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** July Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, =2nd muttley, =2nd kevsul **
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  1. Lovely to hear from you; I do hope that you are enjoying your new job too 🙂
  2. 3.40 Gd Hurricane Ivor one point win at 6/1 with Bet365
  3. Not much time before lunch so I'll put up the first two races at Goodwood 1.20 Dark shift £2 win at 6.6 & Run To Freedom £2 win at 10.0 = £15.68 1.55 Music Society £2 win at 9.36 = £14.9 & Bickerstaffe £2 win at 6.8 = £9.41 Total stakes so far = £8.00 Back later 3.05 Believe In Love £1 win at 10/1 and Divinely £1 win at 8/1 3.40 Hurricane Ivor £3 win at 8.6 = £22.34 profit if it wins 4.10 Ring Of Beara £6.01 at 4.4 = £20.03 4.45 Rebel Territory £5 win at 5.10 = £20.09 if it wins (Last festival bet for me)
  4. I will try to explain to you about the workings of the forum as I understand it. Ever since I have joined it people post up their selections in order to help other members find winners. My dream is that we will one day get a member on it that will regularly recommend valuable profitable bets. What you seem to do, even if someone is successful, is to undermine other people's efforts and irritate them. Like I said it is easy to criticise other people's comments; it is not so easy to put up regular winners. You don't seem to contribute anything positive on the forum. I have no intention of
  5. You did it with @Barnes1882PROOF POSITIVE. You drive people away from the forum with your sarcastic remarks. You need to put selections or SHUT UP. You do not contribute any help at all to forum members trying to find winners. Go to another forum like Betfair, you will feel more at home picking on other members and contributing nothing to help people who are genuinely trying to find winners
  6. It's so easy to criticise other people's posts and the most damaging part is driving people away from the forum when they are generally trying to help other members find some winners. Sounds like you need to learn to become One Cool Poet with more selection posts rather than persistently getting the backs up of other forum members
  7. At least I won't be eating baked beans or crisps tomorrow 🙂
  8. RESULTS UPDATE Suesa was the one that got me out of trouble today. Got taken in by the hype on Path Of Thunder & Dragon Symbol (have to learn to avoid the "to good to be true" attributes given out by the sporting press. Most likely to have blown my chance now of getting into the KO cup. Should have had a pound on Ever Given in the 4.45 which beat two of my selections. This is for no other reason that the market made it favourite and no other tipster than the Irish Times Capt John recommended it. A right springer that the bookies got wind of. Anyway a net profit of £8.21 on the d
  9. Don't take the bait. He did the same thing with @Barnes1882You only have to read his Georgie Whitbead quote to see that he enjoys winding people up. At least you are trying to find winners for us on the forum and although you do have strong opinions I guess a lot of people wouldn't even get out of bed without them. Keep writing up here, I appreciate it. I did take a second look and backed Suesa after you mentioned it. I really would appreciate it if @Wanderlustwould put some effort into highlighting some winners for us in the future
  10. He's has run some very bad rides for me also, however, one can quite often get your money back and more when he rides good priced winners
  11. Many thanks for mentioning the merits of Suesa, paid for my Goodwood exploits today
  12. Today's Goodwood bets 1.50 The Grand Visir £2.50 win at 9.4 = £20.58 2.25 Tasman Bay £2.00 at 11.5 (W/out the fav) unmatched 3.00 Rhoscolyn £3.20 win at 7.6 = £20.70 drawn 8 but not mentioned by @TheBrigadierbut have had £1.20 at 11/4 on his selection Path Of thunder as an insurance cover bet 3.25 Suesa (WB) £2.20 win at 10.5 = £20.48. Have had £1 win ins bet on Dragons Symbol at 3/1. Would love to see Battaash beat the field out of sight though 4.10 Pablo Escobarr £2 win at 15.00 = £27.44; ins bet on Passion And Glory £2 3TB at 1.76 = £2.06 4.45 Tropaz Power £1
  13. 3.35 Gd Dragons Symbol one point win at 11/4 with Bet365
  14. RESULTS UPDATE Only Asymetric won for me today as a cover bet . Therefore a net loss of £22.70 in the book. My new balance is £678.35 I did get nervous about Audarya drifting and as I had to go out I put in a lay bet at 3.10 which luckily for me did get matched so didn't lose anything on the race. I do agree with @Zilzalianthat there should be some explanation given regarding the poor running of the horse. After all this is a class 1, group 1 race, not a class 7 event. When I see this type of thing I can't help thinking that racing is fixed and that the whole lot of the establish
  15. My Goodwood bets today: 1.50 Tarashoq £2.50 win at 9.4 = £20.58 if it wins 2.25 Khunan £1 win at 18/1 with a £1 ins bet on Asymetric at 2/1 3.00 Yibir £4 win at 6.4 = £21.17 3.35 Audarya £10.00 win at 3.10 (I have put in a £10 lay bet at 2.08 to achieve a £10.00 profit if it runs very well in the race) 4.10 Highland Premier £3.20 win at 7.8 = £20.38 if it wins 4.45 Silverdale £2 win at 16.00 = £29.40 if it wins 5.20 Fantasy Master £2 win at 18 = £33.32 Total stakes £25.70 which is on the high side for festival bets
  16. Very good points you make especially about O'Brien's horses and I reckon that one always has to have a saver bet on his outsider runners as they are not put in the races for fun. However, none of us would last very long puting half our betting bank on any selections over a long period of time. I appreciate it was a tongue in cheek remark but I wouldn't want anyone to go over the top with staking especially in highly competitive events.
  17. Had £4.30 at 3.45 3TBP = £10.32; Thanks
  18. Steady on, Audarya is not worth half of anyone's betting bank. It has to give 9lbs to Joan Of Arc which is now promoted as favourite for this event
  19. 3.35 Good Audarya one point win at 15/8 with Betfair
  20. Sold. I just had £10 to win at 3.1 = £20.58 if it wins
  21. RESULTS UPDATE My last two races at Sandown were cancelled and the first part of my post seems to have gone missing so a right mess. Anyhow, after all my efforts I am up 86p so that is what I will put down for today. I am still annoyed over the running of Fizzle Rock earlier. It shakes my confidence in racing when so called in-form horses run like donkeys. My new balance is £701.05 (Bank £1056.22). More Goodwood tomorrow; let's hope for a better day
  22. Well I don't mind being beaten by a better horse but Fizzle Rock should not have run today. Shocking effort; well beaten by a 50/1 shot 🥵
  23. 7.25 San Vino Victrix one point win at 6/4 with Bet365
  24. I can't seem to find my earlier post but only had Nagano as a winner for £8.04; Achelois won ins bet £4 returned. £19 staked so far at Goodwood My Trixie is: 4.55 Perth Fizzle Rock 9/4 5.35 Leic Magnolia State 9/4 7.25 San Vino Victrix 6/4 One £1.50 win Trixie = £6 with poss return of £78.79 Some singles: 5.35 Leic Jumbly £2 win at 6.8 = £11.37 if it wins 7.25 San Khaiz £2 win at 5.6 = £9.02 7.55 San revel Territory £3.20 at 4.9 = £9.29 with £3 win on Bashosh at 2.22= 45p Ins bet Total of these stakes = £16.20
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