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    Gooner's One Goal

    Great run, well done
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    Last time you were told by the 'boss', Paul Ross { who incidently is the owner of this site } to basically shut up or get lost.................or have you forgotten.
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    Lets go a bit crazy PLO/8 , hopefully I'm around to play
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    Mixed Bag

    16-May-16 20:41:30 Brighton v Sheff Wed No - Hat-trick Scored? Betfair Bet ID 1:68567649115 | Matched: 16-May-16 20:41:31 Back 1.02 49.68 -- 0.99 Matched
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    May 16 - May 22

    Back Victor Estrella to beat Joao Sousa for a 7/10 stake at 2.75 with Unibet Can't see how Estrella is a 2.75 shot here, Sousa is on such a bumpy ride at the moment that he's just not a worthy favourite here. Estrella crushed Kudla in the first round, he's on more or less the same level as Sousa playing wise, and he's also one of those players that you rarely doubt in terms of motivation. Full preview here: http://punts.pl/6EzaFA
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    Mixed Bag

    And they score as I type in Win Only Market Refresh Matched bets Order by matched date Back (Bet For) Odds Stake Profit Over 0.5 Goals1.11 €44.98 €4.95 Ref: 68565784633Matched: 20:05 16-May-16 Bet info
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    Well done getting back into the black
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