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  1. 17 hours ago, Neubs said:


    Nice Opinions from you, but why you not fancy Shrewsbury. Most Players of Stoke are against Coach Rowett and Bojan and Bauer, both Players made this "offical" in Social Media. Lost against Birmingham and Bristol - and made a Draw against Bolton. In all 3 Games they played very poor. The quality is for sure very High, but maybe they didn´t want show it, because of Rowett.

    So i  think if Rowett will not get sacked today i will play in the evening a Double Chance here.

    I did look at this fixture and think about putting it on the list. Stoke are neither here nor there this season, so yeah there could definitely be an upset in this match.

  2. Last season I noticed that the underdogs priced around 4/1 did ok.

    Im looking at the teams at those prices, playing teams with either promotion or relegation on their minds.

    Burnley V Barnsley 4.2

    Sheff Weds v LUTON 3.1

    Bolton V Walsall 4.2

    Gillingham V Cardiff 4.0

    Newcastle V Blackburn 5.5

    And with 5000 travelling fans behind them at Selhurst Park, I fancy Grimsby to get something, (probably a draw) here @8/1

    Possibly Peterborough to get something away at Middlesborough


    Bristol City V Huddersfield 2.4



  3. Brighton V Everton

    Brighron haven't won in 4 games, so based on the law of averages, we are due a win soon! We were unlucky not to get all 3 points apparently against Arsenal, and  we could have snatched a draw against Chelsea. We have only lost at home to them and Spurs, and I don't rate Everton as good as either of them.

    Everton were very lucky last season to snatch a late draw with a penalty.

    Brighton DC@ 1.61 (SX)

  4. Yeah I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before! I think we lived in a flat in Glossop Terrace, although I will have to find out which hospital I was born in. 

    I think we only lived there for a year or so, I was bought up in LUTON, they ended up in the 1st division when I started going to watch them. I have spent thee last 17years in Sussex, and they have also gone to the top division since I started watching them.

    I have now moved to Devon, and am watching Torquay, I just hope they are ready for the big time now I am watching them!

    ill make it back to Cardiff for a visit one day Stevie, and we can meet up for a pint of Brains:beer

  5. @StevieDay1983

    oh my god, I was at that game! It was my first trip back to Cardiff since I was born there.

    We took the National Express from LUTON and arrived in Cardiff about 12. The plan was to jump into a cab & find a pub near the ground. It was freezing, and we jumped into a cab to the ground

    "Can you take us to a pub please" We asked the driver

    "No, my advice to you is to get to the ground and stay there" said the driver!

    He dropped us at the ground. "Can you pick us up here after" we asked, "No, you needn't think I am coming anywhere near here after the game" he replied. 

    Christ - What had we come to? It was 3 hours to KO & bloody freezing.

    We were in the main stand, as opposed to the terrace. I remember Hartson getting showered with coins every time he went near the touch line. After the game the Cardiff fans tried getting on the pitch & caused some aggro with the police. They then started ripping their seats out and throwing them at the police horses, which by then, were on the pitch. The away fans were being kept in, whilst the ground was being cleared. The Cardiff fans went around to the away end and started throwing bricks into the open (terrace) away end. LUTON fans pushed forward to get away from the missiles, and as they moved forward the police thought they were trying to get on the pitch, so they tear gassed them!

    I am watching this from the stand at the side, thinking, I have got to get back to the bus station through this! In front of us was the family section, and I said to a young kid "Do you want to sell me your scarf? "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, I've got to walk back through this lot, and if I have your scarf, I might blend in a bit". I handed over a fiver, and put it on and we kept our heads down & mouths shut as we walked out. I know why the taxi driver didn't want to come back now! 

    Anyway we made it back in one piece, and I have a funny story to tell about that day. We lost in the semis against Chelsea at Wembley that season.

    My next and last visit to Ninian Park, was when we holidaying in the Forest of Dean.Cardiff were playing Birmingham, and we sat in the Bob Bank. I told my wife, don't speak, as the whole stand erupted into Men Of Harlech, and and I felt totally uncomfortable! We kept quiet, but enjoyed the rest of the game.

    It certainly was an intimidating ground, full of nutters! One thing that I wanted to know, is why was it called the Bob Bank? I'm presuming it's similar to the Bobbers at LUTON, so called because it used to cost a bob to get in!

    Good times, Great memories 

  6. Couldn't agree more Stevie D. They should have bought Big Sam in to steady the ship.

    @thfc As a LUTON fan, I was close to tears back in mid 80's when Spurs seduced our manager, David Pleat. LUTON were a well established top flight side, going on to finish 8th, and grace Wembley in 3 cup finals, (beating Arsenal in 88!). I've never forgiven them, especially when they came in shortly after and nabbed our home grown , England U21 left back, Mitchell "Spider" Thomas (I went to school with his brother by the way)

    Just remember that life evens things out eventually, and Karma will always get you in the end


  7. 29 minutes ago, StevieDay1983 said:

    Yeah, I think it was a relationship doomed from the start. They sacked Louis Van Gaal because they stated his management style was archaic but then appointed Mourinho. They are doing the same now. First two names linked with the permanent position set for the summer are Mauricio Pochettino (fair enough) and Diego Simeone. Simeone?! He's like Mourinho MK II! Except he's won even less and has less Premier League experience.

    If I was the owner of a club like United I would be building something bigger. Their current approach isn't working in terms of raking the big money in. Did someone say they've lost £1bn since 2005? Not sure if that's true but wouldn't surprise me. The mistake they made was not going for Guardiola or Klopp when they could have. Pochettino is a decent option but he's not got that trophy-winning mentality. That may come over time but does what he have at Tottenham offer more security and potential?

    Until the owners depart or install someone with a footballing brain as a sporting director then the club is going to continue to make the same mistakes. The Glazer family and Ed Woodward don't have a clue. You can already tell from their rhetoric that they haven't learned anything from this episode. If you're a Manchester United fan I'd prepare for more days of darkness yet.

    Couldn't agree more Stevie d. The problems lie at the top, added that there is no long term strategy at UTD, then they aren't going anywhere for a while.

    Poch won't leave Spurs now will he? Spurs are on the brink of becoming a bigger club than Utd. I wouldn't fancy any of that lot if I was a Utd fan. Get Eddie Howe in!

    They need a manager who can play a modern, atttacking style of football.


  8. 7 hours ago, thfc said:

    Looks a tough coupon to me.  I think Brighton could be worth backing at home to Chelsea, probably with some draw cover for insurance.  Chelsea at 1.5 is way too short against a good home side.  I think the bookies are overreacting to their win against Man City last week.  If they had drawn/lost that game, I think they would be 1.7-1.8 to win this one.

    Brighton +1 at around 2.1 would be my pick in this game.

    I like your thinking here, and I wouldn't put it past Brighton to get something. I have been to 2 league games at the Amex this season. Man U & Palace, both 3-1 wins, both 3-0 at halftime.

    So obviously I'm expecting more of the same here!

    ill probably go BTTS, as it seems to be happening in every game so far. CH has a full squad to choose from & confidence will be high.

  9. 8 hours ago, DrO said:

    Motive is a money prize. For every single victory in UCL you get 2,7 million euros and for a draw 900.000 approximately. Also there is something called coefficient points in Europe Cup competitions. The more points you collect in the group stage, this will also increase your club's coefficient. And this is important because it gives you a position of a seeded club and a possible softer draw for the next campaign.  I do not know if I was clear enough because my English is far from solid.

    Spoken like a native.:ok

  10. 12 hours ago, Darran said:

    Proved me wrong and I got on at 6s e/w recently. I thought it would be between them and Billericay and given Tamplin would appear to have finally stopped putting the cash in there is every chance it will be a one horse race. I didn't fancy Woking at all, but given the money they will have made from the Cup run it means they will be able to strengthen the squad. Had some really tasty looking bets with Billericay in though so pretty gutted they are in trouble now albeit I knew there was a chance it could happen.

    That's the luck of the draw, and there is still a long way to go, but GJ has got something going there. They had a poor first half against Dartford, but turned it around and won 2-0 to go top. I think they will be too strong for Welling today too!

  11. Some good points on here this week, here are mine!

    Burnley V Brighton

    @Mindfulness has called this match about right


    I'd agree with you all that it is time for a Burnley win. They showed a little more character against Liverpool in mid week, and they will see this game as an opportunity to get their first win. Based on the law of averages, Brighton have won their last 2 matches. Are they likely to win 3 in a row? I doubt it very much. Are Burnley due a win at last- Yes!

    Although I will lay off the result, instead opting for Corners, as I think the home side just have to take the game to Brighton.

    Also, Brighton have scored in each of their last five games, so BTTS could be a decent shout too

    Burnley most corners - 2.1 

    BTTS - 1.95

    Cardiff V Stains

    Quite simply 2 teams that will be going for it. As mentioned earlier by our our Welsh correspondent @StevieDay1983 Neil Warhorse will be looking for a reaction from his players after the midweek defeat. They have been playing well by all accounts, so I'm pretty confident that they will score. The visitors will also have a spring in their step now the new manager has arrived. I think this was evident on Wednesday, when some decent Spurs goalkeeping kept them to just 1 goal. I'd be pretty confident of them scoring too, so.....

    BTTS - 1.8

    O2.5 Goals - 2.1

    Wet Spam V Crappy Palarse

    After witnessing a lacklustre display from Palace in midweek, and with the Hammers hitting some decent form, I'd be confident in backing a comprehensive result for the home team. Palace's problem is scoring goals, so...

    West Ham to win to nil - 3.75

    Leicester V Spurs

    BTTS & O2.5 goals - 2.1

    Hopefully I'll get something right from this lot! Good luck:ok


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