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  2. May 28 Don't forget a top 25 spot gets you into the KO Cup next month, still plenty to play for!
  3. Theres always one! it will be on tomorrows table
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  5. 2016 Gulfstream 10 Conquisator - Win Please
  6. 2152 Gulfstream race 9 Wild About This Reserve, same race, Borrowed Angel Ty
  7. I've seen a few of them as well. Some interesting and some like you say Trotter, go off on a Tangent lol.
  8. 21.21 Gulfstream, Flashing Diamond @ 9/2SP
  9. I take it you took the free trial then, Phil. I've got some systems for stallions on certain goings. The best stats produced for me were looking at stallions who were good on heavy ground so this system works best on NH racing. However, you have a good point and that will be something for me to ponder in the near future. Regards
  10. Cheers BH ....... I enjoyed those 🙂 I have watched some of the 'Betting People' interview videos on YouTube ... there's dozens of them by the Star Sports channel but they often wander off into general chit-chats about racing and life OK for passing some time though
  11. So,football is coming back this weekend in Serbian "Super" League..and funny thing is that the first match is between Vojvodina and Cukaricki,which was actually last fixture i tipped on this topic back in October. I won't write about these two clubs have all written in that post..i however fancy Vojvodina again even though there will be no audience. There are three reasons why i believe that the home side will prevail. First,even without home supporters.i think Vojvodina is very strong on the "Karadjordje" Stadium in Novi Sad. On the other hand..Cukaricki haven't won a single match on the road since October 2019..pretty poor record for the team this quality if you ask me.. Secondly,Cukaricki will have some absences in the squad..three very important midfielders are out due to injuries and suspensions. Vojvodina will have full squad available. Finally,from what i read in Serbian newspaper,i understood that Cukaricki is much more interested in the Cup competition than League..they have very big match upcoming on Wednesday against Radnicki Nis on home ground. It's a quarter-final stage of the Cup and it's seems like they got more focus on that match..of course Vojvodina will also play on Wednesday but against a weaker opponent..Vojvodina still has bigger motive in the "Super" League,trying to finish the season as runner-ups. So,for me Vojvodina @1.90 2pt (local bookie) GL ( @StevieDay1983 Hajduk Lion still exist,they are now in a lower Regional League of Belgrade..something like 4th or even 5th Division..)
  12. Yes but 2nd would have won that race if jockey had not lost his whip
  13. One more bet in same game, 19/5 a red card with 888. Hoping ref’s recent trend continues.
  14. Lone, in HRB can you see Going stats for stallions progeny? That would be useful to check when it comes to turf. .
  15. Churchill Downs 6.00 Comedian 10/3 Churchill Downs 6.30 Blue Grass Anna 6/1ew Churchill Downs 7.00 Quiet Dawn 10/3 Churchill Downs 7.32 Mr. Unusual 7/4 Churchill Downs 8.04 Crazy Sexy Munny 6/1ew Churchill Downs 8.36 Logical Myth 6/1ew Churchill Downs 9.08 Princess Phone 11/2ew Churchill Downs 9.40 Sprawl 5/1ew Churchill Downs 10.12 Girls Know Best 10/11 Churchill Downs 10.44 Smirk 13/2ew and some at bigger prices - Churchill Downs 6.00 Cigar Box 20/1ew Churchill Downs 8.04 She's No Drama 20/1ew Churchill Downs 8.36 Clear for Action 8/1ew Churchill Downs 10.12 Jo Jo Air 12/1ew Churchill Downs 10.12 Midnight Fantasy 40/1ew Churchill Downs 10.44 Boss Life 14/1ew Churchill Downs 10.44 Kickin' Kirby 20/1ew
  16. Yep took a while to get going and would not give up hope yet,I see the winner came out of William Haggas yard.
  17. Gold Coast (AUS) and Bordeaux Tampa, Santa Anita and Gulfstream later 317 GC: Samurai 515 B: Device 615 B: Saint Mano 9.5/1 Treble with bet365 EW bet 545 B: Not A Lady 13/2 betvictor
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