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  1. Having to post early as I've other commitments this weekend. Selections/results here.
  2. 13/11/2017 - DATABASE UPDATED: All Results Up To 12th November Added. Fixtures, Odds & Free System Updated. 1 for 2 for a tiny loss at the weekend. 25 potentials for this coming weekend. Selections/results here.
  3. Two selections for the 11th. Selections/results here.
  4. Not having a great season so far with the home bets. Positive on the away bets though. Five potential selections for the 11th. Selections/results here.
  5. Six selections for the weekend. Selections/results here.
  6. Some close to selection tonight, one definite for tomorrow night. Selections/results here.
  7. 16 selections for the weekend. Selections/results here.
  8. 1 for tonight. 2 for tomorrow. Selections/results here.
  9. More dross, terrible run at the mo. Selections/results here.
  10. 10 selections for tomorrow. Selections/results here.
  11. Bleurgh! 6/6 incorrect. Selections/results here.
  12. It seems to me that you have a good feel for which way to go on these. Keep watching and keep tracking the results. If a small league the books might be reacting to bets in the market on the opposite team. They can't be looking for much business if not offering odds until 30mins before kick off.
  13. 6 selections tonight from 9 potential selections, oddly I've selected Exeter to beat Luton but Luton to beat Exeter was also a selection from a systematic standpoint - the odds just don't quite justify the risk. It'll end in a draw now I bet!!!! Selections/results here.