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  1. Re: BBOTD > FRIDAY 12th July

    1:40 NEWMARKET ( 0 - 100 fillies handicap 7f ) INDIGNANT @ 6/1 ladbrokes From Richard Hannons yard, has had 2 starts this year both over 7f, similar handicaps to this race today, and has excelled herself with 2 career best runs. Was 2nd to Annecdote at Newbury on level weights, and Annecdote went on to win the Sandringham at royal ascot. Last time out was just napped close home by secret Art at Sandown. Milesey
    WD...7/2 fav in the end:D
  2. Re: The Ashes LUNCH on day 3.....157-4....England 92-4 in reality...These two Bell n Bairstow...need to take it to 160 min in front,,,Key points, Australia have no more reviews left....The last 1 was wasted....The new ball is due in about 10 or so overs time...That will be another crucial point. Slight edge to Australia in that session, but only slight, However, 1 thing to bear in mind, If England get over 220 all out, before the end of the day, This crowd will be very vocal on every ball, they will be all pi$$ed up by then. GL with your bets.

  3. Re: The Ashes Some iffy decisions in this game that's true.......England bat well to 8....So im leaving what I have left on England.. Anything over 200 will be very difficult on this pitch..Watson on, he is poor, Clarke will be on soon....It all points to swanney having a belter when he gets ball in hand...78-4 now.....every run will count.

  4. Re: Tour De France

    Why was the ITV4 (UK Tour De France broadcaster) commentator saying '....Cavendish won't be beaten from there' date='' or something along those lines? Not a very helpful or clever comment when people have sums of money invested in the outcome and one which I'm a bit annoyed about.[/quote'] To be fair ...as we have said, I think you will find that's the first time its happened, and the commentator was pro CAV,,,,Kittel is the knew kid on the block, were sprinting is concerned.
  5. Re: The Ashes Yes ...the two decisions....The 1st....You can argue all day long of...(if anything) what was behind the line...The benefit of doubt was given to the batsman.....The 2nd....WAS A HOWLER by the 3rd upmpire,,,the replay alone...shows Trott hit it first, ....The benefit of doubt was not given to the batsman.......For me Umpiring is simple....the 3rd umpire just complicates things.... You start to rely on technology, and when its not available, more mistakes happen, as it was yesterday.

  6. Re: BBOTD > FRIDAY 12th July 3.15 NEWMARKET ---ROBOT BOY 12/1 BOYLES.....I reckon Spencer has chosen wrong here....For me the the big pace is in the low numbers, That will suit the selection down to the ground, as he can settle just off it. His last run was good, and in a very decent time, but the 2nd has come out and romped in. Altho Robot Boy has gone up 7lb I think that's a let off. Trainer in form,,,and im likeing the deputy in James Doyle.

  7. Re: The Ashes

    i hope england do really pull it off..got alot riding on it...but the batting has been disgraceful by both the teams...here's to a good day for england tomo primevil:ok
    As I said m8 the first session tomorrow, is HUGE, if England get to lunch on say 150-3,,they have a big chance of batting the rest of the day, anything above 250 lead will be hard to get on day 4 , it will be turning to square by then, starc's foot marks will be key.:D
  8. Re: The Ashes

    First of all i havent had a bet in the game so it isnt my money talking' date='secondly why assume "us lot" wasnt around during the boycott days and thirdly ill re-phrase my post to say the first 2 days of play have been terrible,it hasnt been good bowling and defo not good batting or do you disagree apart from the exception of agar?.......................just read my post back and it isnt meant to sound abrupt in any way primeval,just an opinion m8.[/quote'] Each to their opinion...I think its been a cracking two days...I really do...I apologise in my previous....However 80-2...all to play for tomorrow...another 250 to get into a concreate winning position, as this wicket will only get worse.....SUNNY all day tomorrow afternoon...There may be some cloud cover in the morning....That would be intresting...SATURDAY ...Sunny cloud cover and a possible shower or 2...The 1st session tomorrow...will determine which way this goes.......I have traded out my stake at 1.47...went to a low of 1.18:sad...Still a nice profit if they pull it off....GL in your bets all...
  9. Re: The Ashes People are saying awful cricket...ITS A BLOODY TEST MATCH...5 DAYS max..were only at the close of the 2nd day, we have had everything in two days....Good job you lot weren't around when a certain G.Boycott was batting.....:wall...I digress....England are now in front,,,probably around 20 overs left in the day, first n formost these two need to stay there till stumps....maybe 30 lead, be happy with that....Next ENGLAND need to bat at least 2 sessions or even all day tomorrow,,If they do, even at 2-2.5 an over,,,they will be on around 220...That's a competitive chase...Id say 300 will be a winning score if England can get there, that will be some achievement, However id be over the moon with 265....Problem is as im watching....THE SPINNERS ARE GETTING IT TO TURN....Whats it going to be like on the 4th day....IF we ever get there........GL with all your bets....

  10. Re: Tour De France

    Thank you for a lot of good tips so far in the TdF. But what du you mean by "ew"? Each way? Are you betting on Sagan to finish 1st' date=' 2nd or 3rd?[/quote'] that's correct:D....12/1 if he wins, 3/1 if he finishes 2nd or 3rd....add together for your return...but just 3/1 if he finishes 2nd or 3rd...................i.e 1 point ew at 12/1 would cost you 2 points...but if he won...you would receive 17 points.......if he was only 2nd or 3rd....you would receive 4 points...:D
  11. Re: Tour De France

    Stage 12 Another day for the sprinters with this stage having a 450m spin in. I think this stage may suit Mark Cavendish (depending on his mental form) over Greipel and Kittel as they prefer a long sprint finish. Don't think there will be a breakaway so i am going to look for better prices than the 2.0 for Cav, so, 1 ew @ 12.0 P.Sagan 1 ew @ 151.0 M.Kwiatkowski
    Another stage were by there could be problems in the last 1km ,,,,No bet for me, KWIATKOWSKI not a bad shout at the odds..GL
  12. Re: BBOTD > Thursday 11th of July How many Ruth Carr horses do we see bolt up out of the blue and then flop next time out? Quite a few, off the top of my head. Cant stand the stable, Aidy pointed it out a while back, but they're either dodgy as f*ck or incompetent as far as I'm concerned. 3/1 earlier was a big price, I'm taking on though. Wouldnt be surprised to see him hack up but I'm opposing. .......................That's fair enough m8, but im always with the book on the HCAP, and its the eyecatching booking tomorrow at ascot, sprinters in form, ive learned over the years to follow them, but good luck to you,

  13. Re: BBOTD > Thursday 11th of July 4.50 DONCASTER CHUNKY DIAMOND 9/4 365.......Well if there is ever a horse well in on the handicap..Its this one, fairly bolted up last week, should be exactly what he done last week, cover them to the 2 marker, unleash at the 1 marker, pull away, then turn up at ASCOT on Friday...:cow

  14. Re: HUGHES v MOORE

    I'm running a bit of a system at the moment based on only backing the top jockeys (in my opinion). It's a very basic system, all rides are monitored every day but only rides where the horse has at least one selection in the RP Selections box. Mark ups are also given where the jockey is going to a course for a single ride, the jockey is riding at close to the bottom weight he is ridden at in a handicap in the last 12 months and also if the jockey is waiting for 2 hours or more between rides. I have the stats and strike rates etc at home on my laptop so I will post up later, but off the top of my head I think Hughes has ridden more than double the winners of the rest on the list, with O'Brien second and I think Spencer in third. I've been doing this for around 2/3 weeks and I think Tom Queally has the best s/r at the moment. The jockeys I am following : Hughes, Moore, De Sousa, Crowley, Callan, Queally, Hanagan, Spencer, Lee, Doyle, Barzalona, Atzeni, Buick and O'Brien.
    This will be interesting to follow:D
  15. Re: The Ashes Yes ..still confident, I will be shocked if England cant skittle them out for 160...Any weather conditions favouring bowling will be in the morning, after 2pm wall to wall sunshine....But you know what, a lead of 250 for England will do it, because from the 3rd day this ball will go at right angles.....Q..Swaney!8/13 Best Price England now, That is still value to me.

  16. Re: Tour De France Just before I get back to the CRicket.....CAV apparently got booed at the start...and items thrown at him along the way and people getting across his riding line...THE TOUR NEED TO GET IT OUT LOUD N CLEAR..And show both coming off a racing line..so therefore just one of those things....If they don't,,could turn NASTY in the mountains....Would withdraw him if it did.

  17. Re: Tour De France

    Quick time for Martin which should be hard to beat.
    Yes good time,,,but some strong riders remain...If he wins he wins, I just thought at 4/9 ish was poor,,just my opinion....Im concentrating more on Cricket at the mo,,so ill have to let it ride,,,not much halm done if he wins. GL
  18. Re: BBOTD - Wednesday 10th July Concentrating on Cricket today..so quick 1 I spotted LTO...2pm Lingfield....15/8 365 LORRAINE...Stable in form, ground right,,,9f right,,,the one he was 2nd to last time,,,,,won next time...This should be easy enough for Lorraine....Sorry for the short 1....But Cricket has just started....And a wide first ball....:rollin

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