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  1. POR V IRA

    The good news for you lot is that I am now on 2 weeks holiday, so I will have more time to bring you my expert analasys & informed opinion. I'll try not to let the Superbok cloud my judgement!:beer@Sir Puntalot Can you add some holiday emoji's please?:ok

    The bad news for me, is that I land at Lisbon airport, smack in the middle of this game, so I expect a long wait in the baggage reclaim as they will all be glued to the TV.

    Anyway, onto the expert analasys & informed opinion that I was telling you about..........

    I just have a gut feeling Iran will do one over Portugal (yep, expert!!)

     I have been impressed with them, and they really gave it a good go against Spain. Yes, Portugal have Ronaldo, but he can't be brilliant every game can he? Let's face it, if you took him out of the side, would they have qualified?

    I can see a draw, most possibly a low scoring game. But I would fancy selling Portugals performance rating here. Anything less than a 2-0 win for them, and we could be in profit.

    SX go 56-60 for Portugal performance. 

    What do you reckon @harry_rag



    Have to agree with you @StevieDay1983. It should be a comfortable win for England here. But as we saw with BEL V PAN, the Panamanians held on till half time, so they are good at defending. I also think England struggle to break resilient teams down, and they do lack real talent in the final third. We  also lack a decent set piece specialist since Beckham retired. 

    We should have enough pace, power & talent to get the job done. Hopefully early on too.

    I am wondering if could be a game for a corner handicap? 

    Corner stats so far

    ENG V TUN 7-2

    BEL V PAN 9-3

    England Corners AH -4 @1.9

    ENG Win & BTTS NO @1.61




  3. 1 hour ago, harry_rag said:

    Not too many winning selections posted! Smolov got the hook to land 1 bet for me and the late (and cheap) Russian yellow minimised my card loss but that sell of time of 1st Saudi tournament goal looks not too clever now.

    @Tiffy why did you have to bring that market to my attention! :lol

    FCUK! What happened there! No one saw that coming did they? Don't think there has been an opening game like that has there. Fair play to Russia, they did the business when it mattered.

    SA now need to come out and play/score early in the next game, so hopefully you won't suffer any damage.

    i had a nightmare today!

  4. 22 hours ago, harry_rag said:

    Will mull it over a bit more tomorrow but I've sold the time of 1st Saudi Arabia tournament goal at 138 with SPIN.

    Bear in mind they play Uruguay after Russia and you're into losing territory if they haven't scored 48 minutes into their second game.

    Yes, that's what I am thinking.

    i have bought the Saudi performance & mini performance with SX

    If they can avoid a thrashing, and maybe sneak a win or draw then profit looks pretty good

  5. 8 hours ago, harry_rag said:

    Need a bit of "wisdom of the crowd" here re the "Shocking decision ref" spread market on how often the ball will end up in the back of the net without a goal being awarded. I won't quote the spread in case you want to arrive at your own gut feel. Big question is what impact will VAR have (assistant refs told not to flag marginal offside call, let play continue and then VAR will rule if offside).

    SPIN not willing to share the make-ups from previous World Cups and not something it's easy to find stats on. All I've been able to unearth is there were 6 instances in Euro 2004 (31 games) and the sell prices for Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 were 12.5 and 24.5.

    It looks like the spread has been raised this year, but the big question is, has it been raised enough to discourage a buy?

    @Tiffy @waynecoyne any thoughts?


    Wouldn't have a clue really mate. Sounds a bit too deep,for my simple brain! 

    I think with VAR coming into play, it could change everything.

  6. On 03/06/2018 at 3:57 PM, harry_rag said:

    Out of curiosity and nostalgia, I picked up some coupons from my local Hills. One bet that caught my eye was 5/6 for yes or no on England getting 19 or more corners in the group stage. Although not my typical price to bet at, I did think that 5/6 was a big price for England to get at least 19 corners. They are quite prolific in that regard and the totals for the last Euros and WC were 26 and 22.

    Any views on that one?

    I like the look of that one @harry_rag


  7. 1 Thursday June 14 4pm  Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) 0-0
    2 Friday June 15 1pm Egypt v Uruguay (A) 0-1
    3 Friday June 15 4pm Morocco v Iran (B) 1-1
    4 Friday June 15 7pm Portugal v Spain (B) 1-1
    5 Saturday June 16 11am France v Australia (C) 0-1
    6 Saturday June 16 2pm Argentina v Iceland (D) 1-0
    7 Saturday June 16 5pm Peru v Denmark (C) 0-2
    8 Saturday June 16 8pm Croatia v Nigeria (D) 2-2
    9 Sunday June 17 1pm Costa Rica v Serbia (E) 1-1
    10 Sunday June 17 4pm Germany v Mexico (F) 3-1
    11 Sunday June 17 7pm Brazil v Switzerland (E) 3-0
    12 Monday June 18 1pm Sweden v South Korea (F) 1-0
    13  Monday June 18 4pm Belgium v Panama (G) 2-0
    14 Monday June 18 7pm Tunisia v England (G) 1-1
    15 Tuesday June 19 1pm Poland v Senegal (H) 1-2
    16 Tuesday June 19 4pm Colombia v Japan (H) 2-1
    17 Tuesday June 19 7pm Russia v Egypt (A) 0-2
    18 Wednesday June 20 1pm Portugal v Morocco (B) 3-0
    19 Wednesday June 20 4pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) 2-0
    20 Wednesday June 20 7pm Iran v Spain (B) 1-2
    21 Thursday June 21 1pm France v Peru (C) 2-0
    22 Thursday June 21 4pm Denmark v Australia (C) 3-3
    23 Thursday June 21 7pm Argentina v Croatia (D )1-0
    24 Friday June 22 1pm Brazil v Costa Rica (E) 2-1
    25 Friday June 22 4pm Nigeria v Iceland (D) 3-0
    26 Friday June 22 7pm Serbia v Switzerland (E) 2-2
    27 Saturday June 23 1pm Belgium v Tunisia (G) 1-1
    28 Saturday June 23 4pm Germany v Sweden (F) 2-0
    29 Saturday June 23 7pm South Korea v Mexico (F) 2-1
    30 Sunday June 24 1pm England v Panama (G) 3-0
    31 Sunday June 24 4pm Japan v Senegal (H) 2-2
    32 Sunday June 24 7pm Poland v Colombia (H) 1-0
    33 Monday June 25 3pm Uruguay v Russia (A) 3-3
    34 Monday June 25 3pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) 0-1
    35 Monday June 25 7pm Spain v Morocco (B) 2-0
    36 Monday June 25 7pm Iran v Portugal (B) 0-2
    37 Tuesday June 26 3pm Denmark v France (C) 2-3
    38 Tuesday June 26 3pm Australia v Peru (C) 4-0
    39 Tuesday June 26 7pm Nigeria v Argentina (D) 0-2
    40 Tuesday June 26 7pm Iceland v Croatia (D) 1-1
    41 Wednesday June 27 3pm South Korea v Germany (F) 0-4
    42 Wednesday June 27 3pm Mexico v Sweden (F) 1-1
    43 Wednesday June 27 7pm Serbia v Brazil (E) 0-2
    44 Wednesday June 27 7pm Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) 3-3
    45 Thursday June 28 3pm Japan v Poland (H) 1-1
    46 Thursday June 28 3pm Senegal v Colombia (H) 2-2
    47 Thursday June 28 7pm England v Belgium (G) 2-1
    48 Thursday June 28 7pm Panama v Tunisia (G) 0-2

    1- Germany

    2- Brazil

    3- Costa Rica (my wild card!)

    4- England (patriotism!)

  8. @Vincetucker779

    Think you are going to be a little bit like marmite on here, but you have started off on a winning streak and I am now quite likeing your posts. 

    You are spot on about Wet Spam, although I am not sure that David Sullivan is a bit more respected! Both crooks in my opinion, and yes, the stadium saga should be investigated by the police. We (the taxpayers) have been ripped off over that one.

    Keep the posts coming :ok

  9. 19 hours ago, StevieDay1983 said:

    Thanks @Tiffy. It's quite an emotional one. The whole re-brand soured the last promotion so this finally feels like the wrongs of the past have been corrected. Vincent Tan deserves credit for recognising his faults, admitting his mistakes, and showing the humility to let others make certain decisions. I respect that a lot. Before he was very stubborn and blinkered. I think the past few years have been a huge learning curve for him. He's now invested close to £200 million of his own money. He's obviously seen some return from Premier League money and will continue to do so but he's still lost a lot more than he's earned.

    Neil Warnock and Cardiff have always had a really good relationship. He's a manager our fans always respected and loved so it was always going to be a match made in heaven. I mentioned on here that people should back us to make the play-offs but never anticipated automatic promotion. He's worked miracles on and off the field. Visiting social clubs up my way in the valleys during the week and helping players get through issues when other managers would have looked the other way. I honestly think Tan will give him an entire season because he trusts him. If we go down well we've got the exact manager needed to get us back up. I think we could stay up though. It'll be tough and we'll need luck but we can do it. People will under-estimate as they have done this season. Fine by us. We're just going to enjoy being a united club, playing in blue, in the top flight. I'll make sure I attend a few games this time around. Missed the entire first Premier League campaign because my son was born and we moved house. Had been a season ticket holder for the previous 16 years!

    I'll get a preview up shortly for tonight's game between Chelsea and Huddersfield that could have huge repercussions for our noisy neighbours!

    That's nice to hear. He went off the radar for a while and I totally forgot about him (Tan). Good to see all that is in the past and he has realised his mistakes!

    shame you won't get the Derby next season tho!

  10. And I may as well include this in the "Premiership Big Boys" thread now you have sneaked back in @StevieDay1983

    Congratulations to Cardiff on getting promotion. Warnock is a tremendous manager when it comes to getting teams up. I think he will be moved on by Christmas though, as he can't manage in the Prem.

    Id make the most it though, as I have just read that there could be a move to get all Welsh teams to play in the LOW, as no English people want them in their league!

    :beerCould be an away day to Cardiff next season!

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