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  1. 19 minutes ago, Zilzalian said:

    One word there was out of context or missing and you decide to pick up on it, the missing word was "would". but you still made a right prat of yourself accusing an administrator of  breaching the rules. Have you appologised yet? or was it his fault? you let your last petty complaint dictate your slur this time. MCLARKE is not responsible for what i type, again, this is not the first time is it? and the last time, you,m not seeing the selection i put up you suggested it was my fault for not putting it in the place that suited you rather than just admitting that you didnt bother to look or see it, you seem to think that you are a main contributor on here and indeed you are, contributing your constant losses which is i must admit is quite useful as it tells others what not to back. As for voting on anything thats not necessary, all it takes is for the admins of this site to look at a reasonable request and either agree and change the rule or dissagree and leave the rule as it is. the whole point of my post was to that affect it did not disparage anyone or the site i made that quite clear in my topic comment. Might i suggest you stick to what you said and stop listening to the noise because your boring the tits of me with your petty whining and your sideways swipes.
    have you appologised yet? i am waiting, if you keep responding to me i will keep asking you to appologise, my comments disparaged no one unlike your unfounded accusations of cheating.

    You don't let up do you?

    It is a fact that you  put your selection up as Nap on Saturday

    It is a fact that at 12.05 am you wrote that the selection had been returned at 10/1 in the Naps table instead of 28/1.  Indeed this was the basis of your conversation throughout the day.

    Any reasonable person would conclude that this had been credited to you by Michael @MCLARKE

    There is no other logical explanation for your "beef".

    Hence, it seems to be a mystery to me as to whether the entry did appear in the Naps table or not.   It isn't there now.

    I have no problem apologising to @MCLARKEor even you if it is justified.

    Let Michael decide, bearing in mind the facts ,whether he feels that I need to apologise to him



  2. 16 minutes ago, Zilzalian said:

    Go apologise to @MCLARKE for wrongly accusing him of breaching the rules. Anything else you have got to say is of no interest to me.

    "the second winner Techno Music bet365 BOG won at 28/1 returned on the naps table at 10/1 a significant reduction once again, the reason, it was a race in Germany rule-sp only."

    These were your words not mine.  How can you expect me to check out whether what you say is true or not.  I do remember Michael @MCLARKE writing something like "where do I find the results of your race late last night.  I don't remember seeing anything that said that the selections was outside the rules and had to be ignored.

    All I am saying is that you should follow the rules of the comp just like most of us do.

    I have no objection to the rules being changed.  However, it would be nice if Punters Lounge members could have a vote on it 


  3. 55 minutes ago, Zilzalian said:

    You wasnt going to say anything but you couldnt stop yourself eh?

    The last time you had a snidey dig you failed to go check the facts re my discusion on french racing.

    I asked for a discussion which is ongoing i did not as you say, "keep pushing" if after this discusion a resonable argument can be made for a rule change in the interests of fairness then fine if not then also fine. Might i point out that @MCLARKEhas suggested a solution (screenshot evidence). lets be honest here on the rare occasion that a problem occurs is a good compromise but you havent even bothered to aknowledge or comment on.

    and now you have jumped in telling me how lucky i was to get the said selection without checking the table, I assume this part is based around your failure to get the rules changed so that you could class a losing bet as a winner which no one supported and rightly so even though most understood your grievance. but on no planet could you change a rule to turn a losing bet into a winner.

    Everything you said here is ill informed rubbish including  "all around the world" we are talking europe and in this case Hoppegarten germany which i might point out is on RP and ATR, today. are you suggesting that South Korea should be allowed because it is on atr? but a grade one track in germany shouldt be?
    you owe @MCLARKE an appology for accusing him of breaching the rules, again i assume you parroted that because he wouldn't breach the rules for you, consider this, if you cried like a baby over 0.006p being classed as a loser i would hate to see your meltdown on a 28/1 nap being classed as a loser.

    You, he who has been in negative returns territory since i came on here is "urging" me to stop posting up 28/1 winners to the naps table ermmm?

    Your last line is both condescending and insulting so please desist in talking to me like i am a naughty schoolboy.

    Lastly i expect to read your full appology to @MCLARKE not on the end of this thread but on a tread of its own.

    You are always telling me to ignore "noise" so I will 🙂

  4. 11 minutes ago, MCLARKE said:

    I don't think @Zilzalianpurposefully flouted the rules. Also, the selection hasn't been included as a winner.

    I propose that the rules are changed so that a non UK or Irish race can be chosen but if it wins then proof must be provided. 

    This will make the admin easier.

    Well, that will be OK as long as the rules are changed to reflect this.   It isn't rocket science.  Are you free to amend the rules without ATR permission? If so, let's see it written in quite quickly so that all members can not only see it but use it.  Many thanks

  5. 1 hour ago, Zilzalian said:

    A level playing field only needs there to be an equal chance for all, like i have said elswhere if i nap a horse in Europe as long as everyone can get on that horse at that price (obviously with a bit of variation sps being time fluid) at that time it is fair, that is to say as long as anyone has the same opportunity to nap any given horse at the time of placing the bet then there is no contention and it is fair.

    Of all the suggestions the one i dont like is scrap BOG for the naps and in principle i would agree but the only problem is it bears no relation to personal profit and loss. surely thats the very idea of competition. @MCLARKEis running an experiment based around value in odds on shots for punters on here to give concideration too we all know value is everything in betting. It is a far greater risk picking double figure odds for the comp than randomly picking a fav.

    Example- (re- the naps comp and table). I made £280 on that nap, if i had left itand or been penalised to SP I would have made £100 so the work i put in to identify good or excellent value then becomes negated compared to a pin sticker choosing the same horse hours later.

    I wasn't going to say anything but you keep pushing so I will.

    I think that you were very lucky for Michael @MCLARKE to even count your selection as being a winner.  The rules state that " Any race can be selected as long as it is covered by the Racing Post / ATR. " .  This being so Michael @MCLARKE has IMO breached the rules by allowing it as a winner.  The rules were made so as to be practical for administrators to do their job without traipsing around everywhere to find all racing results all around the world.  Unless and until the rules are changed I urge you to only post up selections in the Nap competition that are within the rules.  You can always post up a juicy entry under "Racing Chat" or the £20 challenge if you wish to help members find a winner.

    Please desist in flouting the rules; it is not fair on all members that follow them

  6. No scope for a multiple bet today so will put up some singles win bets

    1.50 Pont Talha 0.30 at 10/1

    3.00 Pon Gale Force Maya 2 pts win at 3.35 (my PL Nap today) + Barbanera 0.30 win at 18/1 @Quartu SEew nap and 0.15 at 28/1 win on Favourite Child @waggy ew Nap

    3.35 Pon Sanitiser 1 pt win at 3/1 (I just like the horse)

    2.35 Chelm Jedba 0.60 win at 10/1

    3.10 Chelm Sky Blue Pink 0.30 win at 14/1

    3.53 Sou Society Lion 0.30 win at 16/1, Gowan Lad 0.3 win at 22/1 and Dark shot 0.30 win at 16/1

    Total stakes = 5.55

    This is more like my idea of fun than bitching all day long



    A complete blank today I'm afraid.  Quite a few favourites went in today and you will rarely see me complain about that. -5.55 = MTD -35.58 & YTD -237.76

    I will have to wait until the evening races tomorrow at Windsor and Bangor for Class 4 and upwards races.  Nothing doing for me tomorrow afternoon


  7. 20 minutes ago, black rabbit said:

    thought i'd share this with you ted / the landlord in my local proudly declared to few of us punters last evening that he'd developed betting system,

    having listened to his description of how it operates i quickly deduced that it was "shite" and completly without any logic, being the shrewd punter

    that i am /  i offered to lay all the bet's that he and few bar punters were going to make on the selections from the little bank they had put together

    { this is like shelling pea's says i / easy beer money }  well so far today they had winners at 14/1, 10/1, 7/2, 14/1,9/1, amoung the selections

    and still got the evening meetings to go  😬 🙈😆    i will stick to punting them from now on  😀

    Can you afford to go back to the pub and payout?

    Please share with us all the betting system?

  8. 11 minutes ago, Bang on said:

    A few interesting runners that are down in weight and running well below their last winning weight within the last year.

    3.25 Ripon - Garden Oasis  3/1 (8lbs below)  - 

    4.50 Perth - Lord Condi  3/1 (12lbs below)

    6.10 M.Rasen - Captain Cobajay  6/1 (9lbs below)

    7.20 Wolv - Global Warning  7/1  ( 10lbs below)

    Thanks for this.  My bet on Wen moon didn't get matched, thankfully so I'll put 1 pt win on Garden Oasis at 3/1 with Bet 365

    Good luck with this and your other selections today

  9. Probably spent too much but here goes:

    1.40 Rip New Definition 11/4

    2.50 Rip Black Rod 9/2

    3.258 Rip Pisanello 7/2

    3.35 Nb Pogo 3/1

    6 x 0.5 win dble, 4 x 0.5 win trbles and 1 0.5 win 4 fold = 5.5 = poss return of 415.13


    2.41 Don Object 0.6 at 6/1

    3.00 Nb Secret Film 0.6 win at 13/2

    3.35 Nb Pogo 1 pt win at 4.1, Dunai Poet 0.6 win at 8/1 and Wings Of War 0.3 win at 16/1

    1.40 Rip Wen Moon 1 pt win at 4.1 (um 3.8)

    2.50 Rip Black Rod 1 pt win at 5.6, Summerghand 0.5 at 5/1, Emperor Spirit 0.6 at 15/2 and Intrinsic Bond 0.6 at 14/1

    2.35 Perth Mortloch 1 pt win at 6.2

    4.15 Perth Wolf Prince 0.6 at 5/1 and Britzka 0.6 win at 11/2

    Total stakes = 14.50

    This should keep me amused for the afternoon

    Good luck everyone



    No winners in my multiple from what looked to be very good fancies.  Luckily I got 3 winners, kicking myself for not having 0.6 pts on @TheBrigadier 's Documenting, don't know how I missed it.  @Bang on' s winner together with @richard-westwood / @Tedthewolf combi tip allowed me to make a small 2.40 profit on the day.  Many thanks to them.  My MTD -30.03 & YTD  -232.21

    Some class4 and above racing tomorrow but lots of short priced favourites which means I either have to oppose them or leave the race(s) alone.  The 3.53 at Southwell looks interesting.  Badri looks to good to be true at 7/2 whilst Society Lion who beat it at Wolves is at 12/1 although being 5lbs better off and 2.75 lengths to the good.  I know that Society Lion ran a stinker on turf LTO but hopefully back on the AW it should run better 🤞


  10. 28 minutes ago, maxironchin said:

    I was going for the win only, but was very confident of a place at least so planned to get my money back. Missed the actual race due to watching Meg Myers videos. Turned out alright though.

    I think that 3 pts ew would have been safer than 6 pts win so I think that you got it right.  Thought it might lose the race in the stewards room.  I would have hated that.  Many thanks for highlighting the winner 🙂

  11. 37 minutes ago, maxironchin said:

    19.58 Newmarket

    Looking at those who have won at course and distance. Bell Rock is top rated but obviously carries the weight for that and is not on his best form. Power of Darkness is not at his best and is unlikely to suddenly improve at age 7. Chasing Aphrodite is a youngster who has shown success but nothing outstanding. This leaves Dutch Decoy who ha shown good form all this season and won well here not so long ago 

    3pt EW.


    Yes, I do like this horse.  I will have 1 pt win at 7.4.  I rarely back each way or do place bets these days.  Good luck

  12. 3.10 Nb 1 pt win on Minnetonka at 6.4


    No good

    3.25 Nott High Wells 0.30 win at 22/1 (this is an ew Nap from @clinton) althouh @justanotherpuntergoes for Red Force One at 4/1 Up 10lbs but 5lbs claimer aboard.  should be fun to watch

    3.40 NB Miss Attitude 1 pt win at 4.8 and Absolutelyflawless 1 pt win at 5.6 (if it can catch the leaders)

    3.30 total stakes so far


    At least Miss Attitude won for me. Did it well.

    7.15 Thsk Farhhfromforgotten 1 pt win at 7.97 (has some fancy entries so I'm hoping that it will fly)

    7.58 Nm Power Of Darkness 1 pt win at 11.00 (should have staked 0.6 but could only get 8/1 with the bookies.  This is an EW PLTR tip + @Zilzalian 's Nap at 9/1 so it will do for me.

    5. 30 staked today and will get back 3.74 from Miss Attitude (should have napped it Grrrrrrr

    Totally uninspiring racing again today

    Good luck to all



    two winners today and a profit because  @maxironchin highlighted the Mark Johnston runner Dutch Decoy.  I was a little bit annoyed with myself because I fancied Zulu Tracker, Miss Attitude and Captain Winters and didn't back or nap any of them.  I am always being knocked from pillar to post in here for backing favourites and when I don't do them they win.  Well from now on I will be considering the first 3 in the betting in the races I am interested in and if one of them matches my criteria then I shall back them in my multiples.  Possibly put double stakes on the Nap bet.  I will still have an interest in the longer priced horses as I am not afraid to back more than one horse in a race as long as I make a decent profit overall.

    My MTd is now -32.43 and YTD is -234.61

    There is a disappointing card at Doncaster tomorrow; Newbury and Ripon quite good.  Some good races over the jumps at Perth too.  I may be able to skip the class 4 races and focus on class 3 and upwards




  13. 2 hours ago, calva decoy said:

    Jumps season you go onto the individual type of races be it chase , hurdles or national hunt flat which is informative ie off the top of my head at Bangor Donald McCain has an excellent record over hurdles compared to his chasers , all good info when looking for a winner if you're a fan of stats 👍

    Yes, aligning the stats to fit with the "players" in a race seems to be the trick.  I know that Matt Chapman hates them. He walked off the set when Adelle Mulrennan was quoting them.  I think on that occasion she was right.  Whilst it is true what Matt Chapman says that just because a 3 year old etc has never won x type of event, for example, it is unwise to say the one that is favourite today can't win it, it is also true that the stats do have a real impact on events.  The question I guess is that one needs to be aware of when to take notice of them or dismiss them  

  14. 10 minutes ago, alexcaruso808 said:

    Thanks @calva decoy & @The Equaliser - it's now very obvious, I was looking so much that I didn't see it.  

    They are not easy to spot as they are on the same tab line as the race times at the end.

    What you also may care to look at is under Racing Post Race cards. When when you click on "stats" you get general information but if you scroll down to the bottom, in red you will see "statistical breakdown by race type" There are some very revealing 5 season stats in there 

  15. The only top-class racing in the UK today is at Lingfield where we have the very unpredictable Racing League races this evening.  I have tried to do what @calva decoy did at Donny last time, i.e. focus on the trainers with a good record at the track.

    5.40 Lin Consensus De Vega 4/1 (Roger Varian 27%)

    6.40 Lin Zenga 10/3 (Roger Varian 27%)

    7.10 Lin Menai Bridge 4/1 (Charlie Hills 18%)

    7.40 Lin Neandra 7/4 Andrew Balding (23% with his 3 year olds)

    6 x 0.5 win doubles, 4 x 0.5 win trebles and 1 x 0.5 win 4 fold = 5.50 with poss return of 350.91

    I have continued in this vain with trainers and jockey runners for my singles bets though there are too many stats to mention here.

    5.10 Alablaq 0.3 at 12/1, Aberama Gold (longest traveller KD) 0.3 at 11/1, Cry Havoc (Rae Guest only runner) 0.30 at 20/1 and Global Humour @mick33selection 0.15 at 33/1

    5.40 Neptune Legend 0.30 at 14/1 and A La Francaise 0.30 at 11/1

    6.10 Kingdom Of Dreams 0.6 win at 11/2 James Tate 25% s/r with 2yo (somehow I can't bring myself to back Immortal Beauty for Richard Hannon)

    6.40 Zenga 2 pts win at 10/3 (my PL Nap), He's a Gentleman 0.3 win at 18/1 and Postmark 0.60 at 9/1 with Frankie aboard (good s/r at Lingfield

    7.10 Taravera 20/1, Red October 22/1, Fox Power 12/1 all for 0.30 stakes + Prydon 0.6 win at 17/2 (G Scott 29/4 though only 4 winners over last 5 years)

    7.40 Pld Port 0.30 win at 10/1 and Desert Emperor 0.6 win at 17/2 Ivan Furtado's only runner (15% S/R with 4 y o +) Why oh why have the Gosdens' put Hayley Turner on Storm Castle? she has a very poor strike rate and it looks as though Frankie could have rode it!

    8.10 Country Pyle 1 pt win at 9/2 (Frankies best ride of the IMO), Good Soul 0.30 win at 12/1 and Reverend Hubert 0.30 win at 16/1 (looks to be Richard Hannon's best chance of the day because he has a 20% strike rate with his 4 year old + horses at Lingfield)

    Let's see how much I've spent.

    Total stakes 14.65 for a full evening of entertainment

    Good luck to all this evening, I think you're gonna need it 🙂


    Two winners so far but not in the multiples.  Menai Bridge got beat so no chance in the multiples.  I have had a 1 pt win on Neandra at 2.58 to compensate for my 0.9 pts other bets.  No point in trying to get 5.5 points back on this as it's too short and if it gets beat I do myself no favours

    15.65 total stakes now



    Some very fancied horses lost this evening at Lingfield, not one favourite won.  Luckily for me I got two winners by utilising @richard-westwood 's strategy of backing more than one horse in my chosen races.  I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as one can see that there will be a decent enough profit from the outcome of the race as long as one of the horses wins the race.  Not sure what I should set the minimum profit to be on each race.  Answers on a postcard I guess.

    Any way a thoroughly entertaining evening where my losses were only 3.35 points despite being let down from what looked to be some promising bets.

    This makes my MTD now -37.16 and YTD -239.34

    There are 5 meetings tomorrow in the UK and I am struggling to find any more than 6 class 4 and above races where the favourite is likely to go off at more than 5/2.  Pathetic 







  16. 2.00 Sal Magical Merlin looks just as good as any other horse to progress further.  PL Top rated is Celtic Champion which was 11/4 last night and is now backed into 7/4 in some places. Timeform has Celtic top-rated but selects Magical.  I’ll have 1 pt win on Magical Merlin at 4.6

    2.30 Sal  Glamorous Breeze has held on to favouritism overnight.  It is the PL top-rated horse in the race. @Gary66 has gone for Delegate This Lord each way obtaining 10/1 EW on Betfair.  The horse runs well at Salisbury but is now best priced 6/1 in a 6 runner race.  I’ll chance my arm with a 0.6 stake to win on Nordic Glory.  The horse is running well and has a useful claimer taking off 7lbs

    2.40 Bev Spirit Of Applause (part of PL ACCA) looks the most likely one to progress here but with a best price of 5/2 with only one run to go on I’ll pass.  Instead I’ll have 0.6 pts to win on the Mark Johnston newcomer Sea Master.  It is bred for longer distances I understand but one always has to look out for Mark Johnston horses   

    Too many short priced favourites in the class 4 and upwards races today for me

    Total stakes so far = 2.20

    What a waste of time and effort. All ran badly.

    I will try 2 pts win on Climate in the 3.30 listed race at Salisbury at 2.62 (my PL unimaginitive Nap).  Will clear my loss if it wins.  Not a good day for punting as far as I'm concerned


    Final fling today

    7.25 Km Ivasecret 1 pt win at 10.5 on Betfair

    Total stakes = 5.2 today


    Well at least the last selection made a race of it and finished second.  No winners today so a loss of 5.2 points. MTD -33.81 & YTD - 235.99

    Not much on offer tomorrow apart from a Racing League event at Lingfield which is hard to get excited about

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