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  1. Premier League Predictions > Feb 10th - 12th

    Tottenham vs Arsenal Hasn't been a solid season with Arsenal, currently sitting at 6th in the league, while their rivals Tottenham at sitting at 5th. With the final 1/3 of the season, still a good chance to close the gap, finish above the rivals and return back into top 4. Just need more consistency and motivation. Any news on Tottenham's squad, considering they have a UCL match with Juventus during mid-week ? Here are some interesting facts: 1) It is exactly 9 years and 2 days since the last 0-0 goalless draw between both sides. 2) The last time Arsenal went into the final 1/3 season at current position is 2005/06 season (they ended the season at 4th) Far-stretched statistics: Tottenham have won their 27th league game in the last 3 EPL seasons
  2. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Sorry guys. I focus too much on historical statistics
  3. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Interesting... West Brom has not gone over 2.5 against Southampton at The Hawthorns since 1980
  4. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Not too sure what to bet these days...
  5. Premier League Predictions > Dec 22nd & 23rd

    Hello guys, quite a while since I last posted here
  6. Premier League Predictions > Oct 28th - 30th

    Seems to be quite a number of absentees/injuries for Watford match. Not much goals (and meetings) from both sides in recent years. 03/01/17 Stoke 2-0 Watford 27/11/16 Watford 0-1 Stoke 19/03/16 Watford 1-2 Stoke 24/10/15 Stoke 0-2 Watford 15/08/08 Watford 0-0 Stoke 09/12/07 Stoke 0-0 Watford 14/01/06 Watford 1-0 Stoke 10/09/05 Stoke 0-3 Watford 30/04/05 Stoke 0-1 Watford 04/12/04 Watford 0-1 Stoke Under 2.5 for me
  7. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Nice...Crystal Palace's 1st win
  8. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Really wonders if Crystal Palace will finally score a goal here or will Roy decides to play park bus Burnley vs West Ham -- Home team has been good this season so far, looks promising for Burnley to win here, but probably a small win.
  9. Not sure if things can turn for Crystal Palace 7 matches, 7 losses, 17 goals conceded On their way to be the worst performance in EPL since Derby County 10 years ago
  10. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Indeed. I will probably skip matches involving this team for the time being
  11. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Disappointing first half by Crystal Palace Thought they playing a more attacking 4-3-3 formation
  12. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Liverpool vs Burnley I am not too sure if the current -1.75 hdp for Liverpool is justifiable ? Sure, Liverpool scored 5 and conceded 0 in their 2 home league matches, but Burnley is not doing that badly as well. A shocker 2-3 win against Chelsea and 1-1 draw against Tottenham. Liverpool's Mane is also suspended as well.
  13. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Crystal Palace vs Southampton Worrying sign for Crystal Palace as they have yet to net a goal in their 4 league matches. Plus I think some players are not available ? (Zaha, Sako etc.). Southampton aren't really doing that fantastic, netting all 3 goals in 1 match and none in the other 3 matches. Looking at the EPL fixtures, Palace is to face Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Newcastle. Surely Roy knows today's 3-point is a must-grab for the team in order to proceed on well into the season. Hopefully, with a new manager means a new prospect for the team. Another of my emotional pick for the day - Palace to score 1st, based on the potential underlying motivation
  14. Premier League Predictions > Sep 9th - 11th

    Frank de Boer sacked
  15. Premier League Predictions > Sep 9th - 11th

    Worst season opening for West Ham since 2010-11 season (that season they lose 4 openers and relegated eventually) I haven't been watching their matches or keeping track of their squad this season, but conceding 10 goals in 3 league matches probably signals defensive issues.