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  1. A strong battle opens the race of the Bundesliga, with Werder Bremen welcoming Schalke. In a better position for the home team throughout the season, when Schalke comes from the heavy 4-0 by Fortuna Düsseldorf. Two teams capable of the better and the worst, so nothing can be ruled out on that particular pair. With the defender who has defensive in the last time, the score can escape into the match
    WERDER BREMEN vs FC SCHALKE @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.85

  2. Where Bilbao began to rise, Valencia lost to Mestagia last weekend by 2-0. However, he remains in positive momentum and wants to get as high as possible in the scoring. On the other side, Espanyol is also capable of doing a lot of things, but he has not had the best possible results last night. The match is quite difficult to predict, as the two teams are not very dynamic, but the "San Mamas" factor can make the difference

  3. With the difference from Juventus' persecutors, the league from now on has a procedural character. There is, of course, the undefeated half that Alegre's team wants to keep. The Champions League is a big goal, where the game has made it difficult for Atletico Madrid, losing 2-0 in Spain two weeks ago, and in a few days it will come again, there will be many goals
    JUVENTUS TURIN vs UDINESE CALCIO @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.80

  4. From there, Napoli welcomes Salzburg and its work is not as easy as the odds show. The two teams have a two-point goal to confirm that both teams will score
    SSC NAPOLI vs FC SALZBURG @@ Both team to score, odds 1.82

    One of the most important games of the evening is undoubtedly this one in Frankfurt between Eindracht and Inter, where it is expected to be a nice match. The two teams find the edge from the center and front, but defensively have their subjects. Absolutely logical is the choice to score both teams
    EINTRACHT FRANKFURT vs INTER MILANO @@ Both team to score, odds 1.80

    Sevilla may not be in its best form, but the Europa League is going too far, as we do not forget that it is the polish. Besides, the fact that Slavia Prague was a good chance to pass without any problems in the quarter-finals of the event. The Andalusian players can give a rhythm to the game and get a lot of goals
    FC SEVILLA vs SK SLAVIA PRAGUE @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.67

  5. More easily than anticipated, Paris Saint-Germain showed her superiority at Old Trafford three weeks ago and beat Manchester United 2-0. A very good score in view of the current rematch in the French capital, as it will "seal" the qualification in the Champions League quarterfinals apart from a shocking surprise. However, Solskieer's team has nothing to lose an early finish in Paris can carry anxiety to that of Touchel. Low ace and given that we expect a goal in the pair
    PARIS SAINT GERMAIN vs MANCHESTER UNITED @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

    An ambiguous battle and balanced was at Olimpico, and Roma 2-1 on Porto leaves everything open in view of the current rematch in Portugal. In the clean games the two teams are not at their best, as they come from derby defeats they gave to their countries, with Porto losing 2-1 from Benfica and Roma 3-0 from Lazio. The confrontation can go everywhere to the point, since both are capable of the best and the worst, but most likely it all seems to score both teams
    FC PORTO vs AS ROMA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.65

  6. Real Madrid has done half the job in Amsterdam, and 2-1, winning Ajax gives her a clear lead in qualifying in the Champions League quarter-finals. It may have problems this year, but experience in such games is great. However, Ajax has not yet said his last word and since he has nothing to lose now he can become more dangerous. Besides, midfielder has a tremendous talent and will create several phases in front of the Spaniards' frame. Real Madrid will have its own pressure, so this combination leads us to the conclusion that we will have many goals
    REAL MADRID vs AJAX AMSTERDAM @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.40

    More clearly, Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur show the things, as the Londoners traveled to Germany with their 3-0 win over the first match. But that does not prevent Borussia's footballers from struggling for the miracle or even for an honorary victory today in front of their audience. Besides, the negative results are lasting and are looking for a good result, which will again increase their morale. Deforme on her side and Tottenham, we will have many goals
    BORUSSIA DORTMUND vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.57

  7. Big derby includes the program today at Campionato, as Napoli in the evening celebrates in San Paolo the champion of Juventus. The guests are already a long distance from their current opponent, so nothing goes wrong if something goes wrong against each other. Equally they can have their minds today in the Champions League rematch with Atletico Madrid.
    SSC NAPOLI vs JUVENTUS TURIN @@ +2.50 Over, odds 2.10

  8. Like every time this season, at the crucial turning point of the season, Tottenham Hotspur takes off and any title dreams are lost. Two consecutive defeats with Burnley and Chelsea, who bring her back, while in front of her is the London derby with the raised Arsenal. "Gunners" come from two straight wins with Southampton (2-0) and Bournemouth (5-10), again having a good morale. Logic says a lot of goals
    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs ARSENAL FC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.62

  9. The beginning has been for Bayern, which has reached a shot distance from champion Dortmund and is now called to carry out its final counterattack for overtaking the title. Derby has the menu today and specifically in the headquarters of Gladbach, a difficult seat, but Bayern has the quality to get the points of victory

  10. Bayern's heartbeat is that Dortmund feels the top scorer of the Bundesliga, after some successive losses, the distance has fallen to three points. However, he recently won Leverkusen home 3-2 and wants to move on to this result to return to a good form. Today he is tested at the headquarters in Augsburg and has no room to leave other points. Given the difference in quality between the two teams, Borusia simply has to show it on the pitch

  11. The battle for salvation in the Primer Division is very strong this year, as several teams are interested and involved in the stay. One of these is Vallecano and Girona, who are confronting each other today in Madrid. A great triple betting, as the two teams seem capable of the best and the worst. However, they have shown a number of medium-term opportunities lately and it is up to them to score from a goal in the match
    RAYO VALLECANO vs GIRONA CF @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75

  12. Still to understand that he missed the victory in the home of Fiorentina Inter, as 3-3 took place in the eleventh minute of the penalty kick. Now he has given rights to the first four of the scoring, as they have approached AC Milan, Roma, Lazio and go on to say. They do not play bad luck lately and somehow they want to win victorious from Cagliari's headquarters tonight. Their work is not easy, but they have the experience to get what they want, as then they get even more difficult toys

  13. The biggest derby in the Premier League is Manchester United - Liverpool. Solskyer's "Red Devils" threaten Liverpool champion and they definitely want to cut points. Both teams maintain a good standard of performance over the last time and are expected to be a big fight. The match can go everywhere, but it is better to score both teams

    MANCHESTER UNITED vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60

  14. In its best phase since the start of the season is AC Milan and this is reflected by the results of the recent games. Especially the winning 3-1 at Atalanta's headquarters in Bergamo made him feel, with Mr. Piatek constantly scoring and making some paybacks of the much money spent by the roseners to get from Genoa. Clearly a team in their own hands Empoli
    AC MILAN vs EMPOLI FC @@ AC MILAN, odds 1.50

  15. A very critical match in the Bundesliga and especially in Stuttgart, which is being tested today at Werder Bremen. Although the home team is in a better position, it is not worthy of confidence. On the opposite side, Stuttgart is with the knife on his neck and will do everything to get a positive result this time. Not at all fixed teams in the defense field and if something is betting on this match is to score both teams
    WERDER BREMEN vs VFB STUTTGART @@ Both team to score, odds 1.65

  16. Benfina is still in a better position, and it is coming from a win to win and even with great scores. Despite winning in the first match Galatasaray with 2-1, he will not sit on this result and can win today

    Of the best matches last week Shakhtar - Eindracht Frankfurt, which ended with 2-2. Indeed, the Ukrainians had to score two goals with 10 players from the 11 '. Now rematch is in Germany and also everything seems possible. Difficult to see something different in Frankfurt, since the two teams are quite aggressive and combine their games with many goals. Absolutely reasonable choice is Over 2.5

  17. Both groups have faced significant defensive problems lately, but in most cases they find the solution ahead. Especially the absence of Fan Dak from Team Clop's team changes the data and gives more hopes for Bayern's result. However, the Bavarians are not worthy of trust this year, and they have the rematch at their headquarters. The match can go everywhere, but the logic says it will be accompanied by many goals
    LIVERPOOL FC vs FC BAYERN MUNICH @@ +2.50 Over, odd 1.65

    A big match in Zerlund in France, since Lyon threatens Barcelona and nothing can be ruled out. This is because the "blaugran" does not play well lately, unlike Lion, who has found shape and plays quite aggressively. In any case, the French have nothing to lose from the moment they passed the Champions League's 16th stage and will no longer be stressed against a big opponent, both teams can score
    OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS vs FC BARCELONA @@ Both team to score, odd 1.50

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