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  1. Atalanta have the best offensive line with 30 goals in 12, which means they score 2.5 goals per game on average. Juventus, with a lack of defense, makes it easier to score goals and makes it easier to win. If we take a look at the statistics, we can see that the home team has 9 of 12 over 2,5 and I will follow its style of play

  2. I expect a great game between two strong and quality teams. The Citizens lost to Liverpool and needed to give it everything to win. The fouls are easily violated by both teams and it can be an open goal with either goal. Chelsea score 8 of 12 goals and both teams score, it can be verified today
    MANCHESTER CITY vs CHELSEA FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60

    West Ham were out of form before the break and the atmosphere in the team is not ideal. Tottenham are not at their best, but they were excellent in the Champions League. Mourinho's arrival will bring new energy, no doubt about it. The quality is on the Tottenham side, so I'm looking forward to winning and making their first win this year

  3. Bosnia - Italy, indifferent, especially when Finland came early. I expect an open game, the two Nationals, to have aggressive quality and can find a goal
    BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA vs ITALY @@ Both team to score, odds 1.70

    In 90 minutes, a European Championship qualifier is judged. I believe there will be a tough fight, with a lot of purpose, by both teams. I expect a patience game where the details will be judged, so few goals are a big deal
    ROMANIA vs SWEDEN @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.70

    Greece is favored to win the betting pages. Armenia has limited capabilities and is based on the quality of some but few players. Greece, has changed and is racing up, I expect to be serious again and claim victory. It can be an open match with goals and phases
    ARMENIA vs GREECE @@+2.50 Over, odds 2.05

  4. Very critical game, judging an important and a great qualifier. Because of that, I will risk a few goals, although both teams have more hopes. They should not take a risk because a goal can change the balance
    CZECH REPUBLIC vs KOSOVO @@ +2.50 Under, odds 2.00

    Qualifying duel, favoring Turkey. Iceland wants the win, but it will be very cautious and will reasonably steal the win. Because of the criticality of the match, I see the defenses of both teams playing a leading role. After all, we cannot take into account zero liability in her country
    TURKEY vs ICELAND @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.75

  5. Battle of the Giants, of great interest. The odds on the ace and the double are completely shared on the betting pages, which shows how open the end result is. I'm not going to take a seat on that. They play two teams, with excellent offensive lines, with excess quality everywhere. I don't see more than two goals in the game. Especially to get a goal early, the pace will open
    LIVERPOOL FC vs MANCHESTER CITY @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

  6. Panathinaikos is up recently, something that Tuba has shown. He has found consistency in his game, making collaborations, while defending seems to be tightening with the addition of Schenkfeld. AEK, in general, is volatile, defensively defensive and easily concedes the goal. As Panathinaikos has shown, with both Olympiacos and PAOK, he can counter the big teams. I'll risk and bet on Panathinaikos' victory

    If Aris is not serious, it will not have an easy day at home, Astera is dangerous. Both teams score and concede the goal easily, an open match can be made on either side
    ARIS THESSALONIKI vs ASTERAS TRIPOLIS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.20

  7. Under no circumstances can we go against Leicester's form. In addition to beautiful football, it is effective in attack. Arsenal are puzzled and defensively defensive. I expect Leicester, with the help of its headquarters, to take another three-point lead and lay the groundwork for the first four

    I expect both teams to score from one goal. Both Sheffield United and Tottenham are in good shape right now. The Blades have scored three goals in their last game, while Tottenham have scored four. Given these events, I expect an effective race at White Hart Lane
    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs SHEFFIELD UNITED @@ Both team to score, odds 1.80

  8. The home team Bayern Munich are in a strange phase, with defenses lacking, causing a lot of gaps. Dortmund are in better shape and have a psychology of overturning with Inter. Certainly many goals have a great chance, as they play the best attacks, and at the same time, with defensive gaps. I'll risk with Dortmund, I don't trust Bayern at all

  9. By far the most delightful surprise of this year's La Liga is Sociedad, as it figures alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top of the standings. Indeed, today he has a stellar home game against Sky Legends and will win only the first race in a demanding league. The enthusiasm for the Basque people is intense and with their quality they are able to add yet another valuable three-pointer to their asset, which will lead them to a better morale in the cut for national teams.

  10. Cologne remains at the bottom of the standings in the Bundesliga and is apparently looking forward to today's game with Hoffenheim to return to the triplets and take a big breath in the face of a crucial run in the league. The visitors have been faring better than their opponents so far, but today in Cologne they are expected to have difficult times. The two teams are easily scoring in general and the choice of many goals is obvious
    FC COLOGNE vs TSG 1899 HOFFENHEIM @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.58

  11. Expect a low scoring match. Salskier will probably give some of his key players a breather. In addition, United have not conceded a goal yet, scoring just twice in their first three games. This means that all three games ended with a low score and less than two goals
    MANCHESTER UNITED vs FK PARTIZAN @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.70

    Like, 15 days ago, so today I'll bet on many goals. Lazio very often opens her scoring, scoring comfortably. He has to fight aggressively to get the victory, so he will leave defensive gaps. Both teams can give us goals and a spectacle
    SS LAZIO ROMA vs CELTIC GLASGOW @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.70

  12. Manchester City's group phase is coming to an end, as it already has a three to three win streak and can now extend its Bergamo series with Atalanta. The Italians are ineffective but at the same time very aggressive

    I expect both teams to score in Moscow. This is the crucial fight for Lokomotiv. The guests must score to keep their hope of a positive outcome alive. Yuri Semin's men were able to score in Italy, so why not in front of their audience. Juventus, meanwhile, have one player capable of making the difference - Cristiano Ronaldo. But not only that, there are Dibala and Higuain
    FC LOKOMOTIV MOSCOW vs JUVENTUS TURIN @@ Both team to score, ODDS 1.93

    Bayern Munich are big favorites in the match, with players having to prove things. With the removal of the technician and recent failures, he has to be serious and get the win. Olympiacos will fight for the best. Bayern score comfortably, while defenses have gaps and their focus is easily breached, so scoring for both teams is very likely
    FC BAYERN MUNICH vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75

  13. We have a big fight in London as Chelsea and Ajax cross their swords again, after the win that Labard's team had taken in Amsterdam 1-0. In a game then, which by chance did not get to the score, something we expect to happen today
    CHELSEA FC vs AJAX AMSTERDAM @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.60

    I expect no more than four goals at Anfield. Genk will try to avoid another humiliation and I expect a cautious approach. Klopp, meanwhile, will try to breathe in some key players for the upcoming derby with City. Given these facts, I think it will be a race with less than four goals
    LIVERPOOL FC vs KRC GENK @@ +4.50 Under, odds 1.55

    A major race, whichever team wins will have taken the next qualifying step. Inter, especially, will have the same tier. I expect them to give it everything, they will find a goal and it will be confirmed
    BORUSSIA DORTMUND vs INTER MILANO @@ Both team to score, odds 1.65

  14. It does not inspire any trust groups, they are capable of the best and the worst. Low ace and no value, Atromitos has quality, midfield and can do damage like last season
    AEK ATHENS vs ATROMITOS ATHINON @@ Both team to score, odds 2.30

    They are all open in the match and can go anywhere. I'll stay away and bet on both teams to score. Both clubs have defensive gaps and the doubles can easily come out
    AE LARISSA FC vs OFI KRETA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.80

  15. There will be a tough duel, with many fights. Olympiacos are the favorites for the match, but the double performance is low and of no value. It will not be an easy night for Olympiacos, but it has the quality to go through Thrace.
    AO XANTHI FC vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.75

    Continuity is needed for Aris to trust him. He is a favorite in Nea Smyrna, on betting sites, but no air. I expect the match to be judged in the details and so few goals are a big chance
    PANIONIOS vs ARIS THESSALONIKI @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.65

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