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MOTD Top 10 Scorers Challenge

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The new Match of the Day Top 10 podcast covered the greatest scorers in the Premier League era. Just wondering what your top 10 choices are. I'll post mine below and interested to see if you agree or not.

1. Alan Shearer - easily forgotten that he might have scored 260 goals in the Premier League era but he also bagged over 20 goals for Southampton before he moved to Blackburn in 1992 as well. Probably would have scored more if he didn't have a couple of injury disrupted seasons too.

2. Wayne Rooney - yes, he was fortunate to avoid any serious injury troubles but that's all part of his professional approach. The man broke most scoring records going for club and country. An incredible finisher from all ranges.

3. Sergio Aguero - still going strong now and likely to move higher than his current 4th place in the scorers chart.

4. Thierry Henry - a clinical finisher but also a total showman on the pitch. I was lucky enough to see him play live a few times and he was always a mesmerising watch.

5. Michael Owen - I'm not sure there have been many more clinical finishers than Owen. You only need to see how quick and lethal he was before his knee injuries to understand how good he was. I'd say only original Ronaldo is ahead of him in terms of ruthlessness.

6. Andy Cole - scored goals for a number of clubs and might have been more highly revered if his career didn't stutter to a finish with a few dry (by his standards!) seasons for the likes of Blackburn, Fulham, and Manchester City. 

7. Ruud Van Nistelrooy - you could not switch off with this man in or around your penalty area. I do wonder how good he would have been if he hadn't suffered that long term knee injury before he joined Manchester United. Unreal finisher after it but on another level before it.

8. Harry Kane - still relatively early in Kane's progress so that holds him back on this list but clearly will go down as one of the greatest finishers of all-time in the Premier League.

9. Frank Lampard - OK, this might be controversial because he is 5th in the Premier League all-time scorer chart but I think those above him in my list were just better scorers. Can't fault the number of goals he scored from central midfield and the shadow striker role though.

10. Robbie Fowler - any player that is given the nickname of "God" by his own fans is obviously a talent. Surprised he didn't score more goals but think he did suffer from having to compere with legendary names such as Ian Rush and Michael Owen at the start and end of his time with the Reds as well as generally not having a very good team behind him for the most part so supply was low. Likely would have scored 50-60 more goals if he'd been at Manchester United or Newcastle during the 90s.

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