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  1. In not in afraid, no. Quite glad as I think man City and Liverpools form last season would have been a killer. Spain probably still profitable though.
  2. Not sure if it makes a difference, but betfair are now allowing you to choose a plan with different rates of commission. 8% - you get certain benefits/promotions etc 5% - slightly less of the above 2% - zero of the above. I'm not interested in promos or free goes at slots or anything. Gone from 5% to 2% which could make a sizeable difference to my profit. Happy days.
  3. Ah okay fantastic, thanks for letting me know! And thanks again for the software, it's been really useful!
  4. Hi @giraldi I'm looking on the "upsets" tab and the leagues for Russia and Czech Republic aren't showing for this season yet? Still showing last season as the up to date one. I've just updated the app, would appreciate any help, thanks
  5. You'll never get better than evens for even goals before kick off mate. That would be bookies throwing money away, and they don't tend to do that.
  6. Trabzonspor a bet today @4.3 unmatched atm. Will update later
  7. Weekend selections. Starting to wind down towards end of season now
  8. Only 2 this midweek tl friday, both tonight Ireland
  9. A couple of late goals for Rio Ave gave them an unexpected draw with Porto. Luckily, for once, I didn't get matched so no bet. Small profit this week. Edited to add that after checking the tool, none of the 3 Irish games would have been a selection lol, so that should be a much bigger profit this week.
  10. Irish matches tonight. No odds on the tool so have had to estimate what they might be.
  11. Hi @giraldi any particular reason why ther'e no odds available for the matches in Ireland that kick off at 19.45 tonight? Also, where do you get the odds for the games on the tool, is it just oddschecker or something or a particular site? Many thanks.
  12. Weekend selections. No odds for Irish matches tomorrow night, but will put them up tomorrow teatime with estimated odds if the tool isn't showing them yet.
  13. Not even close to being matched in the benfica game. Draw odds around 13.0 at kick off lol Nothing til Friday now.
  14. Weekend results. Have to admit, got very lucky at Lyon. Angers scored, odds for draw dropped and I got matched, then the goal was ruled out. Lyon scored shortly after. Probably wouldn't have been matched otherwise. Seeing as my one loser was to a 95th min penalty then I'll not feel too bad about my little slice of luck lol.