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  1. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. total laid out today, £550. money back £1000. profit £450. Totall Profit/Loss -£170. Cant beleive the way e/way bet at exeter stopped so quickly, ground may have been worse than forecast. It was the e/way race of the day and i will always try to find 1 in these types of races. Keys was a welcome winner, and that race was the best bumper we have seen. Jockey tried to nurse it home i thought. Apparantly wont run between now and the festival, and 16's available for the bumper if your intrested. tommorow awaits. gl.:)

  2. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Happy new year everyone. I will be putting up 1 or 2 selections that i will be backing later, But 1 bet i have already had. KEYS, Cheltenham 3.45, This for me is the best bumper horse we have seen so far, and the 3/1 that is still on offer is a steal. For what this horse has done, in the way he has done it is top stuff, if he was trained by one of the top yards, you would not get better than 6/4, therin lies the value. £250 win at 3/1, backed.

  3. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1st bet today, went astray, they did tho have the gamble into 13/2, as i say i tend not to arb but in hind sight it would have been nice. 2nd bet today, was more down to jumping, made several mistakes in this ground which cant recover from. 3rd bet, and i am most angry about, was more to do with the gambler in me, you know him we all have it from time to time. I have been for a long walk to quell my frustration.... -£800 on the day. A few drinks and i will be ok. A very good prosperous new year to all, and i really do wish every one good health. Stay safe tonight and enjoy.:hope

  4. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. I am happy,got my 12/1 (not so bright) plus a shade more on the win. I do think this could go off at around 8/1 or less. Gl if you followed. My 2nd selection of the day is.. ABEY m'BOY 2.40 utt. A CD winner, that will win today if he remains error free, Much better than this lot, will love the ground and the pace that is set in the race. The back form reads very well, especially Grand crus, Burton Port. I have had to take the 9/4 in 4 diffrent places, bookmakers eh! £200 win. GL

  5. Re: Jumps Racing : December 31st For what its worth Cal...I agree with Abey,,, They will go a pace in this heavy ground, which will suit him. and he took on some class horses as a hurdler. Incidently the horse that finished 3rd when he last won, has done the form no harm. Plus a certain Grand Crus. If i could get a bit more than 9/4 I would be on myself.:dude

  6. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1 Bet today so far,not sure if they will be any more but its a good 1. NOT SO BRIGHT. 12.30 Ling, the hacapper has thrown this in today on back form. We have not seen it for almost 2 months, but in that time his nuts have dissapeared on the way to a new stable, however i think either or both events will enrich his winning life as a racehorse. The owner has the 'go too' jockey when he wants a job done, (see history). Being by a dirt/polytrack generation, it was no surprise he did not think much of grass racing, and we should see his true class today, given he is fit. And really thats the only issue. I for 1 tho will take that chance given the connections and the jockey booking. AT 12/1 he rates a decent e/way bet given the lack of opposition. £150 e/w. I doubt i will get everything at 12/1, but i will try, already got some of the win at bigger on the machine, nothing with the place as yet.

  7. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. day closed with a £180 profit. im happy with the run of the last selection, just beaten by a better horse on the day. however i do beleive the race will stand up given similar conditions, the race(and only race tonight) dipped under standard, and when your 2nd and this happens,,no excuses. I try not to trade, but the selection hit 1.14 i/r, so if you do trade i hope you got some back. Ironic really was the winner and the second were the only two horses that would benefit from a really strong pace, maybe a saver was also the call. Lesson learned. Tommorow another day. GL

  8. Re: Flat Racing - 30th December With regards to the 7.10 Kempton Chillie Green was a very late foal, and after two races was not even 3yo. So i dont agree with it being exposed, after only 7 runs. I think it has much more improvement in it, and after 6 races has learned to settle, which makes a huge diffrence. And with the stable and Jockey flying at the moment, I rate it as the best bet of the night, 1 thing is for sure they will not go a crawl here. GL

  9. Re: Flat Racing - 30th December Adam Kirby is a very good 'job' jockey, and i was not surprised at all that they won. The yard and yards like this base their whole year on these type of gambles, they can't function without them, plus it brings new business. I would like to think Barry Dennis took a caning, but the guy is far too shrewd not to have laid off against these two. I hope the yard guys who are up at 5am day in day out, had their £20 doubles on etc, the thousand or two will keep them in clover for another year. I dont like to hear sour grapes from punters(not on here) who say cheating etc, the horses have been tumbling down the hcaps, and we can all see it, its only a matter of time before they hit the net. Its just wether or not your willing to speculate. I noticed the gambles early doors but chose to abstain, I am happy when i see things like today, wd to all connections.

  10. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1 more bet today, 7.10 kem Now Chilli green has learned to settle, the 6lb rise should not stop her, with a trainer jockey in red hot form to boot, looks like a good bet to me. Plenty of pace in the race to run at, the race should be set up accordingly. There is still plenty of 13/8 about, i expect it to go off nearer evens. £240 bet placed at 13/8. GL All

  11. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1.05 Ling AvB Ace of spies v Super frank. We have to be with Super frank, i will try and get 1.7, but will go as low as 1.6. It will all happen to quickly for AOS, with plenty of pace on. Super frank is better than a plater, in fact this race is a very good 1 for the grade. £200 will try to get it all at 1.6-1.7, will let u know later how i did. 2.0 lep A cracking grade 1 novice, and people have various views over Mikel, but he is taking on decent horses today at a trip that may not suit. Noble Prince 8lb behind Mikel on hurdle form is the selection,,PN made no secret of how he seen this horse going when taking fences on, and today may be the day to get the value against a short 1. 6/1 with a few firms still,, £100 e/way,,can see him going off at 9/2 or shorter. Bet placed. 3.0 taun Super Kenny is vastly overated, and with AP on board is cramping the price even shorter, this is a cracking hcap hurdle for the venue, and they will pressing on from the start. This horse is not the best of jumpers and this pace today will be too much. A whole load of potential improvers,,alas SK is not 1. £250 place lay, I will let u know what my liablity is later,,will be around £270. GL, quick i know but wanted to get them up.:D

  12. Thats what i have just managed to do in a year. Now I was a overall loser until 12 months ago, and in November 2009, I had enough of losing. I took a deep and in depth look at my book. I realized that i was not concentrating on the 1 area i had experience in,,ie. Horse racing. When i say experience this was in depth knowledge of the racing game. I was tho pushing money into other fields, Football, Cricket, Poker, plus several other areas. So i decided last December to start with my 5k bank in Betfair and concentrate wholely on racing. I did not have a target in mind just to do my best to secure a profit. This was laying and backing solely on horse racing. I did in fact manage to move it up to £21,220 in profit as of yesterday. That is a great for me, not so much the profit, but the attitude and patience i showed over the 12 months. And not to be drawn elsewere during the year is the real winner. Now i want to replicate it if i can during the next 12 months, only this time i shall start with a 10k bank. Now im not asking anyone to follow me, im just putting my life thru TPL over the next 12 months to show it was not a fluke. The Bank Roll determins the bets, so if you do follow please keep this in mind. I will be back later with December 30th positions. Thank you and Good Luck to everyone, whatever your field or selections.

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