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    Xtc12 reacted to only1woz in Home underdogs   
    Another profitable week.
    13.12. VILLAREAL madrid 5.10 £38.95 1 0 13.12. ASTON VILLA arsenal 7.00 -£10.00 0 2             TOTAL OVERALL     £280.97    
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    Xtc12 got a reaction from vikki37 in Short Priced Favs   
    1st @ 1.36  
    tracked leaders, led 3 out, drew clear after last, very easily. 
    Ruby and Johnson 8 out of 8
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    Xtc12 got a reaction from arsenalfh in Racing Chat Thread   
    Was Sam Twiston Davies right to come out and apologise over Hawkhurst today or should he have just got on with it.
    It cost me a nice treble but thats racing.
    Paul Nicholls said "You do not need to apologise to anyone, these things happen and you know he is 'quirky' at home. Move on."
    In my opinion STD could do nothing about it.
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    Xtc12 reacted to only1woz in Home underdogs   
    A smashing weekend for the system. £160 profit from this weekend alone should put me in a good position to deal with any long losing streaks for the rest of the season
    05.12. STOKE man city 6.00 £47.50 2 0 05.12. GLADBACH bayern 10.50 £90.25 3 1 05.12. WOLFSBURG dortmund 4.30 -£10.00 1 2 05.12. GRANADA atl madrid 8.00 -£10.00 0 2 05.12. VALENCIA barcelona 10.50 -£10.00 1 1 06.12. NEWCASTLE liverpool 6.40 £51.30 2 0             TOTAL       £252.02  
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    Xtc12 reacted to Matthew in Systematic Selections :: 2017/18 :: 0 Selections :: +0pts :: +0% Yield   
    Incase anyone is interested.
    FREE SYSTEM performance by league for this season, split HW, AW, Total:

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    Xtc12 reacted to Smarty72 in Short Priced Favs   
    Good to see this thread back! One of my favourites!
    Good luck today
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    Xtc12 reacted to giraldi in CgmBet System Software - (Exclusive PL Registered Forum Users 50% Discount Code)   
    fOr3st727, Xtc12 please install, click the UPDATE button and send me your user codes using the form on my CONTACT page. I will send you back the VIP license as soon as possible. So, for this month just 2 ADVANCED licenses remain. Anyway, the ADVANCED version has all the features, except EXPORT and some complex statistics regarding goals minutes.
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    Xtc12 got a reaction from anaconda69 in 2 out of 3 Ain't Bad   
    Thanks for that Anaconda, will keep it going for a while to see how it goes just to get a SR and there are not that many races anyhow.
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    Xtc12 reacted to anaconda69 in 2 out of 3 Ain't Bad   
    Yes it works but only with handicap races and exchange prices for small profit (possibly only worth it for turnover)
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    Xtc12 reacted to froment in The PL's new design - Feedback/Issues here please   
    Yes: click on the square that shows number of thanks, just on the right side of text "Thanks".
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    Xtc12 got a reaction from froment in The PL's new design - Feedback/Issues here please   
    Can you see who has thanked you in a post !
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    Xtc12 got a reaction from Doktora in From Top to Bottom   
    Here we go again for a new season will see tomorrow who our first bets will be. Good Luck to everyone !
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