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  1. Premier League Predictions > Oct 28th - 30th

    Seems to be quite a number of absentees/injuries for Watford match. Not much goals (and meetings) from both sides in recent years. 03/01/17 Stoke 2-0 Watford 27/11/16 Watford 0-1 Stoke 19/03/16 Watford 1-2 Stoke 24/10/15 Stoke 0-2 Watford 15/08/08 Watford 0-0 Stoke 09/12/07 Stoke 0-0 Watford 14/01/06 Watford 1-0 Stoke 10/09/05 Stoke 0-3 Watford 30/04/05 Stoke 0-1 Watford 04/12/04 Watford 0-1 Stoke Under 2.5 for me
  2. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Nice...Crystal Palace's 1st win
  3. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Really wonders if Crystal Palace will finally score a goal here or will Roy decides to play park bus Burnley vs West Ham -- Home team has been good this season so far, looks promising for Burnley to win here, but probably a small win.
  4. Not sure if things can turn for Crystal Palace 7 matches, 7 losses, 17 goals conceded On their way to be the worst performance in EPL since Derby County 10 years ago
  5. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Indeed. I will probably skip matches involving this team for the time being
  6. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Disappointing first half by Crystal Palace Thought they playing a more attacking 4-3-3 formation
  7. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Liverpool vs Burnley I am not too sure if the current -1.75 hdp for Liverpool is justifiable ? Sure, Liverpool scored 5 and conceded 0 in their 2 home league matches, but Burnley is not doing that badly as well. A shocker 2-3 win against Chelsea and 1-1 draw against Tottenham. Liverpool's Mane is also suspended as well.
  8. Premier League Predictions > Sep 15th - 17th

    Crystal Palace vs Southampton Worrying sign for Crystal Palace as they have yet to net a goal in their 4 league matches. Plus I think some players are not available ? (Zaha, Sako etc.). Southampton aren't really doing that fantastic, netting all 3 goals in 1 match and none in the other 3 matches. Looking at the EPL fixtures, Palace is to face Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Newcastle. Surely Roy knows today's 3-point is a must-grab for the team in order to proceed on well into the season. Hopefully, with a new manager means a new prospect for the team. Another of my emotional pick for the day - Palace to score 1st, based on the potential underlying motivation
  9. Premier League Predictions > Sep 9th - 11th

    Frank de Boer sacked https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/sep/11/crystal-palace-sack-frank-de-boer-roy-hodgson-sam-allardyce
  10. Premier League Predictions > Sep 9th - 11th

    Worst season opening for West Ham since 2010-11 season (that season they lose 4 openers and relegated eventually) I haven't been watching their matches or keeping track of their squad this season, but conceding 10 goals in 3 league matches probably signals defensive issues.
  11. Premier League Predictions > Sep 9th - 11th

    Poor start for Crystal Palace under Frank de Boer and this matchweek they will be visiting a fortress, Turf Moof. They only won 3 times at Turf Moof based on H2H statistics. Previously they also managed 3 straight league match losses for 2012-13 season (interesting, the same season they won the play-offs for promotion to EPL) Not sure how things will develop here.
  12. UK Football Predictions > Aug 25th - 27th

    Looks like a frustrating start of the season for Brentford Interestingly, their current league performance matches with the one back in 2010-11 season... That season, they lost their 1st 2 league matches, drew their 3rd, lost their 4th and recorded their 1st win in their 5th league match Same scenario as this season
  13. Premier League Predictions > Aug 26th & 27th

    Purely based on historical results... Newcastle They have not lost consecutive 3 opening league matches of the season since 1999 They have not lost their 3rd league match of the season since 2008 2016-17 season saw a similar streak, losing their 1st 2 league matches of the season before a win in their 3rd league match West Ham They have not lost consecutive 3 opening league matches of the season since 2010 (they relegated that season as well)
  14. Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st

    Manchester City looks like a joke now after splashing so much money. But still, only the 2nd matchweek and we shall see how things unfold itself Will Pep Guardiola once again prove himself that he can only lead ultra-star teams, we shall see for this season.
  15. Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st

    Burnley vs West Brom Perhaps I am overlooking something here. Both sides have seen plenty of goals in recent years when they meet: In the last 2 seasons, their 4 encounters produced 16 goals in total. And if we look further back, the 2 FA Cup matches back in 2009 produced 8 goals in total. I believe the market now is over/under 2...Surprising given their records, so I must have been overlooking something here ?