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The very best jockeys V The also rans.


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We all know about the horse being its best on the day, However sometimes the difference is maginal and it really comes down to a jockey being world class and one who thinks he is good until he comes up against someone who is just better at the sport. Today in the 3.45 Ling. Adam Kirby who has rode all before him over the winter, came up against the very best in a driving finish, and on 10/10 occasions this winter Kirby would have won the race because of the calibre he rides against, but today it shows why when the top races are on offer over the summer his agent finds it almost impossible to get him rides. Have a look at the race again, head on if you can, and Kirby thinks he has won at the 100 yards marker and tries just to push out to the line, Ryan Moore has other ideas and gets 4 cracks into his horse to win by a nose. Premiership V championship all day. If you have any examples thru the season were you see it, please put them up on this thread so we can review them, Thank You. Adam Kirby king of the all weather, but put in his place today by someone who vists occasionally. I hope Ryan Moore has a better season and luck than he had last year with injuries etc. Because when he is fit and other the horses, there is no better IMO.

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Re: The very best jockeys V The also rans.

Two stunning jockey's' date=' think you are being a little harsh in pointing out a blip on one race, pretty sure R.Moore has just as much respect for A.Kirby, as A.Kirby has for R.Moore.[/quote'] J2S...Not saying he is not a good jockey, and probably best of the division he is in, but to me its like comparing De Gea with Scmichale... In sport there is always someone better, and in a driving finish on the flat, since the longfellow, there is no one better IMHO. BTW look at bent aw racing thread, for some insight to follow into the race.:ok
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Re: The very best jockeys V The also rans. All the top jockeys ride in other countries during the UK winter season, the fact A Kirby is riding the AW says he is not quite a top jockey yet, however it may be a matter of time before he breaks into the top 10. As for multiple Gr1 winning jockey R Moore, he has been unlucky to be injured over the last few seasons and letting lesser jockeys winning the championship by default, let hope he has a injury free season and gets back his title.

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