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** January Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd ian309, 3rd muttley **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st cookro, 2nd mickyftm32, 3rd Fire and Ice, 4th AdriaN92, 5th stuboy43 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st glavintoby 2nd PercyP, 3rd TVY. KO Cup Winner Alastair. Most Winners Wanderlust **


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  1. He's continued to play very underwhelming snooker but somehow is at 4-4, largely due to his opponent making almost as many sloppy errors as he. Whoever wins this (and I fancy Jiahui at this point) is going home soon unless they have a miraculous turnaround in form in the next match.
  2. McGill didn't turn up tonight 😔 Only saw a few minutes of it near the end, when he went for that long range yellow I was thinking 'uh oh', sure enough he blazes it wide of the pocket, and the Chinese lad cleans up afterwards. Shambles of a performance from Anthony. Thankfully I didn't put the mortgage on him! 😁
  3. I get that Djoker is the big favourite to win the title at this point but I can't be having Tommy Paul at 33/1 (with Paddy Power) to win the whole thing, particularly when there's a chance (small I admit) that Novak's injury flares up again. Small wager obviously (also as I have a bigger bet from earlier for Novak to win the title!) 😁
  4. That is one godawful performance from Pegula 🤦‍♂️
  5. Good analysis mate. Personally I don't think Tiafoe is mentally strong enough to beat Djoker on the big stage, but I agree that he should be making the quarters. Sinner always surprises me, for a guy who hasn't got the same kind of physique as most of the rest of the top tier, he still manages to compete well with them and against them for the most part. Of the three, Fritz is the one who I think could challenge Novak, he's getting stronger every year and I expect he will win a few GSs over the next five years or so. Still though, it's hard to look past the Serb, it'll take a serious performance from any of the aforementioned to overcome him.
  6. I only saw the last frame and a half but Bingham seemed to be playing well and Murphy was dire in that final frame, a world away from the player that beat Robertson. Bingham is certainly playing with confidence again, good to see.
  7. I missed the earlier fluke but I was also gobsmacked he tried that very difficult black at such a crucial point of the match. Trump got out of jail there and didn't look back after that.
  8. I took the safer option of at least 2 centuries as even though Ronnie could easily hit several centuries in a match, he also has a tendency sometimes to get a little unfocused with his potting once he has the frame won.
  9. Has been doing everything in his power since then though not to score a second one! 😆🤦‍♂️
  10. That's the worst I've ever seen Wilson play. Absolutely shocking. Bingham was good in spells but also played dreadfully at times (moreso as he got closer to the finishing line), just less so than Wilson. His positional play wasn't great and his pots were often only sneaking in, I could see him losing in the next round tbh.
  11. Thanks for the tips, just wondering which bookie is offering these? EDIT: Aha found it, it's skybet
  12. I feel your pain my dude. Evans the <insert expletive>, unbelievable!
  13. Watching some of Craigie's match. He's so impetuous, takes on way too many difficult long pots, missing them more often than not. Walden is playing pretty well but he doesn't have to be amazing to win this as he just has to wait for Craigie to miss another difficult long pot, then Walden steps in and cleans up. Frustrating to watch such novice play from Craigie. He gave away that last frame to go 3-1 behind instead of 2-2.
  14. Rydz back to 4-2, still a chance
  15. Paddy Power have the US at 9/2 outright, with the cash out option open currently. They might close off the cash out option though, not sure, but if they don't and the US beat Italy, then their odds will shorten and we could already be in profit. Going to throw something on this (not the house mind you!) 😁
  16. Another one I advised here but didn't put money on myself 😕 (would have been Nadal+games, not sure I would have backed him outright)
  17. Nice work @Fader! And thanks for more excellent tipping advice! I still have Soutar and Wattimena outright, at 200/1 e/w and 150/1 e/w respectively, albeit relatively small stakes, let's see how far they can go!
  18. One thing to keep in mind re Ruud is that his record against lefties is not so great. He's lost to left handed players a few times this year. Hence even though Nadal is out of contention, Ruud might not find it so easy against him, and although Ruud probably will prevail, Nadal could keep it close. It depends as well on whether Ruud needs to win to progress, anyway it's something to keep in mind for the Ruud Nadal clash.
  19. Thanks Czech! I needed that after a few bad losses lately! 😀
  20. Yeh we were unlucky there, could easily have had two in the semis but ended up with none, them's the breaks 😕
  21. De Decker into the semis so we're guaranteed a payout at least! Tough assignment vs Price but he's playing well so you never know!
  22. my internet went on the blink for a while earlier, I was furiously pressing on that 9/2 all morning with william hill but no joy, it wouldn't go through 😕 sure enough, the tip comes in in the meantime! the luck's just not with me at the moment! thanks for the great tip all the same @Fader, the betting gods will surely send some good luck my way for a change soon!
  23. cannot believe I missed out on this 😕 I bet on a couple of others but skipped on Smith as couldn't get the better odds you mentioned Fader 😒 still though, great work @Fader!
  24. Yeh I saw part of it, Doherty played so-so, nothing special, some good long pots but equally a few shocking misses too and his positional play left a lot to be desired at times. Like you said, Williams was a disaster, might as well not have bothered showing up! Anytime he got given an opportunity, which Doherty gave him on several occasions, he made an absolute meal of it. Only positive is as you mentioned that Doherty is likely to get beaten next round so that should provide some opportunities for us.
  25. I'd like to go with you here Czech but what puts me off is how utterly dire Tiafoe was in his last match vs Ruusovorri, he was shocking! Maybe you're right though, he'll have points to defend and good memories of doing well here last year, so perhaps he'll play like we know he can!
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