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  1. This is what I do now. None of my bets are in play so there's nothing to be gained from me going through the roller-coaster emotions of a match being played out. I realised this about a month ago lol. Instead of having my phone with a notification on the app I use for every goal I simply have it set for a half time and full time notification. I can still look into a game if I feel like it, but like I say it avoids the ups and downs of a match. Much better lol.
  2. Personally, I wouldn't be using any form until at least the new season, and I'll see what that actually looks like before committing to any bets. Normally I look for trends that go back years, rather than weeks or months. Just my preference but seems to work well.
  3. Have you considered betfair? You can now select commission as low as 2% on the exchange and very often the odds are much better than traditional bookies so will negate any commission anyway. No limits or closing of winning accounts. As long as you're bets aren't too obscure ie throw ins or minute of goal scored, or really obscure leagues then you should have no problem getting matched. Also, although I personally don't have any experience of this, I'm led to believe that Asian bookies will accept all bets, all stakes and never close accounts but maybe someone else can confirm that about Asian bookies?
  4. Not that I want to remember it, being Scottish and all, but we actually famously lost the match v Costa Rica 1-0, and it was at Italia 90 not Mexico 86. Kinda calls into question the rest of your points, if you can't get those basics right, no?
  5. Hi, thank you for this. Would it be possible to save multiple defaults? I look at several different settings across various leagues. It would be helpful to be able to do it with one click. This is not a big issue, so it's not a problem if it's not possible, it would just make it a little easier for me, personally. Thanks again 😁
  6. Hi giraldi. Would it be possible to create a saved settings in the upsets section? So I could save my fav leagues, odds and favourite not won home selection?
  7. Hi Giraldi As the Irish league is due to start again on 14th Feb, I was wondering when the software will update with their fixtures? I like to bet on that league so keen to know. As ever, thanks for your efforts, I love the software and use it most days. Cheers 😀
  8. Same as Harry, I'm on 2% now also. Didn't fancy any of the rewards for the higher commission. Love the 2%.
  9. 4 for today - have missed out on one or two, aberdeen is live atm about 25 mins in but odds are about the same as they were prematxh so I've included them 26.01. away juventus 2.28 26.01. away covilha 2.90 26.01. away aberdeen 2.26 26.01. home almeria 1.88
  10. A few for tomorrow 25.01. home gent 1.92 25.01. away rotherham 2.60 25.01. home ipswich 2.14 25.01. home lens 2.04 25.01. home motherwell 2.42
  11. Midweek selections 20.01. home west brom 1.92 21.01. away wycombe 4.00 22.01. away fulham 1.96
  12. 14.01. away ipswich 3.80 £9.80 0 0 14.01. away zaragoza 3.20 -£22.00 0 1 15.01. away rennes 2.42 -£14.20 0 1 15.01. home cadiz 2.00 £9.80 3 3 16.01. home almeria 1.90 -£9.00 2 0 17.01. home fulham 1.95 -£9.50 1 0 17.01. away monchengladbach 2.68 £9.80 2 0 19.01. away perth glory 2.28 -£12.80 0 1 19.01. away leicester 1.98 £9.80 1 2 19.01. away nacional 1.90 £9.80 3 1 19.01. away cadiz 3.25 £9.80 1 0 19.01. away almeria 2.76 £9.80 1 1 19.01. away huesca 3.00 -£20.00 1 2 19.01. away sivasspor 4.10 -£31.00 1 2 -£8.70 -£8.70 -£41.20 -£41.20 Home Overall Away Overall £7.70 -£93.80
  13. Missed a few bets yesterday as I had laptop issues. Namely that I didn't have it with me. Anyhoo, a few for tomorrow 19.01. away perth glory 2.28 19.01. away leicester 1.98 19.01. away nacional 1.90 19.01. away cadiz 3.25 19.01. away almeria 2.76 19.01. away huesca 3.00 19.01. away sivasspor 4.10
  14. 17.01. home fulham 1.95 17.01. away monchengladbach 2.68