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  1. Real Madrid want to leave behind Real Madrid's heavy defeat of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League 3-0, as it follows the league derby and in particular with Sevilla away. The two teams want to keep in touch with the top, but either of them will leave points. Real Madrid have a lot of problems, in many areas, Sevilla are very strong on the pitch, they have not been unbeaten in the league so far

  2. Time shows an important ally for Schalke, who showed nothing in their first two Bundesliga matches, but then responded with two big wins. Hertha was initially beaten 3-0 at home and then successfully passed the pitch of the newly-named Paderborn with an impressive 5-1. Today is taking the home game against Mainz, the opponent in its measure, to reach the third consecutive three-point series in the league. The enthusiasm is now evident in the "blue royal", who with the power of the headquarters can win the game
    FC SCHALKE 04 vs 1. FSV MAINZ 05 @@ FC SCHALKE 04, odds 1.65

  3. Significant scoring, for both rivals, in the two qualifying positions of the group. Both teams score and concede the goal easily and I expect an open game with many goalsPSV EINDHOVEN vs SPORTING CP @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

    Two teams that competed in the Europa League last year face each other for their first match of the sixth group, with Eintracht Frankfurt welcoming Arsenal. However, both are not in good shape and mainly defensive, but this does not affect seeing good play
    EINTRACHT FRANKFURT vs ARSENAL FC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

  4. Great showdown between two quality opponents capable of reaching far. Both groups have absenteeism and punishment problems and their competitiveness may be impaired. Despite all that, they have aggressive virtues and quality to look at an open match with goals, after all defensive issues. I'll bet on many goals
    PARIS SAINT GERMAIN vs REAL MADRID @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.58

    An important match for both rivals, the three points will give the qualification lead any team they have won. Tottenham are a favorite, but they have to prove it on the pitch too. The power of Olympiacos is Karaiskakis, we will see a very interesting game where both teams can score
    OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ Both team to score, odds 1.70

  5. Although the first leg of the Champions League, there is no shortage of older couples, as in the sixth group, where Borussia Dortmund in Germany hosts Barcelona. Both teams have their themes at the start of the season, but their mid-range quality is set to score and give us a spectacle.
    BORUSSIA DORTMUND vs FC BARCELONA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55

    I expect both teams to score in San Paulo. Napoli plays at home and will try to win again. Bearing in mind that Alison Becker was injured, the hosts will score much easier. Klopp, meanwhile, doesn't know how to play "catacombs", but will certainly start with Salah, Firmio and Mane in the offensive. Achieving a goal can be vital to avoid last season's result
    SSC NAPOLI vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55

  6. A highly controversial showdown begins the fourth Bundesliga match, as both Fortuna Dusseldorf and Wolfsburg are all capable of starting and trying to stabilize their game-by-game performance. In this respect the Wolves have done better, where they remain undefeated (2-1-0), with the home side counting one win and two defeats in their first three games. Offensively both teams look good and the match can be rhythmic
    FORTUNA DUSSELDORF vs VFL WOLFSBURG @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.67

  7. Of the teams that win impressions at the start of the season in La Liga, Spain, Bilbao has not come up with a 2-1-0 score in the first three games. It also won Barcelona 1-1, while it generally looks pretty serious at first. Today he is being tested at the headquarters of the new light-skinned Mallorca, who is unaware of the danger and everything seems likely. However, both teams have the ability to score in front
    RCD MALLORCA vs ATHLETIC BILBAO @@ Both team to score, odds 2.10

  8. The defeat of Greece in a 3-2 home defeat to Armenia led to the team's technical leadership, with Anastasiadis leaving and Dutch van Spiech succeeding him. The latter appeared optimistic about today's match in Finland, but also about the continuation of the tournament, trying to boost the morale of his players. For their part, the Finnish hosts are nine points ahead of our four and the important thing for Greece is to stand upright today.
    FINLAND vs GREECE @@ +0.50 Asian handicap GREECE, odds 1.70

  9. Great game in Serie A, as the Italian capital Rome is in the two for the derby between Lazio and Roma. The home team typically looks more prepared than the "cialis" at the start of the season, but these games are usually won by the team that will be more passionate than form. So all possible in this pair and we would prefer for both teams to score
    SS LAZIO ROMA vs AS ROMA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55

  10. The first London derby is a fact this year and Arsenal are welcoming Tottenham to the Emirates. The two teams are coming off their first defeat in the league, with the Lakers losing 3-1 to Liverpool, while Tottenham lost unexpectedly to Newcastle 1-0. Both teams clearly want to compare these results to each other, but they all point to the point. It is preferable for both teams to score
    ARSENAL FC vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ Both team to score, odds 1.57

  11. Barcelona could not have responded better to Bilbao's 1-0 defeat in the Premier League, beating Betis 5-2 in the second leg, and starring Griezmann. It is currently being tested in the Basque Country and the difficult Osasuna headquarters, but bad lies the quality difference between the two teams is a given. The image of the Blaugrana in the previous game is worth many goals
    CA OSASUNA vs FC BARCELONA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.73

  12. Eintracht Frankfurt did not have the efficiency it needed to have a home game in Strasbourg and lost 1-0. Today he has another chance to rectify the situation and in Germany he is the favorite of the race. An early goal will open the pace and it is worth many goals

    AEK wants four goals to qualify, so it has to play aggressively to score. I expect an open match with goals and phases from both teams, there is value in many goals
    TRABZONSPOR vs AEK ATHENS @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.93

    In crowded Tuba, PAOK is required to reverse the situation in order to find itself in the Europa League. He will go strong to score, if he scores early, he will dramatically increase his chances of qualifying. He is a senior and I expect to get to the clubs
    PAOK THESSALONIKI vs SK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.95

  13. Although it is still a start in AEK there is a need for a winning result today, because otherwise the club may have problems. Xanthi will be on the defensive line, so it is very likely that the match will be judged in the details, the few goals are significant.
    AEK ATHENS vs AO XANTHI FC @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

    PAOK wants to unleash the Panetolikos easily and quickly, as on Thursday it has to do with an overthrow. He is in good shape, unlike his opponent, who has not yet shown any samples. I'll bet on a few goals
    PAOK THESSALONIKI vs PANAITOLIKOS @@ +3.5 Under, odds 1.50

  14. Two but very important games in the Bundesliga, mainly Leipzig - Eintracht Frankfurt. Both teams have won their games at the premiere and are of great quality, especially from the center and forward. The home side seem to have the first reason for dominance, but it is even more likely that both teams will score.
    RB LEIPZIG vs EINTRACHT FRANKFURT @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60

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