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help with asian handicap bet

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Hi,    I need help with an asain handicap bet.     I thought it was just a handicap bet until i looked at my reciept.

The bet i did was last night  and it was palistino vs santiago morning in the chile cup.

santiago were 0-1 up  so i took them at +0.5  to be winning at half time at 1.59   , they were 1 up

in 10 min i did my bet 20 min in.   Half time finished 1-1   

The bookie showed that the bet was lost could someone clear this up for me, i thought i had won

as to me it finished  1-1.5.

any help would be great help.


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IF you backed either team +0.5 in the halftime market then you should have won given that it finished as a draw. If that's the case it would appear that the bet has been settled incorrectly and you should query it.

The other options are that you actually backed them -0.5 at half time or +0.5 at full time, both of which would have been correctly settled as a loser. (Or I suppose, you could have backed an over/under 0.5 goals line which would also have been a loser.)

Without looking too closely I'd say the most likely scenario for it to be your error is that you inadvertently backed the -0.5 handicap rather than the plus. Double check and query it if necessary.

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Looks like a winning bet to me then. You need to query it with them. Sometimes bets get settled incorrectly and are adjusted without quibble when you point this out. If they assert that the bet has been settled correctly I'd be interested to know their rationale.

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 Wade: They have come back to me now and say it is correctly settled correctly as lost. Here is the explanation which makes sense.
( 41m 36s ) Wade: The bet was placed ''Palestino vs Santiago Morning'' on a result 0:1 and the opposing team scored
so the bet will be settled 1:0.
Any goals prior to the bet being placed are ignored for settlement purposes.
The bet was settled correctly.
( 46m 38s ) Geoffrey : that is wrong 
( 47m 27s ) Geoffrey : score at half time was 1-1 giving me a score of 1.1.5
( 48m 16s ) Geoffrey : my team were the outsiders and i bet on them 0.5 at 1.59 wich is odds on
( 49m 0s ) Geoffrey : they had the advantage because they had a goal and 0.5 start
( 49m 15s ) Geoffrey : that is why they were odds on

this is what they replied Harry.   They said the goals scored before i placed my bet did not count.  

My team were 0-1   up when i backed them at 1.59   +0.5        that is why i backed them

The home team scored a goal to make it 1-1    but they must be saying its  1-0.5

       i still think they are wrong   what do you think.

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:unsure Unfortunately I'm of the opinion that the bet has been settled correctly now, but it's been an education for me. I rarely bet on AH markets but I understand how they work in terms of the various lines. I also rarely bet in running and, basically, never on AH lines. It did cross my mind that this might be the explanation but I discounted it, pending what they came back to you with.

This is from 365's rules and it is entirely consistent with how your bet has been settled, even if it seems confusing to the uninitiated. "Where Asian Handicap bets are placed In-Play, goals that have been awarded prior to bet placement are discounted for settlement purposes. The scoreline is treated as 0-0 at the time of bet placement. The odds of your selection and the choice of lines available will reflect this."

So I guess 1.59 was the correct odds for your team not to be outscored between when you placed your bet and halftime, rather than for them to be outscored by 2 or more goals which is the bet you thought you were taking.

Sorry we've reached that point but, as I say, it does look like that's how inplay AH markets operate.

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