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  1. 2.55 Ling Breaking Waves 9/2 (1 pt win at 6.6)

    3.10 Muss Get With It 10/3

    4.20 Wolv Politics 5/1 (1 pt win at 6.4)

    1 x 1 pt win Trixie = 4 pts with a poss return of 225.83

    Singles and savers

    2.55 Lin Man Of Gold 1 pt win at 2.44

    3.10 Muss Creative Control 1.55 win at 3.7

    4.20 Wolves My Boy Jack 2 pts win at 3.5

    7.20 Wolves Have a combination forecast on @richard-westwood's selections but have included Mobashr as well just in case = 3 pts poss return 6.0 to 34 pts.  Put 1 pt wins on Maobashr and To The Nines 7/2 and 4.2 plus 0.50 ew at16/1 Royal Muscateer = 6 pts outlay.  Can't lose can I? 🙂

    Total stakes = 16.55 today


    A few unexpected results scuppered any chance of a profit today.  My Boy Jack very disappointing.  Two winners and unfortunately Politics got stuffed by an outsider.  The net loss was 8.46.  My MTD is -21.98 and YTD -285.42

    Three meetings tomorrow in the UK with a class 3 in the 2.05 at Fontwell that looks interesting

  2. Probably missed the boat with Sandy Thompson's winning run but will include Faithful Flyer in a Trixie

    1.45 Hunt Grand D'Ange .3/1

    2.20 Hunt First Impression 5/1

    2.40 Kel Faithful Flyer 9/4

    1 x 1 pt win Trixie = 4 pts = poss return of 134.50

    1.45 Hunt Art Of Illusion 9/4

    2.20 Hunt Impulsive One 9/4

    1 x 1 pt win double with poss return of 10.56

    = 5 points staked

    Back soon with singles and savers


    Grand D'Ange wins

    2.20 Hunt Impuslive One 1.50 win at 3.7for 4.10 profit

    2.40 Kel Lewa House 1 pt win at 4.9 and Ginger Pointe 0.50 ew at 10/1

    I have napped Pic Dhory in the 2.55 at Huntingdon but in all honesty won't back it at 9/4

    Total stakes today = 8.50 today


    2.55 Hunt Mr Fisher  1 pt win at 10.5

    Disappointing day




  3. 14 minutes ago, Villa Chris said:

    Venetia Williams has had two winners today being upped in distance . Wonder if Quick Wave can follow suit in the last race at Sandown 

    It did Chris.  Well done to Venetia.  I think it was only a couple of weeks ago when she had gone a long stretch without a winner. I couldn't resist laying Almazhah Garde for 1 pt at 4.50 when it was out in front by about 30 lengths

  4. 12 hours ago, The Equaliser said:

    11.45 Aint Our Marty 0.25 ew at 40/1(Lucinda Russell's horses running well).  Top two look to be skinny odds

    Will post up others later

    12.20 Aint Tyre Kicker 1 pt win at 7.0 (4th in the market line up but I like Gavin Cromwell so think it's worth a shot)

    1.10 San Scarpia 025 pts ew at 16/1 and Sidi Ismael 0.50 ew at 8/1

    No luck so far

    2.40 Aint Knight In Dubai 6/1 (1 pt win at 7.4)

    3.15 Aint Walking On Air 10/3

    6.20 Wolv Pocket The Profit 11/4 (2 pts win at 4.4 My PL Nap today)

    1 x 1 pt win Trixie  = 4 pts poss return of 186.58

    Singles and savers

    1.30 Aint Noble Yeats 1 pt win at 6.2

    2.33 Weth Harr Du Berlais 1 pt win at 7.2

    2.40 Aint Wishing And Hoping 0.25 ew at 22/1


    Just one winner today.  It's a pity that Pocket The Profit was denied a win by a neck from a 10/1 shot but at least it ran to expectations.  This created a small loss of 4.40 on the day which wasn't too bad considering. This makes an MTD of -4.02 and YTD of -267.46

    Only two meetings tomorrow but they look interesting.  Don't know if @richard-westwood may take a look at the 1.05 at Kelso Scottish Borders National Handicap Chase.  the favourite is 4/1 so there looks to be scope for a bet

  5. 11.45 Aint Our Marty 0.25 ew at 40/1(Lucinda Russell's horses running well).  Top two look to be skinny odds

    Will post up others later

    12.20 Aint Tyre Kicker 1 pt win at 7.0 (4th in the market line up but I like Gavin Cromwell so think it's worth a shot)

    1.10 San Scarpia 025 pts ew at 16/1 and Sidi Ismael 0.50 ew at 8/1

  6. 3 hours ago, richard-westwood said:

    Just posting early because some big prices 

    Becher chase 

    Didero vallis    8.9 25/1 

    Cloth cap     8.7  28/1 

    Hill sixteen    8.5  12/1 

    Gesskille    8.2 

    Percussion   7.9 

    Gesskille is,all the rage but he's only 6 yo and that just seems a little young for a race of this stature ...I might be wrong but I think its worth taking him on ...top3 are good prices so I'll try 5pt ew all 3 and 1pt rev forecasts top 4 

    Good luck with this Richard.  My 0.50 reverse forecast indicates that I will clear my YTD loss if they the top two come first and second 🤣.  The bookies are only giving 4/1 about Gesskille but I managed 1 pt win at 7.2 on Betfair Exchange.  0.50 win bets on the other three.  3.50 pts staked in all

    Put another 10 pts to win on Gesskille at 7.2 with a view to lay it back to get at least my 3.50 points back for a zero liability 🙂

  7. 12.25 Win Happy News 1 pt win at 6.2 @The Brigadier's selection at a price of 5/2.  Drifted out to 9/2 but looks worth a punt


    1.25 Win Midnight Glance 5/2

    2.25 Win Born At Midnight 5/2

    8.30 Chelm Michaelos Boy 9/4

    1 x 1 pt win Trixie = 4 pt poss return of 74.80

    Singles and savers

    1.25 Win Putdecashonthedash 0.50 ew at 13/2 La Cavsa Nostra 0.50 ew at 11/1

    2.25   Win No Hubs No Hoobs 1 pt win at 5.39

    8 pts staked today


    Trying to be a bit more cautious this month.  Midnight Glance lost but Born at Midnight won

    Will do a couple of savers in the 8.30 at Chelms.  Grace Angel 2 pts win at 4.3 and Diomed Spirit 1 pt win at 6.2.  Will B/E if the favourite wins and mitigate the loss if either of the other two win. 


    I think Grace Angel would have got a lot closer had it not missed the break at the start of the race.  However, the double with Michaelos Boy, thanks to @Alastairwas the best outcome for me.  Pity that Midnight Glance didn't win.  Broke even on the day making 0.38 profit = MTD, YTD -263.06

    Some class racing at Sandown tomorrow but a lot of short priced favourites.  A class 2 and class 3 at Newcastle looks interesting

  8. 1.55 Lin Meisher 6/1 (0.7 win at 6/1) @The Brigadier

    2.25 Lin Greatgadian 10/3 @The Brigadier Nap

    7.50 Km Siskany 13/8 (2.30  3.26) Have faith that Will Buick has chosen the right horse to ride for Charlie Appleby)

    1 x 1 pt win Trixie = 4 points = poss return of 139.70

    Total stakes = 7 pts today

    Greatgadian came 4th so I'm glad I didn't go each way with my bet.  Meisher won so have 4.50 pts to come back anyway

    @richard-westwoodhas chosen my last leg race for his ratings bet today.  I have had a small 0.50 reverse forecast which won't amount to much and 0.50 win on Bellocia at 4/1 and 0.70 win at 3/1 on Wild Crusade.  I will be surprised if Wild Crusade beats Siskany and Will Buick has got it wrong but you never know,  If it does then maybe Will should speak to Richard in future about which horse he chooses to ride when he has more than one choice 🙂

    9.20 stakes today


    A neck and a nose prevented me from making a profit today with Siskany.  Well done to @richard-westwoodfor getting the winner.  I didn't lose on his bet.  My small loss today was 1.80 pts.  This makes my MTD  -51.70 and YTD -263.44

    I must say that I am very pleased to get November out of the way.  This has been an awful transition from the flat to the jumps this year.

    I have it all to do to try and get back into surplus before the end of the year with just one month to go.  Got to go for it though.

    Looks like it is class 4 and below races tomorrow.  There are two class 3 races, one with a favourite in at 6/5 and the other with a Willie Mullins horse in at 4/7.  The bookies don't make it easy for us do they?

  9. 3 hours ago, MCLARKE said:

    The best odds were not available with one of the bookmakers allowed so I could not bring myself to back a horse that logically to me was not value.

    I have picked a horse in a 8 runner race with odds closest to 11/2. In hindsight I shouldn't really have picked an each way shot, probably have been better going with another short priced favourite.

    I'm probably over thinking this but I'm desperate to win a prize, it's a bit embarassing that I still haven't won one.

    Haha, you picked the right one anyway.  If you had picked the short priced favourite you would have lost

  10. 32 minutes ago, MCLARKE said:

    Wolverhampton 3.50

    Again, not a bet I will be putting money on but as part of my challenge for the most winners table. I would have gone for the shortest priced favourite but I don't want to copy @Alastairand be found guilty of breaching my own rules !





    Has anyone ever reached the required £10 profit PURELY by backing odds on favourites in the comp?  I know that many PL members, including Alastair get to the required £10 profit by backing odds against selections and then proceed to back the odds on shots for the rest of the month which is not the same thing.  Good luck with your selection, I think you need a small mix of odds against winners to win the comp

  11. 1.45 Km Bug Boy 2 pts win at 6.2 (my PL Nap) Cover bet on Longclaw 0.6 at 7/2 (this is a 5 yo and though there are two in the race this one looks to be the best)

    Have done @richard-westwood's selections in a 0.50 reverse forecast and Algheed 0.50 ew at 14/1.  Have left out a singles bet on The Thin Blue Line as it is too short for me.  Richard's selections have defied a bad draw before and won so let's hope that two horses can do it today

    = 4.5 staked

    Not finding much (a bit like my selections) but I will keep trying

    Been away and just managed to avoid paying £232 for a window switch for my Honda Accord (what a liberty Honda takes with spare part prices)

    I think I know where I went wrong in the 1.45 at Kempton so will now try to make up for it in the 6.55 at Wolves

    6.55 Wolves So Grateful 2 pts win at 4.7 (appears to be the improver) 0.6 win at 11/2 Astro Jack (if he's on a going day) and 0.50 EW at 35/1 on Rebel Redemption; a C&D winner and the selection of the RP

    = Total stakes of 8.10 today

    Fingers crossed for Richard's selections in the 6.25


    So grateful ran well so I can't complain.  I should have had a saver on the winner instead of backing the outsider.  At least I played Richard's selections right today and almost got my money back on the bet as Algheed was placed.  Loss on the day = -6.3, MTD -49.90 and YTD -261.64

    Four UK meetings later.  I can only find two class 3 events, one with an 11/10 favourite and the other with a 7/4 favourite both in handicaps.  Looks like another tough day ahead.  I will focus on the class 4 and class 3 races; haven't got time for all the races

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