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  1. Trends for the St Wilfrid handicap (Ripon 2.50) Top 5 in weights, 0 from 36 Claimers, 0 from 30 1st last time, 3 from 21, AE 2.17 This leaves SNASH, AL SIMMO and INTRINSIC BOND Age = 5, 5 from 36, AE 2.19 This removes SNASH Drawn 1 to 7, 1 from 51 This leaves AL SIMMO at 11/1, 5 places
  2. I want to go to the meetings you go to !
  3. Yep, I hate going with non racing mates because they always ask me for tips. I'll give them a 10/1 winner and 5 losers and they'll still complain.
  4. That's the problem, they are going for the music, not the racing. Also they tend to get rowdy and put off the normal racegoers. Perhaps I'm just becoming a grumpy old fart !
  5. BET365 4/1 TV offer selections RIPO 2.50 Good Earth (9) 18/1 NEWB 3.35 Chindit (4) 4/1
  6. The offer is available on 5 races today but I think only offers value on 3 of them. The 1st one is the 1.20 at Newbury.
  7. If I can make a return of 3%+ from it then it will be a welcome addition to my portfolio. The point is that a lot of people won't back at these odds so there is less incentive for the bookies to shorten them.
  8. Same here, I like a few beers when I go racing so it's expensive. I can watch it on TV with a can of beer for 50p rather than £5. I don't think young people are attracted to racing like they used to be, there is too much for them to do elsewhere. Very little publicity now for racing, only time it's on the news is when a female jockey wins a big race ! Perhaps we should teach it at school as parts of the maths curriculum, the caluculation of the longest losing run is a good start.
  9. I would expect over a reasonable number of selections there will be a loss at SP of roughly 5%. The question is whether taking early prices I can beat SP sufficently to turn this into a profit. I think I can but time will tell. The 2 winners so far have beaten SP by about 16%. A bit disappointing to have a longish losing run at the start but even at those odds it would be expected to have a losing run of 4 once every 23 bets.
  10. I will use this selection. This can obviously happen so some flexibility to this rule will be necessary on occasions.
  11. Just the 1 runner since then, Indemnify today, backed at 1/3 and winning at 1/7 SP. Early days and showing a big loss but encouragingly the 2 winners were backed at much better odds than SP.
  12. Nottingham 1.45 HARROGATE 13/2 £10 EW SKY 4 places
  13. BET365 4/1 TV offer selections LING 7.10 Prydwen (11) 13/2 LING 7.40 Storm Castle (7) 4/1 LING 8.10 Country Pyle (9) 4/1
  14. Lingfield 7.10 GROUP ONE POWER 11/2 £10 EW SKY 5 places
  15. Will do @avongirl. I normally have a rule that says they have to post on the daily thread but I'll make an exception in this case, @Steve75's a good lad !
  16. Where would you be if you bet £5 level stakes (or proportional stakes)
  17. A fantastic 50/1 winner for @LeMale, One Small Step at Gowran Park, takes him to the top of the table.
  18. @Gary66hits the top with 22/1 winner Ginger Jam, also selected by @PercyPand @Craig bluenose.
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