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  1. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Saturday selections None of these are too far away from being matched so hopefully will get there tomorrow
  2. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    I get that, thanks for the tip. I usually update on my laptop, so put my positives in green and negatives in red, but did that update on my phone so wasn't able to put colours on it. Will bear it in mind for future though, cheers
  3. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Tonight Sitting partially matched so should get there no problem. More for the weekend later I'm sure......
  4. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Last 3 games, lyon were 1 down for a long time, equalised late on but couldn't find a winner. Other 2 won no problem. Daily total - -£16.00 Running total - £101.50
  5. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Matched in all 3 games
  6. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Tonight Tomorrow That's it for this weekend, nothing for Sunday. Still a lot of leagues on their winter break.
  7. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Matched in Benfica, Braga and after about 15 mins in the Porto game. All winners so current running total profit of £117.50
  8. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    BRAGA, SPORTING and AVES were all winners, giving profit of £28.50, leaving the current total at £89.00 Todays bets are Obviously I've mentioned that the odds from CGM and actual betfair odds can vary a bit. So this is my thinking moving forward. Now, you'll see 2 sets of odds for my selections. The second set of odds is the odds from CGM bet tool (Benfica should read 6.5 not 6.7). I'm looking to get matched as close to the CGM bet odds as possible. Maximum I will accept over the CGM odds is 1 point (so 6.0 to CGM 5.0) as I don't want to lose too much value. In light of this, I may not get matched with some bets. If I don;t get matched then I will update when I give my results. For example, in the Porto match above, the odds on CGM were around 8.10. I set a small bet (to test) at 8.6 a day or two ago as betfair was around 9.0, and it's now shot out to 10.0 Moving forward I wil leave the original bets up and if I get matched in play then happy days, if not it'll be a void bet. I need to be wary of the value, while not cutting my nose off to spite my face
  9. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Yes, I understand that
  10. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    CGM tool gives odds so just used them to calculate the totals, that's why it's given as rough totals or estimated profits. What I have noticed is that there can be a big difference in the odds on the CGM bet tool and those offered at betfair. That may alter the totals I get during my test, but again, that's why I'm testing rather than backing with real money.
  11. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    And 2 for tomorrow
  12. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    One in Portugal starting now....
  13. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Update Aberdeen - £9.50 Dundee - -24.50 Juventus - £9.50 Empoli - £9.50 Napoli - £9.50 Milan - £9.50 Update Total - £23.00 Overall Total - £60.50 Nothing now till after the new year. Have a great one everybody. Stay safe and have fun
  14. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    The rest of todays......
  15. Lay The Draw CgmBet Selections

    Juve v Samp has just started. Missed it and Juve have scored 2 mins in Going to add it in using the pre-match odds from betfair which were sitting around 7.6. Happy to do this as it's just a test atm, and it was just down to me not being able to get my lazy bum out of bed this morning. Bloody Ronaldo!