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** January Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, 2nd avongirl, 3rd Rav **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st mickyftm32, 2nd Tiffy, 3rd Cauncie, 4th Alley Cat Glover, 5th Larkin22 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd Gary66, 3rd 1945harry. KO Cup Winner Wanderlust. Most Winners CS 333 **
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World Cup Competition 2022


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The 2022 World Cup starts on November 20th and concludes with the Final on the 18th December

The Punters Lounge will award cash prizes totalling £200 via Paypal.

First £80
Second £60
Third £40
Fourth £20

* Deadline for any entries therefore is 4pm on November 20th *

** If any multiple registrations are found to try and manipulate the competition, they will not receive any prizes **

1) Entrants will be required to predict the Correct Score of the 48 group matches
2) Players will also nominate four teams from the competition in order of their main fancy being the No 1 choice

In the group matches, by predicting a correct score you are in effect forecasting 3 main outcomes :
: - the actual result, whether or not both teams will score and if the game has under or over 2.5 goals

Points will be awarded as follows for all the 48 group matches :
3pts for the correct result of the game (1, X, 2)
1pt for correctly predicting if both teams score (or not)
1pt for correctly predicting under or over 2.5 goals
1pt BONUS for every correct score predicted

Prediction 2-1 - actual result 3-0 = score 4pts (3pts for home win, 1pt for over 2.5)
Prediction 0-0 - actual result 0-1 = score 2pts (1pt for under 2.5, 1pt for both teams to score? No!)
Prediction 3-1 - actual result 4-2 = score 5pts (3pts for home win, 1pt over 2.5, 1pt both teams to score? Yes!)
Prediction 1-3 - actual result 1-3 = score 6pts (3pts for away win, 1pt over 2.5. 1pts both teams to score? Yes!, 1pt correct score)

Knock Out Phase
5pts if any of your nominated teams win their group
5pts if any of your nominated teams win a Last 16 match
5pts if any of your nominated teams win a Last 8 match
5pts if any of your nominated teams win a Semi Final match
5pts if any of your nominated teams wins the World Cup
BONUS 5pts if your number 1 team nominated team wins the World Cup

Any ties will be decided by how many correct scores predicted, then how many top 4 teams nominated correctly

Please post the matches in the order given in the selection thread, easy just to copy and paste.
If games are out of order they may be miscalculated.  Please use the format given

All predictions must be in the same post (before deadline)
Only 1 entry accepted per member, any duplicate entries will not count towards prizes.
No editing of posts, once you have posted your predictions they will be transferred to the master sheet so I will NOT see any edits.
Any mistakes contact me by PM or post on the forum (i.e, if you have missed a game out)

Latest table will be published on a regular basis through the tournament



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1 Sunday November 20th 4pm Qatar Vs Ecuador (A) (1-2) 
2 Monday November 21st 1pm England Vs Iran (H) (2-1)
3 Monday November 21st 4pm Senegal Vs Holland (A) (1-2)
4 Monday November 21st 7pm USA Vs Wales (X) (2-2)
5 Tuesday November 22nd 10am Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (3-1)
6 Tuesday November 22nd 1pm Denmark Vs Tunisia (H) (2-0)
7 Tuesday November 22nd 4pm Mexico Vs Poland (X) (2-2)
8 Tuesday November 22nd 7pm France Vs Australia (H) (2-1)
9 Wednesday November 23rd 10am Morocco Vs Croatia (A) (1-3)
10 Wednesday November 23rd 1pm Germany Vs Japan (H) (2-1)
11 Wednesday November 23rd 4pm Spain Vs Costa Rica (H) (3-2)
12 Wednesday November 23rd 7pm Belgium Vs Canada (H) (3-1)
13 Thursday November 24th 10am Switzerland Vs Cameroon (X) (2-2)
14 Thursday November 24th 1pm Uruguay Vs South Korea (X) (2-2)
15 Thursday November 24th 4pm Portugal Vs Ghana (H) (2-1)
16 Thursday November 24th 7pm Brazil Vs Serbia (H) (3-2)
17 Friday November 25th 10am Wales Vs Iran (H) (2-1)
18 Friday November 25th 1pm Qatar Vs Senegal (X) (2-2)
19 Friday November 25th 4pm Holland Vs Ecuador (H) (2-1)
20 Friday November 25th 7pm England Vs USA (H) (2-1)
21 Saturday November 26th 10am Tunisia Vs Australia (X) (2-2)
22 Saturday November 26th 1pm Poland Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (3-1)
23 Saturday November 26th 4pm France Vs Denmark (X) (2-2)
24 Saturday November 26th 7pm Argentina Vs Mexico (X) (2-2)
25 Sunday November 27th 10am Japan Vs Costa Rica (X) (2-2)
26 Sunday November 27th 1pm Belgium Vs Morocoo (H) (3-1)
27 Sunday November 27th 4pm Croatia Vs Canada (H) (2-1)
28 Sunday November 27th 7pm Spain Vs Germany (H) (2-1)
29 Monday November 28th 10am Cameroon Vs Serbia (A) (1-2)
30 Monday November 28th 1pm S.Korea Vs Ghana (X) (2-2)
31 Monday November 28th 4pm Brazil Vs Switzerland (H) (2-1) 
32 Monday November 28th 7pm Portugal Vs Uruguay (X) (2-2)
33 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Ecuador Vs Senegal (H) (2-1)
34 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Holland Vs Qatar (H) (3-1)
35 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Iran Vs USA (A) (1-2)
36 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Wales Vs England (A) (1-2)
37 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Tunisia Vs France (A) (1-2)
38 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Australia Vs Denmark (A) (0-2)
39 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Poland Vs Argentina (A) (1-2)
40 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico (A) (1-2)
41 Thursday December 1st 3pm Croatia Vs Belgium (A) (1-3)
42 Thursday December 1st 3pm Canada Vs Morocco (H) (2-1)
43 Thursday December 1st 7pm Japan Vs Spain (A) (1-2)
44 Thursday December 1st 7pm Costa Rica Vs Germany (A) (1-2)
45 Friday December 2nd 3pm S.Korea Vs Portugal (A) (1-3)
46 Friday December 2nd 3pm Ghana Vs Uruguay (A) (1-2)
47 Friday December 2nd 7pm Serbia Vs Switzerland (D) (2-2)
48 Friday December 2nd 7pm Cameroon Vs Brazil (A) (0-3)





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