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  1. Very interesting semifinals, where the two teams will be overtaken to reach the final. On the legal betting sides, there is no clear favorite and everything is open. The two opponents have excellent offensive lines and can offer us a match with goals and phases in the two outings. I will bet on both teams to score
    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs AJAX AMSTERDAM @@ Both team to score, odds 1.70

  2. There can be no indifferent team in England and no game is easy, but anyway, there is a huge difference between Liverpool and Huddersfield. Also, Clop's team has no room to leave any points from now on, especially against the Premier League, to win the title battle against Manchester City. Few things are worth betting for this game due to odds, but a quick finish on Liverpool's side may open up the rally in the showdown
    LIVERPOOL FC vs HUDDERSFIELD TOWN @@ +3.50 Over, odds 1.60

  3. Beneficial has been the change of technical leadership in Augsburg and with two consecutive wins has achieved the goal of comfortable staying in the Bundesliga. Especially the latest 6-0 on Stuttgart in the recent game created a feeling, scoring whenever he wanted. Leverkusen is coming from two consecutive three-pointers, who put her back to the Champions League bay again. The best of both teams though finals in the season, so they are able to give us a nice game with several goals
    FC AUGSBURG vs BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN @@ +3.50 Over, odds 2.25

  4. The Champions League is good for Tottenham Hotspur, but in the Premier League the four is still open and there is a lot of consolation among several teams. Against today he has Brighton and has the chance to return to victories after Saturday's defeat at derby against Manchester City by 1-0. The Londoners can go to match the match and get a lot of goals
    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION @@ +2.50 Over, odd 1.70


    The first semi-final in the German cup, which is a knockout, is a fact today at 21.45, where Hamburg hosts Leipzig. The difference in capacity is obvious and great in the pair, since we do not forget that the hosts are fighting a category below. Indeed, they are deformed and hard to look at Leipzig. The guests have won much stronger teams this year and it is up to them to qualify without any problems in the final of the event

  6. It's so late last week in Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League, especially on Wednesday night, that we expect to see their battle in the Championship. Frustration in the Guardiola team, which was out of line but remains the equally important goal of the championship, where it has no other room for loss. Surely we may not have seven goals in the match again, but we will have many goals
    MANCHESTER CITY vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ +3.50 Over, odds 2,10

  7. Madrid was very effective in Valencia, as Villarreal was the one who pushed after 1-1, but she managed to score a 3-1 win. This result put a strong foundation to qualify for the Europa League semi-finals today, as long as it looks serious and makes it self-evident. On the other side, the "yellow submarine" probably had more of a mind in the championship, where it is fighting to hold on to the big league and in this respect comes from a significant double in the home of Girona with 1-0. Anyway, he has not lost much today and will be attacking a miracle
    CF VALENCIA vs CF VILLARREAL @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.80

    Napoli was not identified in the first game with Arsenal in London and he was rightly defeated by 2-0. But there is a belief in the Italian team that it can overthrow the situation against her, as long as she has a quick finish in front of her audience in the "San Paolo". Arsenal is a great force in its own right, but it has not done far away from home this season. No matter what big anticipation is expected, there may be intense emotions
    SSC NAPOLI vs ARSENAL FC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.55

    Worthy of what we expected from the Benfica match with Eindracht Frankfurt a week ago, where the Portuguese took advantage of their numerical advantage and prevailed 4-2. A score that is not so dissuasive for the German team, which has focused on today's rematch and will do everything to overturn. She has given her credentials this year and nothing can be ruled out. Of course, Benfica looks good lately and is quite likely to find a finish today in Frankfurt
    EINTRACHT FRANKFURT vs SL BENFICA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55

  8. As long as he had to play at Old Trafford, Barcelona and with one goal in the first quarter of the match, Manchester United won 1-0. The English have already made a major reversal to the institution by excluding Paris Saint-Germain, so the blaugrano should not be relaxed in any way today. In the championship with Huesca, almost all of the basic ones were resting, with the aim of being all prepared for qualification today. Solskieer's team did not have that luxury in the 2-1 on West Ham on Saturday, as they chase the four in the Premier League, a factor that also has the importance of

    Good football again by Ajax in the event, although he could not beat Juventus in Amsterdam (1-1). Now the headquarters are with the Italian team, but everyone in the club knows they will have a very difficult night today. The Dutch run a lot, they have quality and certainly do not have the home-grown stress. Clearly all of Alegre is more experienced at this stage, but traditions are about to break. The two teams have the opportunity to score at least once again in the match
    JUVENTUS TURIN vs AJAX AMSTERDAM @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75

  9. Everything is now judging for Liverpool, which is constantly playing important games this season. He is in the Champions League matches with Porto, winning at Anfield last Tuesday with 2-0. However, the Premier League championship remains a major goal, where the Chelsea derby is ahead of her. The two teams want the victory for their own reasons, but the bad luck is the upper hand of the "Reds" of Jürgen Clop

  10. The change of technical leadership in Leicester has been completely successful as the arrival of Brendan Rogers has brought results and in particular four consecutive wins. She also convinces greatly with her appearances, and the remainder of the season's end will look for the finest finale. Nowadays she has Newcastle, who still needs some points to break through her stay in the Premier League, but she will probably do it

  11. From the lucky draws of Liverpool, as he avoided a favorite to win the Champions League and fell on Porto. Under no circumstances is her work easy, but everything depends on Jürgen Clop's footballers. Success for the Portuguese only in the quarter-finals of the event and stress-free will try for the best. An end to Anfield will increase their chances, and Liverpool will try to dominate today in front of its audience
    LIVERPOOL FC vs FC PORTO @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.62

    A big island case is the other couple of the night, as Tottenham will cross the ... swords in her newly-built "palace" with Manchester City. The "citizens" of Pep Guardiola are the team, who is a favorite of the couple, but today at the headquarters of her opponent things are not so simple. The hosts will have their chances, as the overtime in the game has been made and can be scored. And of course, Manchester City
    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs MANCHESTER CITY @@ Both team to score, odds 1.62

  12. La Liga in Spain has its own derby as the first Barcelona hosts the second Atletico Madrid. However, the "blaugrana" have a difference of eight points "cushion" and did not spoil the world say that they are not winning Atletico today. However, both teams are showing well in their aggressive game
    FC BARCELONA vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.80

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