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  1. Re: The Jockey Thread Jimmy2shoes : great post. I applaud no nonsense truth speakers. Aidymac : you say I talk shite all the time . For somebody who polices the forum with his online truncheon , is that an acceptable way to conduct yourself ? By the way I am not offended in anyway. Carry on saying that , I would prefer that if thats how you feel. Champion jockey ...Richard Hughes. I agree with Jimmy , he does not deserve praise. The criteria of determining the best jockey is not best served by the championship. I am not in any way saying R Hughes is not a top jockey , he is , although he is very lazy when all chance of a win has gone. Ryan Moore is the best and gave the title away.
  2. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread Forgot to add. The RP deactivates the comments section when corruption stories and poor ride stories are reported. Isn't that censoring ?
  3. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread I haven't read the paper version , I hope it is more detailed . Is it right for 2 mods to hurls insults at me?
  4. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread I am referring to members wanting some aspects of the sport not discussed. Aidymac says we are not allowed to critisize jockeys because they risk their life . I don't care whether you censor my posts thats not my point. Why should I get banned , have I done anything to warrant such measures? The two stories read differently , one implies guilt and the RPs version ommits the incriminating facts .This is the censorship I'm on about. Do you think the watered down version of the RP is an accurate news item ? A lot of people use the RP as the primary source of information . Is it Ok for Billyhills and Aidymac to hurl abuse at me ? Can you do something about it?
  5. Re: The Jockey Thread It boils down to you and Billyhills hurling petty insults.
  6. Re: The Jockey Thread TOTALLY NEGATIVE DRIVEL ?We cannot control negativity. It is not our fault jockeys ride poor races. We are commenting on that . Whats wrong with that ? Nothing !! I recall Jimmy praising very highly horses like Canford Cliffs , is that negative? I have praised Sam Waley Cohen , Salemm Golam , SDS , Jenny Powell , Paul Hanegan , Rosie Jessop amongst many others , so there is no basis for your attack. Most of my posts are topical , which is just like any other form of news media. David Cameron gets more news coverage than the local MP of Accrington Stanley. Therefore using the same logic R Hughes gets more posts than Willie Twiston Davies. Yes ? R Hughes rides in much more prominent races and therefore when he rides a poor race , we can say so yes? Or are you still of the opinion that because he is champion jockey , won Gr1s , broke his ankle we cannot say anything negative about him just like what you say about AP McCoy. Aidymac , when you turn on the news isn't it 95% bad news except for the very last news item . That is news !! Censorship of news is a crime. We need more honesty on here.
  7. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread Why are your responses to my posts always personal attacks? Can you differentiate the difference between topical news items and sour grapes ? Why include orgasm and saddo ? These are amongst a long list of insults you have directed at me. Lets keep these threads topical and not go down the line of primary school behavior. I see you are 53 , please act your age. What is your view on censorship on the sport ? I am totally against it.
  8. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread You are going to say Young Joseph is top class you are not being honest. Or you need to reconsider what top class actually means. Ryan Moore is top class, so was Michael Kinane and Johnny Murtagh. Is Young Joseph in the same class?
  9. Re: The Jockey Thread I applauded your honesty Jimmy. I respect honest reporting and opinions. If you think I'm a w@nker and you say it to my face, I will respect you for it. If you are polite to my face and then tell every Tom, Dick and Harry I'm a w@nker behind my back then......... This section needs more honesty. By the way, i know you really like Richard Hughes. But what you said about Scudamore and Harley, I think the same about Hughes .He gave his mounts sh!t rides in a few Gr1s last week. Same with Young Joseph on Champions Day. They paid 6 million for Chiquita and Young Joseph hit the front in the final furlong only to veer wide again and lose the race. Kinane and Murtagh would not have made that mistake for a second time. I've been saying this for 4 years now, Ryan Moore...Ballydoyle. Top class horses needs a top class jockey. Young Joseph is not top class yet.
  10. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread There's a huge difference between the Racing Post's reporting and that of the Sporting Life. I read the RPs versions few hours ago and it left some doubt as to the intention of the trainer. Again there as is often with these types of stories they disable the comments section. How sad they choose to censor the negative aspects of the sport,they have the same mentality as some on here. I have just followed your link to the Sporting Life and this version leaves no doubt it was foul play by the trainer. If the SLs version is credible then they should do a Howard Johnson on him and banish him from the sport. A E6000 fine is a joke to a trainer its peanuts. As a few of us debated a few days ago, certain sections of the Racing media are too sycophantic . We don't want censored and watered down news. Well done Sporting Life. I'm sure there'll be some members who will say its not right exposing somebody on a forum, on TV, in the newspapers and on the SL. Especially as he has trained a Gr1 winners and does a public service blah blah. I say well done. Now let's get all the other crooks
  11. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread Kieren Fallon responded by crying in his weekly column of the The Weekender ( UK horse racing weekly paper) with what you said about never having ridden a horse. So now you agree we can critisize them on TV?
  12. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread Why have you equated unbiased reporting to media bashing of sports personalities? There's a huge difference. Would you like biased reporting about the troubles in Northern Ireland? Would you like to read a censored version of events? One that paints a pretty picture?
  13. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread Absolutely yes , if it warrants it 100%. Who says you can't do it to their face live on TV ? What makes them untouchable? If you can do it to David Cameron ( British Prime Minister) or the police then why not a jockey ? We are descending into the realms of politics . What you are suggesting is very very dangerous and idiotic. ( nothing personal just your comment not you)
  14. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread All I am asking for is unbiased reporting. Not slagging people off. Is that so hard for you guys to understand?
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