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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rhino_Power, 2nd muttley, =3rd Elliott Sutcliffe & Rav **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st PercyP, 2nd daisychain, 3rd Costello, 4th silver fox. KO Cup Winner Kingdom for. Most Winners bymatrix: **


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  1. Geez, that was some score today. Hopefully you don't give up on glory hunts ??
  2. Unlucky with th Liverpool bet.
  3. Lol hi ? Kind of shocked to see me posting back in 2008 ?? Hope you are well!
  4. Nice start, well done ?
  5. Definitely hard to make a profit with the low odds. A good run on your final reload and you could turn a profit ??
  6. Didn't see this, I was on it at half time.. nice late winner for a change ? About time you had some luck, not that you believe in it! ??
  7. You were betting on the horse so should have qualified for them automatically. Very strange you didn't get them.
  8. Did you use your Cheltenham free £30 bets? I whacked mine on Honeysuckle, couldn't be bothered with the complete lottery of the other races!
  9. I will be cheering on Scotland next week too! ? Just taking a wee break from posting, all good my end thanks. Lost another bet with Rangers the other day though! ?
  10. I whacked a load of money on at 1.37 when England went down to 14. ??
  11. Seems like you are back to these large bets - the max 10% of bank didn't last long? I hope these come in for you.
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