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  1. Championship Predictions > Aug 24th - 26th

    I checked - Bolton full squad and playing at Bolton
  2. Championship Predictions > Aug 24th - 26th

    I am also curious on Bolton match.
  3. Premier League Predictions > Aug 10th - 12th

    Trivia: Mourinho has not lost his 1st league game of the season since the days with Porto (10W 5D) EPL has seen 5 consecutive seasons of TG odd in the last 5 league openers Leicester has seen 5 consecutive seasons of over 2.5 in their 1st match of the season
  4. Premier League Predictions > May 4th - 10th

    Everton vs Southampton Am I missing something here ? Things are not so in favour of Southampton but they are having a slight edge over in-form Everton based on the odds. 1) Everton have not lost at Goodison Park against Southampton since 1997 (8W 3D) 2) Everton have won their final home league match in 9 out of the last 11 seasons Some other far stretching stats: 1) Mark Hughes winning stats against Everton - 6W 9D 9L - But 5 of the wins was at Goodison Park 2) Mark Hughes stats against Big Sam - 8W 7D 4L Hmm...
  5. Premier League Predictions > Apr 28th - 30th

    Another sweeping victory for Liverpool with Mo Salah on fire ? Liverpool have not lost a league game against Stoke at Anfield since 1959 (though they lost a league cup match at FT in 2016 - Stoke's 1st win at Anfield in all competitions since 1959)
  6. It is ridiculous, yes. It is not like as if Everton is at the bottom of the league table. Or has Man City been overrated by degree too much based on their good form this season ? Thanks
  7. Everton vs Man City Anyone fancy a slip here by Man City ? Has always been a tough day at Goodison Park, though Big Sam's records against big teams are not that good... Some tough times ahead for Man City with Liverpool (UCL), Man Utd (EPL), Liverpool (UCL) and Tottenham (EPL) after that
  8. Yes... His stats with West Brom (EPL games) DLDLLDDLWDLLLLLLL - 1W 5D 11L, 12 scored and 28 conceded His string of EPL losing streak starts from 1/10/2016 Everton 1-1 Crystal Palace DLLLLLLWDLL - 1W 2D 8L, 18 scored and 25 scored I worry for West Brom if they are relegated back and Pardew is still at the helm
  9. Premier League Predictions > Feb 10th - 12th

    Tottenham vs Arsenal Hasn't been a solid season with Arsenal, currently sitting at 6th in the league, while their rivals Tottenham at sitting at 5th. With the final 1/3 of the season, still a good chance to close the gap, finish above the rivals and return back into top 4. Just need more consistency and motivation. Any news on Tottenham's squad, considering they have a UCL match with Juventus during mid-week ? Here are some interesting facts: 1) It is exactly 9 years and 2 days since the last 0-0 goalless draw between both sides. 2) The last time Arsenal went into the final 1/3 season at current position is 2005/06 season (they ended the season at 4th) Far-stretched statistics: Tottenham have won their 27th league game in the last 3 EPL seasons
  10. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Sorry guys. I focus too much on historical statistics
  11. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Interesting... West Brom has not gone over 2.5 against Southampton at The Hawthorns since 1980
  12. Premier League Predictions > Feb 3rd - 5th

    Not too sure what to bet these days...
  13. Premier League Predictions > Dec 22nd & 23rd

    Hello guys, quite a while since I last posted here
  14. Premier League Predictions > Oct 28th - 30th

    Seems to be quite a number of absentees/injuries for Watford match. Not much goals (and meetings) from both sides in recent years. 03/01/17 Stoke 2-0 Watford 27/11/16 Watford 0-1 Stoke 19/03/16 Watford 1-2 Stoke 24/10/15 Stoke 0-2 Watford 15/08/08 Watford 0-0 Stoke 09/12/07 Stoke 0-0 Watford 14/01/06 Watford 1-0 Stoke 10/09/05 Stoke 0-3 Watford 30/04/05 Stoke 0-1 Watford 04/12/04 Watford 0-1 Stoke Under 2.5 for me
  15. Premier League Predictions > Oct 14th - 16th

    Nice...Crystal Palace's 1st win