but 7 off...if he gets the breaks he could win this.....Your looking for something that you say CANT win....IMO, there are a few of them out there today around the same price. Its just like backing them m8, its real money(when you start) you don't want to lose it, only hard work will do that...I may have 4-5 lined up each day but wont lay them all, but if I see huge drifts in the last few minutes on 1 or two from the right yard...Ill jump on it...GL in your quest..:ok

  3. Re: Jimmys Lays See..I would never lay a MJ horse, perils, one of my rules, the stables horses are so inconsistent...and can find a stone from nowhere..plenty of races he don't have any in.

  4. Re: Jimmys Lays

    8.30 Windsor..opened 3/1...LOST A LEG...aint it!...a must lay
    Apparantley was the price BOMB with CORAL earlier...Reckon they knew...went off at 11/2 BSP.
  5. Re: British Open~18th-21st July

    Well my point really is... The cricket is on for a month. Surely to be jaysus people can watch the golf for the 4 days' date=' then go back and concentrate on the paralympic baseball[/quote'] You should go fishing more often AIDY...Just depends on the bait....I just tilted my head, and swam past....:ok
  6. Re: Laying an acumulator Slow away(hornboy), rushed up on the outside, taking scenic route, then could not settle, started to weaken at the 2 marker...Jimmy Fortune looking down for his £5 note at the furlong marker, dropped away tamely.....They know, just jump on the right bandwagon from the right stable n jockey...Doing your homework tells you which they are.:ok....

  7. Re: Laying an acumulator its a proven fact not many make money,....:unsure, Laying is a nervous pastime, but a lucrative one to many. Can you imagine laying those McCoy horses for JJO tonight, that were gambled on?, Do your homework, stick to rules, let the market guide you, You wont do too bad....as I type check out the drift on the 7.50 wolves....HORNBOY.....,,ALL ABOARD

  8. Re: BBOTD - Monday the 15th of July

    3.45 NEWTON ABBOTT KILDERRY DEAN 20/1 STAN JAMES...2m 1 na a few weeks ago behind party palace' date= who has gone in again,,,that day never put in the race over 5f shorter, expect a big run today 4lb lower..win bet
    Hope you all spotted this....1 tap backhander...around 2nd last, 1 tap on the run in...beaten 12 1/2...never near 3rd, winner waiting to happen...:ok
  9. Re: The Ashes Best Odds For 2nd Test....Starting Thursday...evens England....Australia 100/30.....Draw...5/2......I will wait for the toss....Whoever bats first, will have the advantage IMO, The winner of the toss, I expect them to bat.;)

  10. Re: The Jockey Thread

    Do stable jockeys actually get the choice of what horse they would prefer to ride if the yard has more than one or is the final say with the trainer? I think it's the latter. For instance' date=' how often does Joseph O'brien gets beaten on short odds by a longer odds Heffernan ride? Or how about a Hughes shortie beaten with a strong Dane O'neill ride? Ok, it may not be an everyday occurance but I've thought for a while now that trainers may use a second string jockey on the better horse which in turns affects the market giving a more generous price in many cases.[/quote'] I think your right in the main,,,it also comes down to how a certain horse will react with a jockey...some jockeys are all whip..that may turn a horse off, and vice versa...The Trainer is the boss, and with owners the buck stops with him..so far as owners are concerned.
  11. Re: Ashes - In play/Discussion thread

    primevil...say england win this match..how much do u think they will be for winning the 2nd one? 1.7?
    ...Yeah 8/13 about right, but I would not put 1 penny down until the toss...5 days is guaranteed....and for me who bats first wins or draw.....You could easily put 500 on the board batting first, England near fell against NZ in may by not putting enough on the board...Whoever bats 2nd, im inclined to lay them at this time, NZ were still very much still in that game on the last day,,,However, Broad was world class in that game, and JA was his top draw self....
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