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  1. Naps Competition - Monday Dec 18th

    Nil Bet Have a nice Christmas folks and best of Luck in 2018 Over & Out
  2. Naps Competition - Sunday Dec 17th

    16:00 Chelmsford City - Sammy's Choice 1pt Win Bet @ SP
  3. Price Drift

    I wouldn't knock JP but most of us know what he is BG put a lot more Passion into his ride on MTOY than he did on Movewiththetimes Watch both races and tell me I'm wrong, it's like his life was on the line with MTOY
  4. Price Drift

    Well done to Barry for winning on MTOY JP's money must of been down as wasn't messing about on the horses rear end up that hill, hadn't won a race since ''Feb 2014''
  5. Price Drift

    RIGHT about time some of these price drifts were put forward and questions asked, YIPP sure sure it's the BOOKMAKERS that price horses up not the yard but So Many times prices are short in the evening before race day, then hours and minutes before said race the price drifts like a BARGE! Surely this is never a coincidence and when a horse in question does drift ''bookmakers shoving out with confidence'' it's on information received, YES a member or two will come back with.......What about when it drifts and wins, fair point i say BUT for every drift and WIN - you will find 20 that flop exactly as the market hinted it would. Talking out my pocket on this one but i backed Movewiththetimes today in the 12:45 at Cheltenham, last night he was mostly 10/11 - 4/5 Wasn't a penny for him and he was sent off 11/8 - He ran exactly to his drifting price suggested. To quote Gambler Harry Findlay..............................When a fancied horse drifts in price it's like the bookmakers have found out the horse has stood on glass. I'll be having my moan and grown on this thread over such blatant ''Horse not even at the start BUT you won't be winning'' Coincidental drifts. And that wasn't Barry Geraghty's best ride, he's looking past it these days, YEH i said it, PAST IT, a blind man could see he was too far back 70% of the race.
  6. Naps Competition - Saturday Dec 16th

    15:40 Cheltenham - Oscar Rose 1pt Win Bet @ Sp
  7. Naps Competition - Friday Dec 15th

    15:05 Cheltenham - My Home Town 1pt Win Bet @ Carpet 33's with PP & Ladjokes
  8. Hayley Turner Banned

    How the feck can HT be that bloody stupid not knowing what she's doing ? Wish she'd also make up her mind if she's a jockey or retired / pundit etc etc etc, surely only a matter of time before she bring out her own Perfume http://www.skysports.com/racing/news/12426/11170603/hayley-turner-handed-three-month-ban-by-bha
  9. Naps Competition - Thursday Dec 14th

    19:15 Chelmsford - Pactolus 1pt Win Bet @ 11/2 with Bet365
  10. Naps comp Wednesday 13th

    16:55 Wolverhampton - Ballymore Castle 0.5 E/w bet @ Sp
  11. Naps Competition - Monday Dec 11th

    14:30 Southwell - Abraj Dubai 1pt Win Bet 15/8 with Paddy Power & Hills
  12. Naps Competition - Sunday Dec 10th

    15:40 Punchestown - Dunvegan 0.5 E/w Bet @ 6/1 with Bet365 & Corals
  13. Naps Competition - Saturday Dec 9th

    17:45 Wolverhampton - Rapid Ranger 1pt Win Bet @ Sp
  14. Naps Competition - Thursday Dec 7th

    15:45 Clonmel - Pallaskenry 1pt Win Bet @ 11/4 with Betfair & Corals
  15. Naps Competition - Wednesday Dec 6th

    Robert Havlin mate...........................He has the judgment of a Sloth on Valium He's shocking!