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  1. Since Liverpool has allowed Manchester City to overtake it, it is now called to have the least possible losses to have hopes of finishing first at the end of the Premier League. In front of today he has the derby with Tottenham and the game for her is not as easy as the odds show. With the help of the Londoners we will prefer the many goals
    LIVERPOOL FC vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

  2. The title case in Serie A is basically judged, as Juventus leads the race with a difference of 15 points from the second Napoli. It comes from its first defeat, losing to Genoa away from home with 2-0. Today he hosts Empoli without Ronaldo at his disposal, as the Portuguese superstar was injured in the obligations of his national team a few days ago. But Empolly plays aggressively and can score many goals
    JUVENTUS TURIN vs EMPOLI FC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

  3. Chievo has accepted her fate and will be playing in Serie B in Italy for a year. But that does not mean that the other games in the championship will be left to chance. Opposite Cagliari, which has a +6 from the dangerous zone and still needs a few points to feel more comfortable in the big class. Maybe the motivation is with the guests, but on the other hand the hosts want to react with a positive result after a long time
    AC CHIEVO VERONA vs CAGLIARI CALCIO @@ Both team to score, odds 2.05

  4. In good ... moon was before the break in Primer Division both Gerona and Bilbao, which cross their ... swords today to the re-launch of Primary Division. Both teams generally seem capable of everything, having some good times and some not in the season. However, they have a good relationship with the rival nets and in each race they create several phases in front of the opposing frames
    GIRONA CF vs ATHLETIC BILBAO @@ Both team to score, odds 1.95

  5. winning was the start of Switzerland in the Euro 2020 qualifiers, with a 2-0 victory in Georgia. Today it has a seemingly more difficult task against Denmark, but with an ally the headquarters factor can do two in two

    A very important match, with a high level of interest, any team winning will take the lead in second place. I expect the two nationals to be very cautious and set up to avoid losing. The few goals have the first and probably the last word
    BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA vs GREECE @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.55

  6. As usual in every qualifying process, the England national team was impressive at the opening and was forced to host the Czech Republic at 5-0. He is currently being tested in Montenegro and is in place for two in the group. It is not easy to play the Southgate team in this game, but it has the first reason for winning

    Loss with ... Fernando Santos's good day for Portugal, after staying 0-0 on Friday night against Ukraine and even at home. So in the new game in front of her audience, this time against Serbia, Ronaldo and his company have to find a way to get to their first three-pointer in the process and to report the premiere gown. Serbia is quite risky and quality, but back is slow and it will be difficult for today
    PORTUGAL vs SERBIA @@ PORTUGAL, odds 1.65

  7. Dynamically, the Netherlands started its campaign against Belarus and 4-0 in Rotterdam speaks for itself. Today he is "moving" to the capital Amsterdam for the big derby against Germany, which will give its first game for the Euro2020 qualifiers. "Oranje" faced the "panthers" in the Nations League, where they won at home with 3-0, which they would like to achieve today
    NETHERLANDS vs GERMANY @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.75

  8. More attractive and enjoyable in the eye is the Italian team of Italy in the days of Mancini for about a year now took its lesson from the non-qualification in the World Cup last year. Against Finland today it has the perfect chance to start with ... right in its Euro 2020 qualifiers and an early goal will help to see a good game between the two teams
    ITALY vs FINLAND @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.95

  9. The bet on the National England bench went very well in the World Cup of Russia a few months ago and now the "three lions" go well for the Euro 2020 qualifiers. This is the first obstacle in the Czech Republic at Wembley, is the favorite of the showdown. The match is not as easy as the odds show, but an early finish by the English will simplify the situation for victory. Her own chances will also be on the other side of the Czech team, so it is more worth the many goals
    ENGLAND vs CZECH REPUBLIC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.95

  10. Two big events without the Netherlands are many and it is time for the "oranje" to star in again. A very demanding group with Germany and Northern Ireland, and today they welcome Belarus in a game that is clearly the big favorite for the show. The Cumman team has the chance to get into the ... right to the qualifiers and will logically succeed. Positive that the Belarusians do not play defensive and this will help to see a good game with several goals
    NETHERLANDS vs BELARUS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.50

    The undisputed talent in the home team does not leave much room for the guests, but everything is possible in football. An early goal can open the pace so that many goals can be scored
    BELGIUM vs RUSSIA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

  11. The negative result of the four non-triple races ended for Gladbach, who replied with a double double last week at Mainz's home and scoring 1-0. Despite her recent disappointment, she remains high on the scoreboard and a possible home win over Freiburg will only be the third in the Bundesliga. Besides, in front of her audience she is always more effective and has all the backgrounds to reach her second run of dominance

  12. A few things in this year's Fiorentina championship, since it is in danger of staying out of Europe again. Some good games can not save the game ... and especially coach Stephan Piolli points back to the wall. Today, his team is being tested at Cagliari's headquarters in Sardinia and the match looks quite difficult to predict. Both teams have several medium-term capabilities and their problem is defensive. To a point where the show can go everywhere, but more likely it feels the many goals
    CAGLIARI CALCIO vs ACF FIORENTINA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 2.10

  13. For Benfica - Dinamo Zagreb, the Portuguese are asked to overturn 1-0 in the first match if they want to go through the Europa League quarter-finals. Low but probably the victory for the "eagles" of Lisbon

    Napoli has a much clearer landscape as he traveled to Salzburg with a 3-0 pillow in the first race. Everything for all the Austrians, so it's perfectly reasonable to choose the many goals
    FC SALZBURG vs SSC NAPOLI @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

    Valencia has a 2-1 away from the first match with her, but her work remains quite difficult in the rematch. The home team can score and stand out for both teams to score
    FC KRASNODAR vs CF VALENCIA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75

  14. It actually catches a Bayern - Liverpool game in many ways, especially when the first match is over 0-0. No team can say that they excel in the other, as both have good material on all lines and on their good day they can win any. The logic says it will be judged again in the details, but this time I wish there were more spectacles and goals
    FC BAYERN MUNICH vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.65

    The other "Camp Nou" game is a favorite and is Barcelona against Lion. However, 0-0 is a dangerous result for Ernesto Valverde's team, as if he scores, he wants only one victory over Lion to go to the Champions League quarter-finals. In any case, the French play with an ignorance of danger and with the talent that they have in mediocre can create problems in Barcelona, which can not be said to impress with its appearances
    FC BARCELONA vs OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS @@ +3.50 Over, odds 1.80

  15. The big goal all these years of Juventus is to win the Champions League and this year it is in danger to stay away from so early because it lost in Madrid from Atletico 2-0. But hope is dying late and Alegre's team will try to make the perfect game today to overturn the situation against her. We saw so terrible things last week, so nothing can be ruled out

    We have seen everything in football, but it will be a real wonder Schalke to get through the Manchester City barrier, with the current situation of the two teams. In any case, the English team won in Germany by 3-2 and will not sit on this score. Schalke's defense eats a goal from each and if the "citizens" appear as they should, then the score will escape in favor of Pep Guardiola's team
    MANCHESTER CITY vs FC SCHALKE 04 @@ +3.50 Over, odds 1.95

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